Best SEO Tools & Software

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools are used by marketers to grow organic traffic. Companies use them to improve ranking on search engine results pages without actually paying for placement. Free results on search engines make up the core of SEO, and these tools track progress of websites. They provide insight as to how marketers can improve placement of sites.

SEO software assesses website structure to make it more visible to search engines. It also analyzes value of inbound links from authoritative websites, and ensures original and relevant content for readers. Simply put, SEO tools helps websites speak the language of the internet, thus remaining accessible to visitors and discoverable by search engine spiders.

Many SEO platforms are designed for agencies and offer multi-domain management features. They offer detailed white-label progress reports. They track, analyze and recommend keywords for websites based on niche and target audience. Most SEO tools analyze industry trends and competitor data. SEO experts as well as product and marketing teams use them to analyze paid search optimization, pay per click advertising, conversion metrics, improve search engine rankings, and ad placement.

Keywords Everywhere

by Keywords Everywhere

Keywords everywhere is a free browser extension designed for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Learn more about Keywords Everywhere


by SECockpit

SECockpit is a keyword research and planning tool that helps digital marketers identify the best keywords for their online campaigns. Learn more about SECockpit


by Soovle

Often described as a search engine for search engines, Soovle is a superior keyword research tool that provides feedback from more than 15 search engines. Learn more about Soovle

Keyword Tool

by Keyword Tool is a keyword research tool with a strong focus on Google, Bing, Instagram hashtag research, Apple’s App Store, YouTube, Amazon and eBay. Learn more about Keyword Tool

Moz’s Keyword Explorer

by Moz

Moz recently decided to focus their efforts on SEO and this paved the way for Keyword Explorer. Learn more about Moz’s Keyword Explorer


by KW Finder

KW Finder is a keyword research tool that provides comprehensive data to help digital marketers identify long tail keywords. Learn more about KWFinder

Google Keyword Planner

by Google

Google Keyword Planner is offered as part of Google’s AdWords program and is designed for marketers who need optimized keywords for successful online campaigns. Learn more about Google Keyword Planner


by SpyFu

Spyfu is a feature-rich solution designed for search engine marketing. It offers digital marketers search marketing tools needed for successful internet marketing campaigns. Learn more about SpyFu


by Moz

Moz is a leading SEO solution that offers basic and advanced research tools. It helps markerters, agencies and businesses improve search engine optimization strategies. Learn more about Moz

Long Tail Pro

by LongTailPro

Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool that helps digital marketers identify search terms that the audience uses to find information on the internet. Learn more about Long Tail Pro