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Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is offered as part of Google’s AdWords program and is designed for marketers who need optimized keywords for successful online campaigns. Users don’t need an active AdWords account and the software offers two options i.e.

  • Find keywords: Identify keywords that reach the targeted audience in a certain niche
  • Search volume and forecasts: View historical metrics for targeted keywords and forecasts for how they are expected to perform in future.

Keyword optimization is crucial to the success of websites and by discovering keywords; this tool helps marketers craft a solid SEO strategy. Google combined AdWords Traffic Estimator and Google Keyword Tool, resulting in a more robust tool.

Google Keyword Planner Benefits

Free of charge: Google Keyword Planner is free and offered as part of the AdWords program.

Easy to use: Keyword research and SEO strategizing are not easy, even for the experts. They require a good understanding of the target market, and Google Keyword Planner makes both easy. The tool is easy to use, boasts a sleek and laudable interface and feels like a one-stop shop for creating campaigns.

Multiply keywords: Google Keyword Planner has the unique ability to multiply keywords. This is achieved by combining 2+ keyword lists and producing new keywords. This comes handy when testing new keywords for optimized campaigns.

Keyword filtration: This software allows users to include or exclude certain keywords from their projects. They can also filter keywords by language and location.

Export data: Google Keyword Tool allows marketers to export data easily in Excel format. They download whole keyword lists to download, or select keywords individually.

Plenty of alternative keywords: This tool provides many alternatives to keywords originally entered by a marketer. The hundreds of alternative keywords offer plenty of opportunities for digital marketers to explore.

Google Keyword Planner Features

  • Period of time comparisons
  • Visualize mobile trends
  • Discover new keywords
  • Compare keyword trends
  • Create and share campaign plans
  • Visualizations and estimates for sub-geographics
  • Compare date range functionality
  • Mobile volume trends over time
  • Impact of traffic volumes by locations
  • Device segmentation and bid adjustments
  • Flexible time periods
  • View absolute and relative changes for ad groups
  • Specify time period

Google Keyword Planner Pricing

  • While Google offers the Keyword Planner Tool for free, one has to spend money on Google AdWords. Digital marketers need to have ongoing campaigns on Google AdWords and if for some reason Google decides a user doesn’t spend enough on ad campaigns, precise search volume data will be replaced by search volume ranges. Additionally, you will only access limited Keyword Planner data if you stop paying AdWords.

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