Best Web Analytics Tools & Software

Web analytic tools measure, collect, analyze and report web data to help marketers understand and optimize web usage. It can also be used to assess and improve website effectiveness, as well as a tool for market research. Web analytic applications help businesses and marketing executives measure the results of advertising campaigns, whether traditional print or broadcast. This helps estimate website traffic changes once a new advertising campaign is launch.

Web analytics software convert collected data into information, particularly metrics. Marketers infuse the information and ratios provided with business strategies. They utilize it to formulate online goals, objectives and other business strategies. Data is collected from four different sources i.e. HTTP request headers, network-level and server-generated data associated with HTTP requests, external data and application-level data sent with HTTP requests.

Off-site web analytics tools measure a website’s potential audience, visibility and buzz by collecting information from the internet as a whole. On-site web analytics software measure visitor behavior on a specific website, including drivers and conversions. They assess performance of a website in a commercial context and compare the data with key performance indicators. The most popular on-site web analytics tools include Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics.


by Smartlook

Smartlook is a highly intelligent analytics tool for mobile apps and websites. The platform provides a qualitative analysis to assist users understand the ‘whys’ of the user behaviour and visitors. Learn more about Smartlook


by Cloudflare

Cloudflare is a leading CDN or content delivery network service, and a network security solution used both in private and public sectors to protect and speed up mobile applications. Learn more about Cloudflare


by Databox

Databox is a business analytics Key Performance Indicator dashboard. The tool puts together all your metrics on one place and helps users to deliver all the critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across multiple devices. Learn more about Databox


by W3Counter

W3Counter is a web stats and tool for your blog or website. You can learn this tool to your website if you want to gain insights about your visitors, increase sales, build a following, and track the growth of your business along the way Learn more about W3Counter


by Webtrends

Webtrends is an online marketing software tool that serves over 2000 clients in the global market. The main aim of this solution is empowering customer experience and making it meaningful regardless of where it is taking place. Learn more about Webtrends


by HeapAnalytics

Heap provides an exclusive approach to web analytics by capturing all their interactions and analyzing the interactions without having to wait for data or ship code. Learn more about HeapAnalytics


by Gauges

Gauges is one of the web-based data analytics tools that offer organizations and enterprises important website data, from click through rates to traffic stats and much more on a real time basis. Learn more about Gauges

AT Internet

by AT Internet

AT Internet is among the biggest players in the global market when it comes to digital analytics since 1996. AT internet assists companies to measure their audience and also optimize their digital performance. Learn more about AT Internet


by Mouseflow

Mouseflow will help you to reveal the activities of your website visitors through heat maps, navigation tracking, form analytics, funnel, and user feedback. The platform will reveal to you why you are unable to convert your visitors Learn more about Mouseflow