Best Content Marketing Tools & Software

Content marketing tools is used by marketers to optimize and manage content sourcing, creation, distribution and sharing. Content pieces may include written words, info-graphics, images and videos. By helping to plan, track and manage activities, content marketing tools promote collaboration and cohesion among marketers. They allow businesses to optimize content marketing strategies across several channels.

Companies use content marketing software to address a pain point of traditional advertising campaigns, as well as provide informative material in a timely and relevant context. Content marketing tools help position brands as authoritative. They allow marketers to execute a content strategy that presents targeted information to readers. These tools also help raise brand awareness without generating mistrust and annoying prospects.

Tools that qualify for this category at least:

  • Allow users to target email segments with targeted content
  • Support sharing of marketing content on multiple channels i.e. social media, web etc.
  • Provide features for creating and managing different marketing content types e.g. brochures, case studies, reports, product sheets, white papers etc.
  • Optimize content marketing strategies based on recommendations and insights on what works best for different customers and channels
  • Include business processes and workflows that streamline content marketing strategy while promoting cohesion and collaboration

Our list of content marketing software is based on market presence and customer satisfaction.

Crazy Egg

by Crazy Egg

The tool is used in user recording, heat maps, and A/B testing. The Crazy Egg app takes digital snapshots on webpages and produces reports that are easy to understand that display the click behavior of your visitors. Learn more about Crazy Egg


by Uberflip

According to this tool, content is the most effective way of igniting meaningful relations. However, you must combine even the greatest content with remarkable experience if you want it to reach its maximum potential. Learn more about Uberflip


by ClickFunnels

This tool is an online sales funnel builder that assists enterprises to sell, market, and deliver their products online. ClickFunnels makes the process of online marketing, delivery, and selling simple for the products. Learn more about ClickFunnels


by Simplereach

This platform allows agencies, brands, and publishers to drive the ROI by analyzing native ads and editorial content, and intelligently distributing content. Learn more about Simplereach


by Woopra

Overview This is a customer analytics tool that helps users to understand the behavior of customers in a better manner across several touch points. Learn more about Woopra


by Outbrain

Outbrain is the largest content discovery platform globally whose aim it so to promote and deliver personalized, mobile, relevant online, and video content to the target audience. Learn more about Outbrain


by Copify

Copify is a content marketing platform that provides both copy and content writing services. The company has a team of approved writers who always deliver copy upon demand. Learn more about Copify


by Kred

As a content marketer, one of your most important tasks is to share posts. Most people achieve this objective by using influencers in their respective niches. Learn more about Kred


by Evernote

The Evernote tools allows users to capture a memo or note in any format. It also makes it accessible and searchable on virtually all mobile devices, laptop, and on the web. Learn more about Evernote


by Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is among top analytic tools for social media. It has a powerful social search engine that will help you analyze and find content that is performing well as per the specific niche. Learn more about BuzzSumo