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The Evernote tools allow users to capture a memo or note in any format. It also makes it accessible and searchable on virtually all mobile devices, laptop, and on the web. The tool also enables several individuals to collaborate on shared notebooks and this can be updated instantly and you can access it from your mobile device, web, or desktop.

This solution is flexible and easy to use when it comes to helping individuals to collaborate and share information on different projects, creating businesses workflows around processes, digitalizing important files, monitoring finances, capturing image-centric brainstorms, among other functionalities. The tool will drastically transform your working. The products will drive the inspiration of your tasks and projects from the start to the end. Evernote will allow you to gather and organize materials that will efficiently mold your work.

Evernote Benefits

Synch: This tool will allow you to keep all things in sync. All your images, clips, files, and notes are available on any computer and device that you use. No matter your writing, from lengthy research to short notes, this tool will help you to transform your ideas from mere inspirations to the real completion.

Saving: You can save all the files that you find cool and exciting in the actual world or online. Record your audios, take photos, and save everything. Also, you can save the entire webpage to Evernote given the nifty browser extensions that are in this tool. You will be able to get the entire web page; links, images, and text.

Movement: If the business expects you to move most of the time and you need to have your notes with you, then Evernote is an excellent tool for you. With this tool, all your memories are readily accessible and available on any phone, computer, or another device that you could be using. You will also be able to share your notes with friends and business colleagues. Evernote allows you to keep you scanned travel documents, itineraries, plans, maps, and conformations. Therefore, you will be able to access them with a lot of ease whenever you are on the love.

Search: This tool has powerful discovery and search functionalities that makes everything that you have gathered easily to locate.

Meetings: You can also have effective and fast meetings by displaying your work as it continues to evolve. You will no longer have to build slides because just a single click will transform your notes into a beautiful ad screen friendly layout.

Evernote Features

Collaboration Features

  • Task management
  • Chat/messaging

Other Features

  • Share ideas and give feedback
  • The other products include penultimate and Skitch
  • Travel documents, conformations, store all itineraries
  • Markup and annotation
  • Collaborate on files and share notes
  • Synch notes to any device and sketches a page
  • Quick sketches, arrows, and shapes
  • Evernote clearly for web content clearing
  • Evernote food for the collection of food moments
  • Save favorite web pages
  • Save documents, record audio, and snap photos
  • Save online resources in a single place
  • Availability of content on any device
  • Geolocation
  • Edit sketches and rich texts
  • Grab the whole web page; links, images, and text
  • Web clipper browsing extensions
  • Store images, files, web clips, and notes
  • Web and mobile interface
  • Web clipping support

Evernote Pricing

Evernote has four main pricing options namely basic, plus, premium, and business. The features of each of them are stated below;


  • Free
  • Passcode lock on mobile app
  • Access notes in two devices
  • Note sharing
  • Web clipping


  • $3.99 per month or $34.99 per year
  • Forward emails into Evernote
  • Access notebooks offline
  • Get customer support through email
  • Add passcode lock to the mobile app
  • Share notes with colleagues and friends
  • Search for text inside images
  • Clip web pages, PDF files, images
  • Synch to all your devices
  • One GB of new uploads per month


  • $7.99 per month or $69.99 per year
  • All plus features
  • Scan and digitize your business cards
  • Present notes in a single click
  • Annotate PDFs
  • Search for text in Office docs and PDFs
  • 10 GB of new upload per month


  • $14.99 per user on a monthly basis
  • All premium features
  • Share and collaborate easily with spaces
  • Automate user provisions with SCIM
  • Collaborate in one workspace
  • Central user administration
  • Single sign-on
  • 20 GB of new uploads per months plus 2GB per user

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