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Outbrain is the largest content discovery platform globally whose aim it so to promote and deliver personalized, mobile, relevant online, and video content to the target audience while assisting businesses and publishers to use data to understand their audience.

Outbrain survives on the value of bringing the content and audience together, delighting its audience and creating revenue, breeding consumer insight to businesses and publishers, and driving engagement.  The platform helps to bring marketers and publishers together into the most vibrant marketplace in the world via the product amplify (for marketing experts) and engage for the publishers. The platform serves more than 190 billion personalized content recommendations each month and reaches to more than 561 unique visitors globally.

Outbrain Benefits

High Level of Flexibility: Outbrain uses amplify to help businesses reach out to an engaged audience through the flexible, pay-per-click plan and increase traffic to your video or mobile optimized video content, blog, and articles. The business can control its budget by only paying for the visits that they receive until you reach your daily budget.  Display video recommendations and also leading video providers or use the API of Outbrain to increase the views of your videos.

Engaging Content: According to Outbrain’s philosophy, engaging content is the basis for the leading monetization solution on the web. As a result, it has a unique place that will find the correct audience for the content that you are sharing. The Discovery Modules also showcase the most engaging and valuable content. It is also flexible and fully customizable to meet the various business needs while the native campaigns can be scaled naturally across the web.

Advanced conversation and testing tools are also available for users to set us and reach their specific goals and providing optimization when required. Outbrain is good at driving enterprises of all sizes with measurable results against a wide range of marketing objectives. You can optimize content recommendations according to the business and editorial objectives. Editors can also get Outbrain VR that combines decision-making and editorial judgment with algorithmically-generated content and predictive analytics recommendations to minimize content programming complexity, maintaining a distinctive editorial voice, and increase the engagement of the audience.

Outbrain Features

  • Mobile support
  • Complete video experience
  • Native campaign support
  • Traffic shaping
  • Responsive design
  • Customized module
  • Outbrain VR
  • Intelligent placement
  • Optimization
  • Pay-per-click model

Outbrain Pricing

Outbrain runs on the CPC (cost-per-click) pricing model. You will pay for the number of clicks every campaign receives depending on the CPC you set. For instance, a user who sets the campaign budget to 50 dollars and the CPS to 0.85 dollars, you will be charged 0.85 dollars per click until you will hit the 50-dollar budget cap. This CPC can give you approximately 59 clicks. You can change the CPC in your campaign settings on the basis of how well your campaign is performing.  Once you cap the budget, the content will not continue to be distributed to the Outbrain network for the publisher sites. However, readers can still have the ability to click on the content that was served before the budget was fulfilled. Due to this, you may end up being charged 20 percent more than your budget for clicks that are delivered during this period.

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  • Outbrain
  • Founded 2006
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