Best Affiliate Marketing Tools & Software

Affiliate marketing tools helps users streamline performance-based strategies. It realigns marketers away from general marketing and lead strategies. Affiliate marketing software identify quality prospects before implementing a targeted marketing strategy. They automate the process of identifying the right prospects. Marketers can use these tools to dedicate the right resources to nurturing the most promising leads.

In addition to identifying prospects, affiliate marketing tools allow users to craft tailored customer journeys, increase customer lifetime value and optimize affiliate marketing strategy. They can be used to nurture existing leads, and expand enterprise customers. They have a dashboard, from where users can access consolidated lead data as well as track and verify information consistently.  Affiliate marketing software also offer access to crucial information like transaction value, transaction fees, geography, payment balance as well as transaction origins and destinations. They make it easy to build an affiliate network, improve brand visibility, monitor campaigns and increase conversion rates.

WordPress Affiliate Manager

by WordPress

WordPress Affiliate Manager is designed to help marketers streamline their affiliate programs. It can be used by those who run a membership website or a WordPress with an ecommerce plugin. Learn more about WordPress Affiliate Manager


by Affiliate WP

Affiliate WP is a relatively new affiliate marketing plugin developed by Andrew Munro from Sumobi and Pippin Williamson from Pippins Plugins. Learn more about AffiliateWP

Pretty Link

by Pretty Link

Pretty Link is a premium WordPress plugin that allows users to shrink, cloak, share and track affiliate links. It comes with built-in redirect and link management modules. Learn more about Pretty Link


by Thirsty Affiliates

Thirsty Affiliates is quite different from most of the solutions reviewed in our Affiliate Software category. It is a WordPress plugin that offers complete control over your affiliate links. Learn more about ThirstyAffiliates


by iDev Affiliate

Established more than 15 years ago, iDev Affiliate is an affiliate tracking software that helps users that helps users boost sales and increase revenue earnings. Learn more about iDevAffiliate

Post Affiliate Pro

by Post Affiliate Pro

As the name suggests, Post Affiliate Pro is a solution designed to run affiliate programs from top to bottom. It Learn more about Post Affiliate Pro


by Voluum

Voluum is an end-to-end solution designed for media buying teams, bloggers, performance marketers and agencies. It was initially popular as a performance tracking solution, but has recently stepped up by integrating a native ads buying feature. Learn more about Voluum


by GeniusLink

Created by Jesse Pasinchynk and registered in 2016, GeniusLink is designed to solve geo-fragmentation issues and span multiple platforms utilized when making purchases. Learn more about GeniusLink


by ClickMeter

ClickMeter is a web based solution designed for monitoring, comparing and understanding marketing campaigns. Learn more about ClickMeter

CJ Affiliate

by CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate is an affiliate network that anyone with a good online following should consider joining. The program is designed to help business owners realize more and better results. Learn more about CJ Affiliate