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ClickMeter is a web-based solution designed for monitoring, comparing and understanding marketing campaigns. It records activities occurring in different channels and provides status reports. Users of ClickMeter can discover how many people visited specific web pages, their location, and interest in buying. The solution eliminates the stress of analyzing such data and gives users more time to focus on strategizing. Anyone with an online business including bloggers, agencies, affiliates, and publishers can utilize ClickMeter to scale opportunities.

ClickMeter Benefits

Campaign monitoring: Users of ClickMeter can monitor campaigns and compare how they perform. This helps marketers identify efforts that pay off and ones that need boosting or retiring. They can optimize their strategies and grow their businesses more efficiently.

Integrated solution: ClickMeter functionalities can be extended by using API and other developer tools. These tools allow users to connect the solution to third-party applications and facilitate smooth flow of information.

User friendly: Setting up and using Clickmeter is incredibly easy. The platform is straightforward, and users can utilize different features with ease. Once you choose a plan and create an account, you’ll be directed to a neat interface. It offers access to well-structured features and makes it easy to create and track campaigns.

Click fraud protection: Click fraud can defraud advertisers of revenue and to ensure the safety of campaigns, ClickMeter deploys measures to record legal clicks only. This protects marketers from losing revenue.

Data collection and tracking: ClickMeter has a tool that converts URLs to tracking links, which can be used anywhere including blogs and social media pages. Redirections happen so fast that visitors hardly notice. When visitors click on links, ClickMeter collects data like visitor’s location, browser, the uniqueness of click, mobile device and more.

Real-time analytics: ClickMeter allows users to check stats and analyze clicks. They can view the number of clicks made on links and from where. The solution also offers A/B split testing feature, which notifies users of the most productive landing pages.

ClickMeter Features

  • Multiple targeting metrics
  • Trend reports
  • Countdown links
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Comparison reports
  • Redirects
  • Dashboard KPIs
  • Clickstream
  • Click tracking
  • Conversions tracking
  • Referral wiping
  • Bulk link creation and import
  • Tracking links
  • Link cloaking
  • Link cloning
  • Link tagging
  • Notifications
  • Integration and development
  • Datapoint reports
  • World map clicks
  • Clickstream

ClickMeter Pricing

Medium Plan ($129/Month)

  • 25000 events per month
  • 2500 data points
  • 1-year data storage
  • Full Excel export
  • 100+ features
  • A/B test rotator
  • Affiliate marketing tools
  • 1 branded domain
  • Retargeting and remarketing
  • Track conversions and revenue

Large Plan ($99/Month)

  • All Medium Plan features plus;
  • 200000 events per month
  • 20000 data points
  • 2 years data storage
  • 10 branded domains
  • 10 sub accounts
  • Click fraud protection
  • Your logo in reports

X-Large Plan ($349/Month)

  • All Large Plan features plus;
  • 2million events per month
  • 200000 data points
  • 3 years data storage
  • 100 branded domains
  • Click fraud protection
  • Dedicated engineer support
  • 100 sub accounts
  • Click fraud protection

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