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CJ Affiliate is an affiliate network that anyone with a good online following should consider joining. The program is designed to help business owners realize more and better results. It offers access to brands and offers as well as the ability to connect with prospects that match the audience profile. Business owners can easily create meaningful relationships, broaden their reach and ultimately increase sales. In these regards, Commission Junction Affiliate helps businesses achieve their goals and realize success. It provides tools needed to improve conversions and level up performance.

Commission Junction Affiliate Benefits

Many large companies as advertisers: The fact that Commission Junction Affiliate dominates the affiliate marketing industry, and has been in business for more than 15 years means that it has multiple companies as advertisers. Its merchants are more reliable, better developed and bigger. As such, products promoted by affiliates are of great quality.

Placement marketplace: There is a section on the CJ Affiliate website where affiliate marketers can promote inventory as well as identify content with potential for monetization. Users can buy new spots, review placements and even view the performance of ads.

Fast revenue generation: Features like Deep Link Automation and Product Widgets offered by CJ Affiliates makes it easy for users to increase revenue faster. The features allow users to leverage and monetize their websites through content.

Enhanced engagement: Publishers and advertisers who use CJ Affiliate are able to identify and tap into opportunities across multiple devices. They can offer great customer journeys and keep them engaged on any mobile device.

Lead generation: CJ Affiliate offers boosted lead generation as a means to broaden customer base. Publishers and advertisers who connect to the network can connect with one another, thus optimizing their efforts.

Global platform: Those who tap into the CJ Affiliate platform work with a global network. They are able to promote and market brands to customers all over the world, all with minimal risks and adequate ROI.

Commission Junction Affiliate Features

  • Affiliate personalization
  • Cross-device capabilities
  • Cookieless tracking
  • Insights and analytics
  • Ad and content monetization suite
  • Robust APIs
  • Affiliate customer insights
  • Verticalized integrations
  • Competitive publisher indexing
  • Verticalized benchmarking
  • Audience-based recruiting
  • Content expertise
  • VIP influencer campaigns
  • Content certification
  • Dedicated expertise
  • Proprietary fraud AI
  • GDPR compliance suite of solutions
  • Incident scoring

Commission Junction Affiliate Pricing

  • CJ Affiliate only charges a fee when publishers and advertisers perform specific actions. One can contact the support team through the web form or phone to get an enterprising quote or inquire about the pay-for-performance program.

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