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Voluum is an end-to-end solution designed for media buying teams, bloggers, performance marketers, and agencies. It was initially popular as a performance tracking solution but has recently stepped up by integrating native ads buying feature. Voluum is quite valuable when it comes to tracking online campaigns. It is capable of monitoring data and providing instantaneous feedback to users in real time. The software can be accessed from any device, making it valuable for advertisers who are always on the go. It protects data using high-grade encryption and authentication protocols.

Voluum Benefits

Works in SaaS model: This is a huge plus compared to utilizing your own tracking solution. Marketers can work on their campaigns on the go since data can be accessed via an Android or iOS app. They can also scale up or down, depending on performance. Even better is that pricing plans accommodate your needs.

Integrated native DSP: This feature allows users to purchase native media directly from the platform.

Unbeatable infrastructure: Because Voluum is hosted on nine sites spread across different parts of the world, users can be sure that their data is always safe and secure. In case of technical difficulties with one server, traffic is redirected to another server for continued processing.

Time-saving integrations: Setting up campaigns can be time-consuming. To reduce the amount of time taken to go back and forth between traffic sources, Voluum places all sources in one place. Users just have to check off what suits them and adjust individual sources to optimize campaigns.

Reporting API: Voluum comes with its own reporting suite. However, users can utilize API to connect their reporting systems to a tracking application. This allows them to get more data without actually leaving the platform.

Variety of stats: Voluum offers detailed data on the audience i.e. location, type of device used, IP, operator, operating system, and conversion hour. This information comes handy when optimizing strategy.

AI powered: Marketers can utilize AI calculations to determine the most profitable offers as well as automatically optimize incoming traffic.

Work with teams: Marketers can invite people to their campaigns and delegate tasks. Each member of your team gets a separate workspace.

Voluum Pricing

Basic Plan ($224/Month)

  • Traffic distribution AI offers
  • Direct tracking pixel
  • Reporting API
  • Workspaces
  • 2million events per month
  • $0.05/event overage charge
  • 6 months data history
  • 1 custom domain
  • 1 dedicated domain
  • 1 hr group on-boarding webinar
  • Dedicated on-boarding
  • Account management

Advanced Plan ($449/Month)

  • All Basic Plan features plus;
  • Traffic distribution AI offers, landing pages and paths
  • Shared reports
  • Multi-user
  • 10 million events per month
  • $0.045/event overage charge
  • 2 additional users
  • 12 months data history
  • 3 custom domains
  • 1 dedicated domain

Premium Plan ($1124/Month)

  • All Advanced Plan features plus;
  • 30 million events per month
  • $0.04/event overage charge
  • 5 additional users
  • 24 months data history
  • 5 custom domains
  • Account management

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  • Voluum
  • Founded 2013
  • Poland
  • https://voluum.com/

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