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This platform allows agencies, brands, and publishers to drive the ROI by analyzing native ads and editorial content, and intelligently distributing content. This tool supplies content creators with optimized distribution and universal measurement for all their content campaigns. Simplereach is a standard in content distribution and measurement. The tool provides real time visibility and a highly-detailed historical reporting on the performance of the content across several metrics such as social activity, engagement, and reach. The tool gives content creators a platform that they can use in driving ROI at scale. The tool will show you the performance of all your content and how users can optimize it from all angles.

Simplereach Benefits

Easy to Hit Content KPIs: Simplereach makes the process of hitting content KPIs much easier. With all types of content across multiple social channels, sites, and publishers. The tool will help you to tell what is really making an impact on the actual behavior and customer perception of your brand. Simplereach will inform you how to make the most out of the winning content that you have in a super-smart and single platform.

All Content in a Single Place: Simplereach manages all your data in one place. You don’t have to allow all your videos and articles running everywhere. This tool has a large content data network and is integrated with hundreds of data sources and publishers.  No matter where the content is hosted, you can analyze and monitor performance from one interface that is easy to use.

Metrics That Matter a lot: Marketers not only need data but rather useful data. This tool will surpass vanity metrics and offer the richest, and most granular behavioral data that is available direct from each content data source. This software also allows users to create custom tags and also combine content in any form on dashboards. Therefore, you can program insight and structure campaign in a way that will make a lot of sense to your team.

Designed for Content Teams: Are you hoping that you had a crystal ball to assist you in creating and distributing your content? SimpleReach will make a lot of sense of your content data as it identifies key campaign insights and trends automatically. You will be able to know what works well for your audience and content.

Predictive data that react in real time: It’s a good thing to separate your effective content from the rest in a fast manner if you want to boost your results. The predictive score identifies your winning content before taking off and assists you to focus on retargeting and amplification of dollars. It’s an excellent way of driving serious ROI.

Use Content Data to Close the Loop: The primary responsibility of creating content is to drive the outcome. You can prove this by the closure of the loop on attribution. The power tag of SimpleReach has management capabilities for synching the content management of each user to the data management platforms, retargeting tools, or the other third party content marketing platforms.

Simplereach Features

Content Marketing Features

  • Distribution management
  • Conversion tracking
  • Brand management
  • Audience marketing

Simplereach Pricing

  • There is no specific pricing for SimpleReach and you need to get to the vendor for more information.

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