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Moz recently decided to focus their efforts on SEO and this paved the way for Keyword Explorer. The tool enables digital marketers to find out what keywords the target audience is using and which keywords they’re already ranking for. Users can also determine the demand for certain keywords and identify what keywords their competitors bid on. This keyword research tool is designed to save time while providing detailed feedback on profitable keywords to help business owners streamline their online marketing strategy.

Moz’s Keyword Explorer Benefits

Keyword suggestions: One of the best features of keyword research tools is the ability to provide suggestions based on what’s entered in the search box. Moz’s Keyword Explorer provides suggestions and sorts them by relevancy. The relevancy is determined by the similarity to the keyword entered at the beginning of a search.

Mentions: This feature allows marketers to identify pages that contain their seed keywords. It provides a snapshot of the URL and title, and is powered by the Fresh Web Explorer.

SERP analysis: Marketers who want to find out which competitors are performing for certain keywords can take advantage of the SERP Analysis feature. It pulls the top three results from SERP and relays them in the Keyword Report. This feature also offers a sneak peek of the Page Titles and URLs as well as Domain Authority and Page Authority of those results.

Identify keywords by site: Users can identify the keywords they rank for by entering their website URL and choosing root domain, exact page, sub-domain and country. Moz’s Keyword Explorer provides a site overview report that includes highest ranking keywords. You can compare your site’s report with those of competing websites.

Difficulty score: Users of Moz’s Keyword Explorer are able to understand how difficult or easy it is for a keyword to rank. The software has a Difficulty Score feature that takes into account multiple indicating factors like Domain Authority and Page Authority of results ranking on

Moz’s Keyword Explorer Features

  • Keyword Volume
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Opportunity Score
  • SERP Analysis
  • Keyword Suggestions
  • Keyword Opportunity
  • Keyword Potential
  • Import and Export Functionality
  • 95% Accuracy

Moz’s Keyword Explorer Pricing

Moz offers free and paid options for Keyword Explorer. Users who sign up for a free account are entitled to search for two keywords each day. Those with paid accounts have access to more features like a measure of queries, keyword records, and reports.

Moz Pro Standard ($99/Month)

  • Designed for users who are new to SEO or need basic features

Moz Pro Medium ($179/Month)

  • Ample limits and full access to keyword research tools

Moz Pro Large ($249/Month)

  • Package offers great value to businesses and agencies

Moz Pro Premium ($999/Month)

  • Designed for in-house marketing teams and large SEO focused companies

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