Ecwid Vs Woocommerce – Pros And Cons [Updated 2023]

Ecwid Vs Woocommerce – Pros And Cons [Updated 2023]

When we talk about e-commerce platforms, WooCommerce is the platform that is suggested by experts to several people, especially merchants.They can easily set their business in motion on WordPress.

There is a basic difference when it comes to Ecwid vs Woocommerce.

We will briefly compare them both in this article but to start with the introduction,

This tiny information is needed for you to see that there is a difference between them.

Ecwid is an e-commerce platform whose job is not only to compete but also provide unique features that WooCommerce doesn’t have. 

In this WooCommerce vs Ecwid article we will brief five different areas: pros and cons, features, customer support, SEO, performance, and difference.

Ecwid Vs WooCommerce: Sketch

WooCommerce happens to be a free open-source e-commerce add-in for WordPress. It basically turns any website into a fully workable online store.

WooCommerce only goes with WordPress. 

It is the right choice for growing businesses that already have access to WordPress who wants to join an online store with it.

Ecwid on the other hand happens to be a closed source e-commerce stage.

It actually lets you sell anywhere, from WordPress to Facebook, amazon. 

It is considered to be superb for exploding enterprises as it sells on various channels, by keeping their WordPress site with them all the while.

Sites of WordPress like Facebook and amazon help the selling process.

Ecwid is suited to a variety of website builders, it does not only stop at WordPress. Here is an overview of what WooCommerce vs Ecwid looks like.

WooCommerce Vs Ecwid: Pros And Cons 

Pros Of WooCommerce 

Pros of Woocommerce

  • The outstanding flexibility of WooCommerce helps small and big businesses to run their stores productively.
  • It doesn’t need high-level technical knowledge as it has a horde of customization option 
  • It also looks into the gateways and security process to make sure that users have optimum security.
  • It has an active and supportive community. 

Cons Of WooCommerce

Cons Of Woocommerce

  • Since WooCommerce is WordPress-based, it isn’t allowed on sites that aren’t hosted by WordPress.
  • It gets costly, while you set your online store and run it at full capacity, though you can download it for free and install it.
  • Updates can cause trouble to your online stores and will affect your current browsers.

Pros Of Ecwid 

Pros Of Ecwid 

  •  In Ecwid you can work with your already existing website and can easily turn it into an online store, therefore you don’t have to start from scratch.
  • The multichannel selling option of Ecwid lets you extend your customer base by selling across various stores.
  • Ecwid makes it easy for beginners, it is simple and fast to add e-commerce features to your site without having any coding knowledge.

Cons Of Ecwid

Cons Of Ecwid

  • Ecwid’s restricted design options do not allow you to have creative freedom.
  • This e-commerce platform has small-scale sales therefore it doesn’t sustain a lot of growth.
  • Ecwid’s free plans happen to have a lot of limitations, it includes no entry in the app store no phone assistance

These are the pros and cons of Ecwid vs Woocommerce…

Ecwid Vs WooCommerce: Features

Ecwid vs WooCommerce Features


  • Tools of e-commerce- there is one tap checkout with Apple Pay;  schedule order pickup, gift cards, sell digital products, discount coupons, secure checkout.
  • Seo and Marketing- custom metadata, sell on Instagram, friendly URL’s, sell on Facebook
  • Announcing- conversion rate, number of visitors, orders, revenue.
  • Payment portal-, PayPal, square, stripe, 2checkout, apple pay, Worldpay.


  • E-commerce tools- discount coupons, selling digital and physical products
  • SEO and Marketing- SEO friendly URLs, blog  (WordPress) 
  • Announcing- guest customers vs registered, category, product, sales by date.
  • Payment portals-  Klarna, PayPal, amazon pay, stripe. You can also go through WP E-commerce as both of them 

WooCommerce Vs Ecwid: Customer Service

WooCommerce Vs Ecwid Customer Service

  • WooCommerce does not support the base, there are tutorials for business owners full of tutorials.

There are a number of alternatives when it comes to supporting the base platform.

If you want to get support from WooCommerce you have to look for community-based assistance from WordPress or pay for an individual support service. 

  • Woocommerce does not give customer assistance.

Then you will find the WooCommerce plugin. Free Plugins entirely rely on community support.

Premium plugins by WooComerce itself offer support.

Other plugins that are paid are mostly supported by the developers who develop plugins.

  •  Ecwid is very easy to handle, but in case if you need any help subscriptions offers assistance.

It included one-on-one support for all paid subscriptions, therefore it is there right in your Ecwid dashboard.

Besides support, Ecwid has access to a huge Ecwid knowledge base.

It is tightly packed with important articles, and videos based on common problems and performance in a variety of things with Ecwid.

If you want to help yourself, then the Ecwid community is growing with a range of choices and additional instructional to assist you.

 We have covered three sections under the topic WooCommerce vs Ecwid, there are three more to go. Sit tight.

Ecwid Vs WooCommerce: SEO

Ecwid Vs WooCommerce SEO

Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex all as search engines support this standard.

Your pages are organized because of Google’s SEO-friendly format.

It lets the search engine produce rich snippets, there are the pieces of copy that allow raiders to click through your site.

  • WooCommerce, like WordPress, is as well good at SEO. It is perfectly useful to use their advanced set of  SEO tools like Yoast.

It is extra to their standard SEO purpose. All you have to do is download the applications WordPress offers with an extensive gathering of important integrations.

WooCommerce Vs Ecwid: Performance 

WooCommerce Vs Ecwid Performance 

  • The team of WooCommerce is always into developing, optimizing, and changing the code to reduce server load and boost loading speed. WooCommerce depends on the server it is hosted on when it comes to quickness.

It is upon you to optimize the installation and web host of WooCommerce.

Security can help you improve your faults and boost performance. You can use Kinsta an optimized host in a close region, also combine a strong CDN.

You have to spend a lot of time if you think of improving WooCommerce.

  • Developers of Ecwid go through a lot of work to make sure that it loads quickly and keeps up with your traffics.

It takes a significant quantity of work to optimize and simplify the code and also update hardware.

Ecwid is an amazon base service platform with built-in repetition, the CloudFront CDN has been given all premium subscriptions to boost speed.

The constantly evolving technology and platform outcome in a strong Ecwid website that expands will never crash while there is a traffic spike and it loads quickly.

Ecwid Vs WooCommerce: Customization

Ecwid Vs WooCommerce Customization

  • If there is already a blog and a link in your Ecwid, it will automatically apply the same colors, navigation, and fonts just like your blog.

This will maintain consistency in your brand.

If you are aware of CSS, you will be able to make tiny changes to the look of your e-commerce store.

  • In WooCommerce if you know the code you will be able to p[ersonalize your shops.

You can also select any of them, anytime from WooCommerce.

You will be able to browse hundreds of amazing designs, as there are options that you can afford and free stuff are there too.  

We are about to be done with our topics (Ecwid vs Woocommerce) the last point and will be wrapping it up soon.

Ecwid Vs Woocommerce – With Comparison Chart

Ecwid  Woocommerce 
Ecwid is a closed source stage with a WordPress combination WooCommerce on the contrary is an open-source WordPress blend
They offer paid plans They ask for upgrades that need to be paid
It connects your social media account  It only deals with WordPress.


In this article, we have elaborately tackled and discussed Ecwid vs Woocommerce.

This topic is itself very hard to understand.

We have tried our best to make it easy for the readers.

If you have liked the article and it helped you understand Ecwid and WooCommerce.

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