Best Online Payment Tips That Improve Conversion

Best Online Payment Tips That Improve Conversion

Increasing the number of customers that complete a purchase is the most important aspect of your online store. Clients can visit your website from time to time to compare prices and conduct due diligence on payment features they can take advantage of. 

To optimize your online sales, here are tips to improve on your customers’ experience and grow your online business.

Guarantee customers’ security

This should be on top of your priorities every day as it forms the basis of trust, which will keep customers engaged. Your stores’ conversion will significantly increase with trust signals from customers hence the need to assure they can enter their credit card details without fear.

Displaying security budget such as MacAfee show images of payment methods like PayPal and install SSL at checkout. 

Personalize user experience

You can significantly increase your site conversion rate when you personalize your customers’ experience. This will shorten the customer’s path to checking out because what they want is already on the homepage when they open the site.  

You can use tools such as Monetate, OptinMonster or Google Optimize to personalize the user experience. After they make a personalized purchase remember to use a receipt scanner to help you manage inventory. 

Get the customer’s attention faster

Customer attention plays a significant role in improving your site’s conversions which can be difficult because of the number of eCommerce businesses. Provide your customers with interesting shopping deals that will get them excited to make a purchase. 

Revise your marketing strategy from time to time and stick to a plan that easily grasps your customers’ attention as they shop.

Provide your customers valuable information

It may not look like a convenient way to optimize conversion but it will certainly help one way or another. Your potential clients can also be informed, get educated, and engage you when you provide them such valuable information on a blog. 

You also increase your search engine optimization when you offer engaging content to customers. 

Provide product reviews

Allow your customers to review their shopping experience as well as the products’ quality. This helps other customers to make prompt decisions on whether to engage with your business or not. Most customers on Amazon, for instance, will first conduct a product review and most of the time will form the basis of their purchase. 

Product review also offers you a chance to improve on customers’ experience and product in case they are not certified. 

Make products easily accessible 

Organize your products by setting up a structure that will help your customers easily find them on the site. Allow customers to reach a product as fast as possible by creating a category structure to enable them to complete the purchase.  

The faster a client can find a product on your site, the faster they will clear the cart and the more customers do this, the more sales you make, which will be reflected in your conversion rate. 

Live chat software

Live-Chat is a valuable tool in providing support for your customers when they are shopping. Your conversion rate improves when customers’ concerns are answered promptly on the live-chat platform. Live-chat contributes a 28% conversion rate if properly used. 

Make sure the live-chat service is active all the time; otherwise, it can be disappointing if a customer doesn’t get a quick response. 

Create coupon codes

Coupons attract customers’ attention to your eCommerce, it also keeps customers engaging, and more importantly, you acquire new customers, which will highly improve sales and conversion rate. Customers are intrigued by the extra incentive of purchasing one or more products with a discount waiting when they checkout. 

A better way to drive sales using coupons is by giving limited codes, which surge urgency on the part of the customer to make a quick purchase before it expires. 

Free shipping

Shipping fees make the product seem expensive from customers’ perspective because they might have budgeted for the price shown on the home page. On the other hand, free shipping helps to increase the conversion rate, but you need to be strategic because it may affect the profit margins. 

To be smart about it, you can increase product prices by 10% to cover shipping costs. 

Use high-quality images and videos on your product pages

Customers need to see what they are about to spend their money on clearly. People rarely buy what they cannot see overtly. High-quality images and videos compensate for the physical aspect like touching and feeling in an on-premise setting which is impossible online. 

You work twice as hard to attract customers with high-quality images. 


More eCommerce stores are opening daily, meaning more competition to secure customers. Online stores have to work extra hard to stay ahead of this competition and to increase conversion rates. The above tips will enable you to reach your conversion rate goals and also help your brand succeed. 

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