Storenvy vs Big Cartel – Pros and Cons

Storenvy vs Big Cartel – Pros and Cons

In 2021 the online digital medium is booming the whole sales infrastructure. Every one of the small or large brands wants to set up their online business mode, and for these, your online website is well, but professional eCommerce platforms are outstanding.

And for these, you have to choose the proper marketing and e-commerce based platform to sell your products. When selecting the platforms, often the sales are confused between Storenevy and Big Cartels. Therefore, when you feel torn between these two popular platforms, start with the Storenvy vs Big cartel.

Storenvy vs Big cartel is the best way by which you can see the difference between these two popular platforms. And you can choose the more effective eCommerce-based platform for your business.

So let’s start with the exact functions of these two platforms.

How Is The Storenvy Functioning?

What Is Storenvey

When searching for the correct answer for Storenvy vs Big cartel, you first have to evaluate which type of functions you need. Storenvy is more like a social media marketing place.

Shoppers can directly contact the sellers. Shoppers have their own personal collections. So they can add the items to their own collections they like listening to. Storenvy is like a social media platform where you can see items and add the items to your collections. Communicate with the sellers.

The Best feature Of The Storenvy is that the sellers can build their entirely customizable store. The fully customizable options give your store a unique look. Let’s see the advantages and the disadvantages of the Storenvy e-commerce platform.

The Pros Of Using Storenvy Platform

The answer for Storenvy vs Big cartel lies in the advantages and the drawbacks of the Storenvy platform.

Here are three significant advantages of using the Storenvey platform as your e-commerce sales platform.

  • You can establish an entirely independent store for yourself with the customization options.
  • As the platform is like a big social media store, your bond with the interested consumers is becoming more comfortable and easy.
  • The cost-effectiveness of using the platform is making the platform more popular among startup business handlers.

These three are the major three advantages that you will get after using the Storenvy platform. Along with these, all the plans of Storenvy are not very costly, even though you can get the premium options within a minimal amount of money.

The Drawbacks Of Using Storenvy Platform

Do you think everything about the Storenvy is good? Not really! There are many disadvantages to using this platform. For knowing the Storenvy vs Big cartel in detail, look at a few major drawbacks of using the Storenvy.

Here are the disadvantages of the Storenvy platform.

  • The marketplace is not big enough compared to the Big cartel.
  • Most of the items are available in the high price ranges compared to regular items.
  • The platform has minimal functions as compared to professional e-commerce based platforms.
  • The limitations of the advanced solutions make this platform a little bit challenging to use for the big brands.

These four are the main drawbacks of using the Storenvy platform for your business. This is the reason most of the Storenvy users are small and medium-level brands. And for startups, this platform is an outstanding performer. But this platform is a very easy-to-use platform. So if you are looking for a pretty easy solution, this is the right choice for you.

Now Let’s see how the Big Cartel is performing.

How Is The Big Cartel Functioning?

How Is The Big Cartel Functioning?

The Storenvy vs Big cartel is a little bit confusing, especially for startups. But after you go through the functions of the Big cartel, you can easily distinguish the performances and choose the right one for your sales.

Big cartel is an eCommerce-hosted solution for small-scale creativity. If you are dealing with small handmade products or the crafted products. This platform is providing you the best solution for you. The functions of the Big Cartel are straightforward processes.

The functions of the big cartel are quite easy and well priced. So if you are selling any crafted products, you can simply use the platform. And use the e-commerce tools to design your advertisement and promotional templates. In addition, you can set up the union with your popular social media profile like Facebook and Instagram to increase your viewers and guest numbers.

The Pros Of Using Big Cartel Platform

The Pros Of Using Big Cartel Platform

For their own crafted products and to sell the handmade products, the Big cartel is a very well-performing E-commerce based website. These advantages are going to help you to understand the Storenvy vs Big cartel on a deeper level.

Here are a few advantages of Bigcartel.

  • The platform is a very easy-to-use solution. The highly intuitive feature is making the platform quite popular among creative sellers.
  • The inbuilt themes of the platforms are pretty attractive and artistic.
  • The functions are very straightforward, and you can set up your store in seconds.
  • The cost-effective solutions with the lowest price plans are starting within $12/month.

For creative sellers, this platform is undoubtedly the best option. If you have your own crafted products for sales and not very extensive inventory lists. Hence Big cartel is the best solution for you.

The Cons Of The Big Cartel

The Cons Of The Big Cartel

Bigcartel is a very cost-effective solution. The operations and the functions are quite easy to change. But when you see the platform’s drawbacks, your conceptions for the Storenvy vs Big cartel will be much more clearer.

Here are three major drawbacks of using the platform.

  • Bigcartel has a good stock of inbuilt themes. But the customizations options for the themes are very rare to find.
  • The platform is well-performing robust, but a minimal set of functions are present here.
  • The listing of the plans is fixed. You can not list more than three hundred within your premium options.

These three are the major three disadvantages of Bigcartel. When you are using Bigcartel, you can apply your creative mind to choose suitable themes for your business. But the customization features are pretty limited.

Wrapping It Up:

So now you can compare the Storenvy vs Big cartel. The choice of your e-commerce platform entirely depends on your product types and business policies. Both of these platforms are pretty well-performing for all the small brands. But for the creative ones, the Bigcartel is the best choice.

According to your products, types, and demand, you have to choose the eCommerce-based platform. So what is your choice? Which kinds of functions do you need from the platform? Do not forget to share your opinion in the comment sections.

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