The Ultimate Guide to Drop shipping

The Ultimate Guide to Drop shipping

Drop shipping has been with us for several years but some people still don’t understand its meaning. Apart from this, most people still have several questions that revolve around this topic. Thanks to this guide because it will give you all the answers to your drop shipping queries.  

Before we go too far, it is important to understand the meaning of drop shipping. In this retail method, you do not keep the products that you are selling in stock. The seller partners with a supplier who stocks his own inventory. You will transfer the shipment details and orders of the customer to the supplier and he ships them to the customers directly.  

Drop shipping happens in four main stages. The first one is to list the products of your supplier on your e-commerce store so that customers can buy. The client will buy something from your store. You order the product that the customer has paid for from the supplier. The drop shipping supplier will ship the product to the client directly. You can build this website on Shopify and then customize it to your target clients.  

Several companies concentrate on the innovation of products and rely on drop shipping retailers to market and sell them. Therefore, you will be selling for the brands who don’t sell their items to the public directly. The company should approve of you as one of their sellers before you can put their products on your website. You will only order for a product once the customer pays. The supplier will ship the product to the customer and charge you. The net profit is the difference between the retail price and what you pay to the supplier. The profit margin on most drop shipping items ranges between 25 to 30%. 

The Drop Shipping Success Checklist 

At this point, we want to look at the success checklist for drop shipping. You need to put several things into consideration when building an online store. These tips will guide you through the process of creating an e-commerce store. You have to read all the sections before you can begin to implement the whole process.  

You can also decide to join a reputable online community or coaching program. You will get several videos on drop shipping lifestyle topics online. In this section, you will be learning about the exact steps of building a drop shipping brand. You should understand how the drop shipping model works and what you need to do if you are ready to get started. Therefore, you will not be left on your own trying to guess what takes place. Most people who have been drop shipping for several years use this process to record success.  

1. Choose a Niche 

The first thing you need to do is choosing the right items to sell. We will be looking at what meets the best niche criteria in a later section. The other thing to look at will be how to select a profitable niche. You can struggle in the drop shipping business unless you choose the right niche.  

2. Research on Competitors 


The next step is to find out who are your future competitors. There is no single drop shipping niche that has zero competitors and hence you should be prepared to get competition.  If you come across a niche that has no competition, it should be a bad one and most consumers don’t buy the products. at this stage, you will be searching for drop shipping sites which you will be competing with. It is good to find them before you even launch your dropshipping website. It will help you to know your competitors before you even get started.  

3. Create Your Store 

The third step entails building your e-commerce store. Do this before you even contact the supplier. The reason is that top suppliers will not approve you to be their drop shipping retailer unless they see your e-commerce store. Therefore, you should do this before you even make your first phone can or sending an email to the potential drop shipping supplier.  

4. Get the Supplier Approve You 

After setting up your online store, you can begin to send emails and make phone calls to the potential dropship suppliers to have them approve your store. You can get some certifications that can help you to achieve this objective. The internet also has several guidelines and resources that can help you get the approval of suppliers without any hick-ups.   

5. Optimize the Drop Ship Website for Conversions  

The next step is to optimize your drop shipping e-commerce store for conversions. You can make all the difference at this point. You can do several things to improve the performance of your store once it is up and running. The most important thing is to enhance the conversion rate of your site. The conversion rate is a representation of the number of people who buy the products in comparison to those who visit your website. you can get all the traffic from the world but it will be meaningless if you have no conversions. What you need is a buying audience and not tons of traffic. Your website should turn those visitors into active buyers. If not, the traffic you get won’t make any sense to you.  

6. Get Paid Traffic 

Get Paid Traffic 

The next step is to get paid traffic. Apart from choosing the right niche, most people would like to know how to attract traffic to their store. You can attract traffic to your drop shipping website in several ways and hence you should not rely on one. The best site will have a diversified source of traffic. Therefore, you will not close the business if one f your sources of traffic fails to work.  

7. Outsource and Automate 

The last thing to do is outsourcing and automating. It is very easy to automate drop shipping stores and outsource various tasks. However, you should build your brand, run it for some time, before you think about outsourcing and automating.  

With this knowledge, you have all it takes to build a successful drop shipping business. It will be very easy to begin delegating tasks once you do all this. You can also use apps that automate the running of your business on a daily basis.  

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