10 Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress

10 Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress

If you desire to make loyal clients from readers, you will have to continue wowing them with awesome content. Content creation like a god will not do your website any good if nobody can get it after it gets lost from the front page. For this reason, using the best-related posts plugin can be great for the blog. Stop losing clients all over and engage them with content that is related that will keep them on the site and eliminate bounce rate. With the best-related posts plugin for WordPress, it becomes easy to direct clients to your content and keep them on the site for long. It increases your chances of closing sales.  

1. Jetpack

Jetpack is among the best-related posts plugin from Automatic. It contributes immensely towards improving WordPress powered websites and blogs. It comes with an easy implementation and setup process. With this tool, it is possible to get hassle-free security, marketing, and free design – all in one place. You must have this plugin when you have a WordPress blog. You need to know that it offers a lot of modules that can be disabled or enabled individually. The module of relates posts is among its crucial modules. The most important services of this tool are customization and design and marketing and performance.  

2. Yuzo Related posts 

This plugin is free, minimalistic, and simple. It allows you to access the minimalistic related posts widget in the blog posts. The minimalism makes it special among other related posts tools. It is very fast to use with many feature and customization options. It provides horizontal views, thumbnail views, an in-built cache, and list views. It is easy to set up and use. The core features you get include;  

  • Supports vertical and horizontal styles 
  • You can check the visits to posts 
  • You can customize texts in different ways 
  • You can post related manually 
  • It is RTL ready 

3. Shareaholic 

Shareaholic is a plugin which specializes in the follow and share buttons. It comes with the related posts widget. Related post widget is seen on the bottom of the page with classic, card, or rounded designs. Since it is not a dedicated related posts plugin, you do not get many customizations with it. The pros of this plugin are that it is easy to install, eliminates the need for installing other plugins, and shows analytics for clicks and shares.  

4. Thumbnails 

This plugin is among the best-related posts plugin. It adds related posts thumbnails on the post. Also, it allows you to customize the display settings and sizes of the thumbnail plus the relation type. You can also choose between the ‘medium’ and ‘thumbnail’ size options. You can specify thumbnail size supported by the post thumbnail feature. Thumbnails are seen below the posts. You will get related posts under every post thumbnail. This plugin offers the facilities of customizing the text, border, background, excerpt length, title, and sizes.  

5. Related posts for WordPress 

This is another best-related posts plugin for WordPress. The setup wizard is quite easy to employ. It gives you the allowance to manually link posts to each other. Nevertheless, it handles all things automatically. It offers widgets that can be utilized in the sidebar. All you need to do is to install and activate it. It does not slow the website down. It creates a personalized cache and performs heavy lifting functions in the administration panel. It keeps the website very fast and provides high-quality related posts. After installation, the wizard analyzes your posts and links them with one another according to what is related.  

6. Contextually related posts 

This plugin is among the best-related posts plugins that are powerful. Using this plugin can help you display related posts in your site and feed. Related posts lists bear the basis on the content of the posts or titles that make them interesting and relevant to the readers. With this tool, you can reduce bounce rates, refresh old entries, and retain visitors. It is rich with features that support CSS styles, thumbnails, custom post types, and shortcodes. The inbuilt cache ensures that you have all related posts minus excess load on the website.  

7. Inline related posts 

With this posts plugin, it is possible to take care of the marketing aspects of the website and have the posts in the content of your site. The majority of top business houses and brands have embraced this plugin and regarded it to be among the best-related posts plugin to display related posts on the website. With this plugin, it is possible to create page views and increase engagement plus reduce the bounce rate for the website. This plugin wins the fight when you want to catch your readers’ attention.   

8. Related Posts by Taxonomy 

This plugin is free and powerful when it comes to related posts. It has widgets for the blog posts and the sidebar that shows related posts with common terms on the content of the page. It provides the allowance of inserting widgets all over the site with simple shortcodes. This plugin can find posts that are related to diverse taxonomies and posts.  

9. WordPress Related Posts 

WordPress related posts are among the best-related posts pluginsYou can add related posts in the footer section of content. You need to install the plugin and activate it. This plugin can increase internal traffic by over ten percent. It is fully customizable and supports diverse caching, thumbnails, and different styles for better performance. It supports mobile themes.  

10. Relevant Plugin 

You can use this plugin to display featured, latest, popular, and related posts on the WordPress site. It gives you the allowance of positioning latest, popular, featured, and related posts before and after your content. You can employ dissimilar shortcodes and add related pages, posts, and custom posts types. You can also add these posts to the area of widgets.  


In case you are struggling to keep visitors on your site, adding the best-related posts plugins on the site is a great way of making them stick around. It results in long visitor duration, more page views, and reduced bounce rates. When users view more content, they appreciate your website offers, which in turn boosts social shares, subscriptions, and conversions. All the above-featured plugins can give you a functional related posts section. They work and look quite different from dissimilar weaknesses and strengths; therefore, take time to pick the best one.

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