How to Develop a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

How to Develop a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Would you like to run a successful email marketing campaign and you don’t know where to begin? One thing you need to understand is that there is a high level of competition for the attention of your audience. Therefore, you will not succeed unless you learn how to create a successful email marketing campaign.

What Is an Email Marketing Campaign?

Email marketing is an email that a business sends to one or more of its customers. A successful email marketing will make those who receive the email to take action. It will help your brand to receive more sales and leads. The primary advantage of email marketing is that people are still using emails widely. Statistics reveal that 74% of teenagers and 90% of adults are using emails regularly. Therefore, email marketing is an excellent tool for building customer relationship and generating leads. Here are some of the tips that will help you create an efficacious email marketing campaign.

Know Your Goals

Any marketing should begin with the setting of goals and email is no different. Think about what you would like to achieve if you want to run a fruitful email marketing campaign. Some of the typical goals for email marketing include welcoming new subscribers, boosting engagement, nurturing existing subscribers, re-engaging subscribers, and segmenting your subscribers. You can set your email goals depending on your conversion goals.

1. Understand Email Types

It is good to understand the various types of emails that you can send to your subscribers. The three main types of emails include promotional emails, relational emails, and transactional emails.  Transactional emails normally come from the actions of subscribers and depend on the action that they take on your site.

Know Your Audience


After doing email marketing for a long period, you will know who your audience is. If you are starting, you will have to make a few educated guesses to help in targeting your content. You will begin to collect your subscribers for email marketing and within no time you will have a long list. Knowing your audience is an excellent starting point for a successful email marketing campaign.

Wisely Use Technology

The market has several tools that can help you to create a successful email marketing campaign. Some of the key features to look for in a good tool include automation and easy creation of a campaign including workflows and templates. You should integrate it with the software that you are already using such as Opti Monster and WordPress. The best tool will also give deep analytics on the performance of your email campaign.

Create Great Options

You cannot run a successful email campaign unless you have people on your email list. Therefore, you will need attractive email forms that will motivate your audience to sign up. Some of the options form you can experiment with include welcome gates, lightbox popups, and exit-intent popups. You need a form that will reduce the level of annoyance and maintain effectiveness.

Plan Emails and Follow-ups

At this point, you are ready to plan your email marketing campaign. Note down your email frequency, type of email, the rough idea of your content, and the main action that you would like your subscribers to take. As you create emails, you have to make them valuable, interesting, relevant, and timely. For example, you can welcome new subscribers to your company by giving them a short series of emails to tell them more about your products and services.  Don’t overwhelm your audience by sending them too many emails because they will not read. After outlining the email plan, you can now begin to write.

Craft Your Subject Line

The subject line is the best starting point for any successful email marketing campaign. It will motivate people to open and read your emails. The best subject line should range between 41 to 50 characters. Make sure you put important sections at the beginning. The subject line should tell people what they will get when they open the email. You can also add the name of the people (personalize) to engage them more. Avoid spam trigger words to get your email to the inbox. Use high conversion email subjects to get a successful email marketing campaign.

Write the Copy

You can now begin to write your email marketing copy. You have to create your hook right to motivate people to read your emails. The email copy should be short and avoid pitching the offer too early if you want to get the best results. People should be comfortable before you introduce your products. Address your subscribers by name because personalized emails tend to be the best. The other elements to consider include adding a personal story and use of content pieces that are valuable to your readers. A video, GIF, survey, or poll can also do the trick quite well. Also, include a call of action that is clear and short at the end of your copy.

Focus on the Email Marketing Design

 Email Marketing Design

The email design will determine whether you will get a successful marketing design or not. A terrible email will reflect your bad side and will discourage your audience from reading. Most people read emails on mobile devices and you have to use templates that are responsive on the desktop, tablet, and phone. The best emails tend to have more texts and a few images. Images make your emails to be attractive but some people disable images. Therefore, your email should still work even if people don’t view the images. Don’t hide information in images because it will work against the accessibility of your email. An excellent description can make the subscribers to enable the images giving your email a better look.

Test and Track

The first step to achieving a successful marketing campaign is sending the email. You have to collect data if you want to improve your future campaigns. Therefore, test everything including your calls to actions, subject lines, email marketing copy, layout, and design. Also, analyze the analytics from your web provider with regard to forwards, unsubscribes, clicks, and opens. It will help you to figure out what is working and what is not working for your email marketing campaign. You also need to monitor the sender reputation by using the red score to see the presence of any red flags that may stop the emails from getting to the mailbox of subscribers. Deliverability is a critical element when you want to create a successful email marketing campaign.

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