10 Best Bulk Email Marketing Software

10 Best Bulk Email Marketing Software

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools that people use to market their business and transform growth.it not only promotes the business but also attracts prospective clients while ensuring that the relationship between you and your customers is built on loyalty. The best way to achieve this is by using the best bulk email marketing services in order to help your business gain momentum. This article presents the top 10 best bulk email marketing software that will make marketing process seamless. Come with me!

Top 10 best bulk email marketing software

1. MailGet Bolt

This is one of the top best and reliable bulk emailing marketing software that offers thousands of emails for free. With this software, you can send over millions of emails to both new as well as existing clients. It is by sending emails in bulk that you will be able to cover a large customer base, hence helping you get more business. It is well equipped with an email tracking facility that helps you detect the actions of users on your emails. These actions include; the open rates, clicks on links, and unsubscribes among others. It is with the help of such valuable information that you will be able to improve the quality as well as techniques used in your campaign.

It is also characterized by a simple dashboard that is user-friendly and has access and ease of configuring more emailing tools. It now offers over 9,000 emails absolutely free, how cool is that!

2. MailGet

You may be thinking, well, we’ve already covered this above. But, this is different from MailGet Bolt. It is extremely cheap and allows you to send over millions of emails at an affordable rate. You can use it to connect with Amazon SES. It allows you send to send 10,000 emails at $1 only! You can also integrate it with a wide variety of SMTP for better email delivery and hence, boosting high rates of opening. MailGet provides over 500 free email templates that you can use depending on the niche you are interested in. it is fully customizable and allows you to make changes to suit your business needs.  With MailGet, you will experience lots of ease as it is already pre-configured with awesome advanced features.

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3. SendinBlue

This is a very simple yet absolutely incredible software that you can use for bulk email campaigns for any size of business from small to large.  With this platform, you can create emails more quickly with just a drag and drop email builder. You can also use it to track and manage subscriptions, track results in real time. It has advanced features that allow you to resend emails to contacts that have not already opened your previous emails by just using the Auto Resend feature. It also allows you to design Sign up forms for your site, hence helping you collect valuable information on your clients, creating leads and finally growing the business. Just like MailGet Bolt, this software has an email tracking facility that will help tell you how many open, clicks and unsubscribes you have. With its Autoresponder feature, you can schedule birthday messages for your prospects or customers based on their contact information. The free plan has the ability to handle an unlimited number of contacts. It has an outstanding customer service provision and can send transactional emails too.

The only disadvantages of this are that using third-party apps to upload contacts is not supported, the email templates are not appealing and its list management features are obsolete.

4. SendPulse

Using this software, you can reach hundreds of subscribers and analyze their actions. This also allows you to segment your email list depending on various features of your audience such as age. SendPulse has detailed report features with pre-designed email templates that you can customize to suit your campaign needs. It also has a reliable SMTP that permits for easy integration for both marketing and transactional emails. Its drag and drop builder allows you to make custom emails with a touch of your taste and personality. The free plan allows up to 2,500 subscribers and unlimited emails. However, the bad thing is that the setup of the account is a little complicated and has very few email templates to choose from.

5. Autopilot

This is one of the most popular bulk mailing solutions that allows one to email over 5 lakh contacts. It allows the users to sync important information using a popular CRM such as Pipedrive or Salesforce among others. It has a drag and drops creator that is user-friendly and does not require prior expertise on coding. It can design mobile-optimized templates which you can integrate with several sites. You can use it to track visitor activities in real time, capture leads, automatically grow your mailing list as well as import contacts and segment all your list to suit your campaign needs. Autopilot offers 30 days of free trial without any information on credit cards. However, customizing the template is quite difficult and their prices are quite high compared to others available in the market.

6. Pure360

This is one of the bulk email marketing software that has won over the trust of so many brands. This is because it has the ability to create custom emails that are not only responsive but also can hold media files, people as well as links without any technicalities involved. It is characterized by flexibility and an easy to use email editor that helps you create beautifully designed emails. According to statistics, it allows you to grow your marketing list by 20%, hence boosting user engagements. You can also integrate it with Magneto, Google Analytics, and other tools. It has a dedicated customer support service and you can easily clean out spam emails from the list.

7. WhatCounts

This is suitable for all businesses ranging from small to large-sized companies. It has beautifully designed email templates that makes it quite appealing for social sharing, they are responsive and have the ability to collect leads through their opt-in and opt-out forms. It has the ability to monitor how emails are being delivered using its tracking features; and automates emails for birthdays and anniversaries. The only downside is that it does not have free trials for testing its purpose.

8. InfoUSA

This is one of the best bulk email marketing solutions that offer a wide variety of templates that make your email campaign stand out. It allows for segmenting email list that helps you to tailor the campaigns to a targeted demographic, hence driving more revenue. It has a social media integration which increases interaction with prospective clients. It can easily handle direct mail marketing as well as ad campaigns. It is good at customer support services via emails, telephones as well as its FAQ’s site. The downside with this is that it lacks a mail tracking facility making it difficult to monitor user actions such as open, clicks among others, that information on how to improve.

9. InfusionSoft

This is a simple and powerful bulk mail marketing software that keeps users engaged through its attractive and informative newsletters. It has the ability to send automated, follow-up and triggered emails making the process easy. It has a powerful reporting tool that is aimed at improving the performance of email marketing. It can segment emails making the campaigns more targeted to drive more revenue. One of the best features is the fact that it can identify emails addresses that are undeliverable and corrects any misspelling and hence helping you resend emails to lists that have not read.

10. NewsWeaver (now rebranded as Poppulo)

This is a very sophisticated email marketing tool that creates and send out impactful emails to customers and drives more traffic to your website. With a reporting feature on it, it helps you know the reports and results of your campaign and hence making it easy for you to make improvements in the marketing strategy employed. It offers attractive newsletters that keep clients engaged in the content and boosts conversions through targeted segmentation. It makes it easy to cover a large customer base through its easy integration with social network platforms. It offers stepwise guides making it user-friendly. It also has tracking facilities that make it possible for you to track such activities as opens, clicks and user engagement time.


Having reviewed all these 10 best bulk email marketing software, it is important to note that there is no one size fits all kind of tool! This means that, with the information I have put at your disposal, it is up to you to decide which tool is right for your business. However, if you are looking for one with uniqueness, efficiency, and affordability, high email deliverability as well as suitable for both small and large businesses, MailGet Bolt is for you.

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