Best WordPress Theme Marketplaces to Find the Awesome Themes

Best WordPress Theme Marketplaces to Find the Awesome Themes

WordPress is an open source content management system that provides a plethora of opportunities for everybody – experts, developers, of beginners. For experts and developers, there is always more to do – contribute a creative thing to this software. When you are a beginner, the best WordPress theme sums up the benefits because you can learn easily how to use it, and then create your own website. Best WordPress theme marketplaces and plugins are real-time hubs for earning cash for the plugin and theme developers.

WordPress is awesome because it offers you many themes to develop any website instantly. With this CMS, you do not need to develop your site from scratch. That is a relief.

You can find the best WordPress themes online for creating all kinds of sites you want. Different marketplaces have uncountable collections of themes for free, among which some are very useful. However, free themes may not meet your requirements if you are beginning a big project. For added support and functionality, you can purchase premium themes from any WordPress theme marketplace on the internet.

10 Best WordPress Theme Marketplaces:

1. ThemeForest:


Doubtlessly, ThemeForest is the leading in the marketplace for the best themes that are premium. Besides, it features quality templates for other platforms like Drupal, Magento, and Joomla. It offers many niches of themes from the most generic to the most specific at very competitive prices. You are free to choose one theme at your preferred budget with enough choices.

Themeforest is in the Envanto family, which is a network of video, audio, graphics, and design marketplace. It offers an extensive collection of premium themes that are easily searchable and are organized in categories.

Some themes available here are top selling themes of all time. Each developer of themes bears the responsibility of offering full documentation and support for their products. Many items are provided on a license period of six months including updates and support.

It becomes easy to read reviews of users, see the portfolio of developers, and theme rating before purchasing it.

All ThemeForest themes are tested and reviewed thoroughly for the best prices and quality of code. Due to competition in the market for the best WordPress themes, you will see themes that have many freebies and features.

2. Creative market:

Creative market

Creative market is lesser known but it is an upcoming marketplace for creative that are independent. This market allows for anybody to set their shop up in the marketplace for them to sell different content digitally. This is to mean that you will see WordPress themes, fonts, graphics, and photos.

Despite not being familiar with many WordPress users, Creative Market has a big portfolio of themes. It has a different marketplace feel compared to ThemeForest because the creative market is primarily for creative people to show their skills off, in the place of a mechanism to sell themes. You will prefer this WordPress themes marketplace if you prefer having a personal touch.

Nevertheless, despite having an extensive range of themes, you may find it less friendly to users because there is a lot on the page with five thumbnail areas to figure out. Themes are organized in fewer headings than MOJO and Themeforest, and you can sort them by most recent and most popular. This will make it hard to pick a theme out you are interested in.

Theme quality here is high and there are several niche themes you can find including non-profit, wedding, and sports, as well as the broad range of versatile, broad themes.

As expected, you can test out all themes using the live preview button. Nevertheless, you will find that the reviewer of creative market nice to use because it does not include to buy me now frame available on other marketplaces. You can test this theme at your own pace. If there are options of customization, you will test them using this theme.

3. StdioPress:


StudioPress is among names that are recognizable in the WordPress themes marketplace. They are creators of the Genesis theme that offers a solid foundation for the development of themes of high -quality.

StudioPress offers their personal themes and those developed by other developers. All themes found in this marketplace are child themes of Genesis.

Unlike other premium these sellers, StudioPress offers features that are simpler that you need to use on your site. Setting up the theme of StudioPress is easier than other premium themes.

Their plans of pricing include a fee of one time for unlimited support and updates. You can buy one theme and membership plans for USD 499, which will give you access to their themes plus the third party themes also.

4. CyaSSIgniter:


CSSIgniter provides a large collection of the best free WordPress themes of all kinds of websites. With over eighty premium themes, it caters for the needs of developers of WordPress and owners of websites since 2010.

They possess the best themes for businesses, restaurant themes, magazine, and hotel themes in the market. All themes are friendly to beginners, easy options of customization, and come with features that are flexible.

The themes are organized neatly by categories with detailed live demos, descriptions, and screenshots. Since they sell their themes, they provide detailed documentation for all themes below the support tab. You can get all themes for USD 69 per year or USD 199 for the lifetime plan.

5. Elegant Themes:

Elegant Themes

Elegant themes are among the oldest and well known best WordPress theme marketplace. This marketplace provides premium WordPress plugins, themes, and the best drag and drop page builders in the whole market.

Unlike other marketplaces mentioned earlier, this marketplace develops and sells their themes. This makes sure that you end up with the best quality of code, optimized for performance and speed, and compatibility with a range of WordPress tools and plugins.

The best part about this marketplace is the model of pricing. For USD 89, you will access all products for one year with updates and support. For USD 249, you can buy a lifetime license. Both licenses allow for the sale of products on unlimited websites.

6. MOJO marketplace:

MOJO marketplace
Mojo is a large WordPress themes marketplace for services, plugins, and themes. As at now, they own more than seven thousand nine hundred items for sale and over nine hundred premium themes. You find that their services are offered by top hosting companies like Bluehost.

Every theme at MOJO marketplace undergoes the manual process of submission. The review team examines all themes carefully to make sure that it is of high-quality code.

The marketplace is organized neatly into categories and topics with the filterable search feature. This will allow you to quickly locate a theme that is designed for a particular category or industry.

All themes at MOJO include similar live preview options that allow you to check the appearance of the theme on a live website. You can try out the capabilities of customization of this theme within the previewer, making tweaks to the layout and color scheme to have a feel of how your site will look when using a specific theme.

Support for all themes is offered by the sellers. Every item has its support forum from where you can ask for support and browse past threads.

7. ThemePalace:


When it comes to security, ThemePalace remains to be the best provider of themes in the marketplace. Themes from ThemePalace use strong practices of coding that are put in place by the review team of WordPress. The support you will get when you purchase a theme from ThemePalace is amazing. The support team is always on standby to answer all the questions you have when it comes to themes.

The design that is in the best WordPress themes is innovative. Themes on this platform are on constant update mode to adopt the most creative and recent designs, fulfilling the needs you desire for your site. Customizing these themes is easy and fast. Acquisition and pluggable with the WordPress API customizer, themes from ThemePalace are easy to customize and set up in incredibly powerful and personal ways.

8. VelaThemes:


If you are seeking free WordPress themes, VelaThemes is the best place to start your search. It has many themes and its collection is large.

The proof selecting a theme from VelaThemes is that they get included after a laborious process of review. This is to mean that the themes adhere to the guidelines of WordPress themes and follow the best practices that have been put in place by the company.

Many of these themes lack features that should be found in premium themes. Nevertheless, if you are just starting and do not require many features, you will find great themes here. If you want inspiration, check out the blogging themes found on this marketplace and start your beautiful business online.

9. ThemeIsle:


When you begin a new blog on WordPress, the hardest choice you will have to make is on the theme to use. Without saying much, it can be very overwhelming because WordPress is very popular that it gives you tens of thousands of themes to choose from. Things always get harder when you need to make a choice between premiums and best free WordPress themes. Thankfully, there are high-quality themes at ThemeIsle where you will go to when starting your search.

Majority of free themes do not give you detailed options of configuration. That is not part and parcel of ThemeIsle’s functionality. Even with their free themes, you will get a user-friendly, nice administration panel to configure all things about the theme. Look at the details of the options of customization. You will go through all things and see the changes in real time because of the WordPress customizer. For instance, if you desire adding social icons to the site, you just have to navigate to the section and enter links to the social profiles. You will not have to look at the coding or do a special thing. ThemeIsle brings an extensive variety of themes. They offer over thirty free themes. They have over twenty premium themes that cover categories like;

  • Portfolios
  • Magazines
  • Photography
  • E-commerce
  • Business, and much more

10. MyThemeShop:


With a name like this, it is quite obvious that MyThemeShop is for buying themes. You need to note that they also sell plugins.

It was launched in 2012 and has been doing business for a very long time. Earlier, they would only sell the themes only but after some time, they begun developing high-quality plugins. They have come up with the best free WordPress themes in the market.

There are over one hundred plugins and freemium themes in the catalog and the number keeps going up with the release of new plugins or themes every two to three weeks.

The major difference between premium themes and free themes is the coding level. Premium themes are commercial products and all firms know the importance of coding to make it the best product.

These firms spend many hours to code and launch themes, and they keep coming up with and rolling out updates to make it compatible with the most current WordPress version.

Finding the right theme for your site is easy but doing the editing is hard for the non-coders. The premium theme club comes with the required support, which is helpful in forgetting hard-core coding and place focus on what you are good at.

The theme of your blog plays a crucial role in the rank of your domains. The premium theme club admins will take care of all these things, and have experts of SEO in their team to integrate the most current needs of SEO and make the theme friendly to the search engine.


One of the best things concerning WordPress is that you do not have to start from the scratch developing your site. You use ready-made, countless themes to offer functionality and the basic design to the site.

There are many different themes to select from, and if you have not done it, head to the official repository to choose among many themes.

There are many themes of high quality in the market and many of them are priced competitively. The best way of knowing the right theme for your site is by going to different theme marketplaces that have huge audiences coming to see the latest offerings from the least known developers and designers.

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