Etsy vs Shopify vs Storenvy – Pros And Cons [Updated 2021]

Etsy vs Shopify vs Storenvy – Pros And Cons [Updated 2021]

For the handmade business handlers, the choices of the eCommerce platforms are significant to choose. If you are one of them and want to sell your handmade products, you will get plenty of e-commerce based platforms as the choice. But among these, very few are multitasking performing e-commerce based sites.

Among the three popular e-commerce platforms Etsy, Shopify, and Storenvy are widely preferred by business handlers who are selling handcrafted items online. But among these, which is going to serve your purpose? Check out Etsy vs Shopify vs Storenvy and compare the functionalities of the e-commerce platforms before choosing the right eCommerce-based platforms.

Etsy vs Shopify vs Storenvy

The functionalities of these three e-commerce based platforms are different. According to your types of products and operations, the performances of the three e-commerce platforms are different. When you will see the comparison between Etsy vs Shopify vs Storenvy you will understand how the functions make the difference.

Let’s start with Etsy.

What Is Etsy?

What Is Etsy

If you are looking for the most popular platform, this is the right choice for you. Etsy vs Shopify vs Storenvy has a lot more similarities than the other e-commerce platforms. But Etsy is preferred by the sellers who want an instant boost on their websites and product sellings. The maximum number of consumers who wish to purchase handcrafted products prefer Etsy as this e-commerce based platform has a comprehensive collection of hand-crafted products.

Now see the advantages of using the Etsy e-commerce platform.

Pros And Cons Of Etsy

The Pros Of Using Etsy

  • Etsy provides hundreds of choices for listing your niches as the platform offers huge collections for niche-based marketing.
  • When you are using the Etsy e-commerce based platform, you do not have to invest more time in social media marketing. Etsy itself is a comprehensive marketing platform.
  • The operation of this eCommerce platform is easy and less complicated for the consumers and the sellers.
  • You can create the shops in Etsy in seconds. The pattern of the Etsy platforms makes the transaction easy.

The Cons Of Using Etsy

  • The biggest advantage of the Etsy platform is you can not customize the store. Unfortunately, the customization features are very few available on Etsy.
  • The price is the biggest difference between Etsy vs Shopify vs Storenvy. Over time, Etsy is becoming a little bit pricey than the other two.
  • The items lists are saturated and have limited options, and for the handcrafted products, this e-commerce based platform is best.
  • Etsy charges $6 and 20 cents for the transactions and the listing of the products.

Now let’s see the Shopify functions.

What Is Shopify?

What Is The Function Of Shopify?

When you compare Etsy vs Shopify vs Storenvy, you will see how Shopify is widely used by the medium and large business handlers. The price is a little bit on the higher side. But for the small business organizations and the crafts makers business, this e-commerce based platform is a little bit big compared to Etsy and Storenvy.

First, see the advantages of using the Shopify platform.

Pros and Cons Of Using Shopify As Your eCommerce Platform

The Pros Of Using Shopify

  • You can customize your store. Inbuilt themes are available for customization.
  • The bulk listing features of Shopify make these platforms widely popular among sales. Hence you can simply upload all of your products with a few simple clicks.
  • The price ranges of Shopify are affordable as compared to the other websites where the big and the medium brands are doing business. Only you have to spend $80 per month to continue selling your accounts.
  • The biggest advantage of Etsy vs Shopify vs Storenvy is that Shopify is entirely mobile-friendly. You can use the Shopify apps from your cell phone.
  • The sellers have multiple choices, and they can accept almost every type of transaction.

The Cons Of Using Shopify

  • You can customize your store, but there is no content management system.
  • The biggest disadvantage of Shopify is it can not handle a large group of consumers. But this platform is popular among the big and the medium level brands.
  • The customizations options are there, but if you want to use more customization options for your store, you have to pay more.
  • If you want to add more customization features, your monthly cost is going to cross over $150.

Now see how the Storenvy is functioning.

What Is Storenvy?

What Is Storenvy

If you are looking for a good alternative e-commerce platform that is open. Hence Storenvy is the best suitable choice for you. The price is less, and your buyers can directly contact you to sell and buy the goods. Storenvy is the perfect eCommerce-based platform from where the consumers can directly contact the buyers and buy the goods from them.

Pros And Cons Of Storenvy

The Pros Of Using Storenvy

  • When you are comparing these three Etsy vs Shopify vs Storenvy, you will see the Storenvy platform is the best suitable platform for the new small business handlers. This is the perfect platform that can support the individual craft and the hobby makers.
  • The subscription cost is very low in comparison to the other two e-commerce based platforms. For example, you only have to spend $15 for the Storenvy monthly subscriptions.
  • The entirely independent store for creative sellers
  • Wide ranges of customization options are available, along with no restrictions over the product listing.
  • This platform is new, and if you are starting to use this platform from the beginning, Undoubtedly, after a few years, you will get more benefits than the new users.

The Cons Of Using Storenvy

  • Storenvey doesn’t have any restrictions over the listing, and the cost of the subscription is meager, but they charge you the commission fees. Almost 14-15% of your product selling you have to pay the commission to Storenvy.
  • This is a new platform as a result. Your products are not going to reach a huge number of audiences.
  • Storenvy is not an SEO-friendly e-commerce platform. So the google search engines can not reach your products. Your marketing and the products selling territory will be much smaller in size compared to the other platforms.

Wrapping It Up:

When you choose the right e-commerce based platform to spread your business, Theses Etsy vs Shopify vs Storenvy comparison will help you choose the platform according to your requirements. Among these three options for the small hobby makers, Storenvy, and for the big and medium level brands, Shopify and Etsy are good choices.

Still, first, you have to understand your business target and how you want to reach your target audiences. So which e-commerce based platform are you going to choose? Do not forget to share your opinion in the comment sections.

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