20 Best Influencer Marketing Platforms to Boost your Campaigns

20 Best Influencer Marketing Platforms to Boost your Campaigns

The strategies for marketing and promoting businesses keep on changing each passing day. One of the strategies that work for all brands is word of mouth influencing. Most customers tend to trust the product recommendations that they get from their friends and relatives more than any other thing. Businesses can gain from this practice by using influencer marketing platforms. Here are the 20 best influencer marketing platforms that will help you boost your campaigns.

Best 20 Influencer Marketing Platforms

1. Famebit

Famebit began as a YouTube influencer agency that focused on YouTube alone but it has expanded to include other networks. It has an approximate reach of 1.9 billion individuals with 33,992 creators within the network. By now, over 7000 brands have been using Fame bit in their influencer marketing campaigns.

2. Revfluence

This is a self-service app that allows content creators to partner with brands. It is a balanced field for small companies and agencies.  Revfluence helps to analyze more than half a million influencers depending on their content, demographics, traffic type, and audience. It will help you to get the right set of people making it the best Influencer Marketing Platforms for small agencies. It has a comprehensive database and easy interface and matches the company with relevant content.

3. Buzzstream

Buzzsteam is an influencer marketing agency that systematically ranks influencers on the basis of their influencing strength and priority by scaling the contact information and social media profiles of the influencer. It has a Google Chrome extension and helps in tracking the outreach. It has a free trial period that allows you to take a tour of its features. It is among the best tools for relationship building.

4. Heepsy

It is hard to search for a free influencer marketing platform but Heepsy is exceptional. The platform offers a free alternative to use keywords for searching user’s bios. The free option is good but the premium versions are more useful and effective. The platform gives you search results that are more refined. For example, you can get all the influencers who have followers 5000 to 10,000 within a city.

5. Julius

Julius offers more than 50 filters for searching to segment influencers and makes it easy for the companies to search for the influencers. The best thing with Julius is that it will curate one million marketing influencer data points to get the best influencer to hold a successful campaign.

6. Hire Influence

This platform provides high-quality creative support that strengthens the reputation of the company. If you wish to transform the vision of your brand into digital content, hire influence campaigns will tap into the creativity and skills of the influencer to generate the best user-generated content that will keep your audience engaged. It is one of the best Influencer Marketing Platforms that unites brands and their digital viewers globally.

7. Hypetap

Hypetap is one of the best-curated marketing platforms for agencies, talented managers, brands, and influencers. It has close to 1240 influencers and more than 136 million followers. Hypetap has excellent technology funnels that enable both content creators and brands to develop effective campaigns.

8. NeoReach

This influencer marketing agency connects businesses to influencers. It uses algorithm to connect the web page to track data and indexes through your platform. The algorithm has assisted NeoReach to find more than three million influencers. It targets small to medium size companies and has a customizable annual subscription charge.  

9. Scrunch

Scrunch allows businesses to search for influencers that match their needs with the highest level of precision. You can get marketing influencers that cover from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, to YouTube. You can easily organize them through the creation of lists and bookmarks.

10. Traackr

This influencer marketing platform makes sure that the brand earns lasting influence and offers huge influencer networks and deep analytics. Traackr listens to influencers, supports the engagement of influencers with the brand hence building familiarity and trust between the parties.

11. Grapevine Logic

Grapevine Logic is a YouTube influencer agency that builds a bridge between brands and agencies with YouTube content creators. The marketplace allows YouTubers to submit a pitch for teaming up with brands and agencies. The user will use the data dashboard that Grapevine Logic provides to monitor the results.  

12. TapInfluence

TapInfluence has a search function that helps brands to get influencers basing on their demographics and interests. You will also get the performance data history of the influencer and the approximated per engagement cost.

13. Open Influence

Businesses can use Open Influence to track their return on investment on the influencers with the aid of the proprietary technology. The system selectively chooses influencers for being part of the Open Influencer platform.

14. Hollyfy

The Hollyfy platform connects entertainment influencers to the brand marketers. It is one of the best Influencer Marketing Platforms as it uses predictive analytics, machine learning, and algorithmic matching to create new media opportunities and effective brand entertainment.

15. Influencer

The Influencer marketing platform is based in the United States and dedicates to producing quality over quantity. The platform evaluates the follower trends, engagement metrics, and content of the influencer to avoid any fake followings and likes. The platform has robust analytics that it uses to track the campaigns of influencers.

16. IZEA

The augmented sponsorship service is the recent launch of IZEA. You can use this influencer marketing agency to send 3D assets for the influencer for the production of sponsored content.

17. Upfluence

Upfluence has two products which include Reacher and Publisher. Reacher allows brands to get influencers to create content while Publisher allows brands to go beyond content marketing by exploring the native advertisement world.

18. CreatorIQ

CreatorIQ is one of the best Influencer Marketing Platforms that allows you to discover top celebrities, influencers, and micro-influencers, managing relationships, and monitoring and tracking key metrics. It helps advanced enterprises to learn, manage, and endorse brand sponsorship via an enterprise record system.

19. Mavrck

What makes Mavrck unique is the fact that it offers loyalty marketing programs, integrated influencer measurement, advocacy referral, end to end relationship, and workflow automation. With Mavrck, you can generate revenue, increase viewability, drive signups, and change the perception of your brand.

20. Markerly

Markedly is the best Influencer Marketing Platforms for connecting with real people and genuine brand affiliation. You can use the campaign management and CRM influencer tools of Markerly to create your personal marketing network. This influencer marketing platform will help you to recognize and enlist the right influencers.


These influencer marketing platforms are ideal for the success of any company. It is one of the best ways of marketing your goods and services.

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