Etsy vs Big Cartel vs Storenvy – Pros and Cons

Etsy vs Big Cartel vs Storenvy – Pros and Cons

For running any type of online business first, you will need an excellent robust e-commerce based platform where you can present your products and goods.

You can make an impression on the customers and drive sales progress. For the small and medium brands and sales, brand awareness is also going to be needed.

And when you are just starting your online e-commerce based business, you often get confused between the three popular e-commerce platforms Etsy vs big cartel vs Storenvy.

The purposes of the three platforms are different. And for small and medium-level brands, understanding your requirements is essential to choosing the right platform.

Etsy vs big cartel vs Storenvy

Here is the comparison between Etsy vs big cartel vs Storenvy. Go through the details and choose the eCommerce platform according to your requirements. And for knowing the functions, we are describing the pros and cons of these three platforms.

So let’s start with Etsy.

What Is Etsy?

What Is Etsy

Etsy is the most popular platform where the sellers are selling their hand-crafted products. The user-friendliness of the platform is making the platform the most popular one.

The consumers can give the sellers a rating, and the other interested buyers can shortlist the products according to the rating and the positions. Furthermore, the sellers can anytime close their business, and for doing this, the platform will not charge the sellers extra.

Pros And Cons Of Etsy

The Pros Of Etsy

Here are three significant advantages of using the Etsy e-commerce platform.

  • The operations and the functions of Etsy are easy, and affordable charges are pretty attractive. For example, you can do the 100+ listing for 20 cents per product.
  • The search engine is quite simple. Therefore, the buyers can easily find all the products which you are selling.
  • This is the most prominent hosting eCommerce platform for small brands and hand-crafted items.

The Cons Of Etsy

For comparison, the cons of Etsy vs big cartel vs Storenvy. The cons of Etsy are holding another crucial point to know. Take a look at the cons of using Etsy.

  • Etsy has very few customization options for its shop. So you can sell your goods from the platform, but you can not customize the store as per your requirements.
  • Etsy is only good for the sellers who are selling handmade goods and products.
  • You can not link the store with your social media page.

How Is The Big Cartel Performing?

How Is The Big Cartel Functioning

Big Cartel and Shopify have some similar types of functions. However, when you compare these three Etsy vs big cartel vs Storenvy, you can be sure that your eCommerce platform also has to be more creative for selling your own creations.

And big cartels are like that. The big cartel customizations options are making the platform popular, and many artists and passionate craft sellers are choosing this e-commerce based platform for selling their art pieces.

The Pros Of Big Cartels

The Pros Of Using Big Cartel Platform

For better knowledge over Etsy vs big cartel vs Storenvy, take a look at the advantages of using the Big Cartel.

  • The customization features give the artists the ability to use their imaginations. And to make their store as attractive as possible.
  • The big cartel listing options do not have any restrictions. So you can add many products to your Big Cartel store.
  • You can also add the store address to your social media profile to increase the viewer’s numbers.

The Cons Of Big Cartels

The Cons Of The Big Cartel

Every platform has some disadvantages with advantages. Here are some disadvantages of using the Bigcartel platform.

  • The listing charge is relatively higher than the other two platforms. Hence the listing does not have any fixed numbers, but you have to pay for your product listing.
  • The customers can not find the store details for the lack of the rating systems.
  • The monthly charges are high compared two the other two platforms.

What Is Storenvy?

What Is Storenvy

Storenvy is an open free store with features like the big cartel, but this is an open store. Anyone can list the items and sales. The consumers can directly communicate with the sellers.

Pros And Cons Of Storenvy

The Pros Of Storenvy

The Storenvy functions are like big cartels, so you can use your imagination to design the store.

  • The Storenvy is an open store. Only you have to register your name to sell the products and the goods.
  • The product listing is not going to be restricted here. So you can list as many as you need.

The Cons Of Storenvy

For knowing Etsy vs big cartel vs Storenvy on a deeper level, the functions of Storenvy are essential. So here are few advantages of using the Storenvy never commerce platform.

  • Storenvy has a very high commission fee. So you can list the items with minimal costs, but the platform is much costlier than the big cartel due to the high commission rate.
  • Along with the processing charges, the Storenvy purchasers have to pay a huge amount of money for the credit card processing.

Etsy vs big cartel vs Storenvy Which One Is The Best?

When you are comparing Etsy vs big cartel vs Storenvy, among these all options, the big cartel is quite a comfortable e-commerce platform for every type of user. The premium charges are the main features that make the difference. 

If you are searching for a creative option for your store, the Storenvy and the big cartel are good. Among these two, the Big cartel is not as expensive as the Storenvey. But before choosing the platforms, always go through the present offerings and choose the right one for you.

Wrapping It Up:

Now you know the comparison between Etsy vs big cartel vs Storenvy. First, go through your product details, then choose the e-commerce platform to set up the store. So which one are you choosing? Do not forget to share your eCommerce platform using experience in the comment sections.

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