BigCartel Vs Etsy- Features, Pros And Cons

BigCartel Vs Etsy- Features, Pros And Cons

E-commerce is a budding business strategy that, in a very short time, has spread its petals into full bloom. 

Especially, during the pandemic when every opportunity of social interaction face to face has been snatched away from us overnight. Digital Marketing and online stores for business have been our solace for the necessities and desires. 

One more phenomenon that this epidemic has witnessed spreading like wildfire is small business. This time has played a major role in making us take a break and reconsider our life decisions. 

Many of us have come to this amazing realization that life is too short to not follow your passion. Hence, people are leaving their jobs or rather than being depressed about the employment crisis, they are averting it but opening small businesses. 

E-commerce platforms have also seen a surge in popularity, and sometimes it can be difficult to decide which one to choose from. This is the reason why we have brought to you a comparative analysis on Bigcartel Vs Etsy like Storenvy Vs Shopify , Etsy Vs Amazon.

What Is Big Cartel?

What Is Big Cartel

Before we get into the elaborate discussion of Etsy Vs Big Cartel. Let us first discuss what Big Cartel is and its features in detail. 

Big Cartel is a portal which is for the artist, of the artist and by the artist. Since it is an artist’s paradise to buy and sell individually designed work. They don’t have a number of fees hidden but they have subscription plans. 

Features Of Big Cartel

Features Of Big Cartel

  • Big Cartel’s monthly subscriptions are divided into three categories. These are Gold which is free of cost and has various free customizable themes in it. The next one is Platinum which is $9.99/ month. It is a slight upgrade from generic free subscription. 
  • The last one is the Diamond subscription which is $19.99 a month and in justice to the name, it has a plethora of features you can choose from.
  • The other features include authority to sell online or in person if required. 
  • The theme doesn’t have to be put as it is. Because in the paid subscription, you are allowed to edit the theme accordingly. 
  • You have permission to Google analytics, Offer promos and discounts to your customers, shipment tracking with real time status and many more. 
  • The editing can be done in bulk just like any other big business. 

Big Cartel Pros 

Big Cartel Pros

Before we learn the whole Big Cartel Vs Etsy comparison, let us understand the different pros and cons of the domain. 

  • Big Cartel is the only domain for small businesses where they can set up a website and start selling for free. 
  • Your product is unlike any others. Since all the products shared have individuality in them. 
  • The navigation and customer relationship building methods through alerts, promos and shipments are excellent. 

Big Cartel Cons

Big Cartel Pros

These are the cons of Big Cartel.

  • The generic themes and design are very common and you don’t even get the permission of coding without paying for a subscription. 
  • In general the design features lack uniqueness. 

Does Big Cartel Take A Cut


Does Big Cartel Take A Cut 

No, Big Cartel doesn’t take a cut in the percentage of your sale. Because you have an individual store inside the domain, in spite of you being a part of the larger website. I give this same answer to people asking for 

What percentage does Big Cartel take?

You can take this as a big advantage of using Big Cartel. Since your sale capital is entirely yours. 

Are Big Cartel Websites Legit?

Are Big Cartel Websites Legit

This on the other hand can be a con to the domain. Since each website is individually owned, the parent platform takes no responsibility for the protection for sellers or buyers. Hence, scam can be something you can witness and nothing could be done after that. 

What Is Etsy?

What Is Etsy

I know you are waiting for the Bigcartel Vs Etsy comparison but it always helps to know the domains individually. 

Etsy in short is home to beautiful handmade products from candles, soaps, customization of literally anything you can think of. It is again another portal for artists where they can sell, craft or collect items for home decor, or personal use.

Features Of Etsy 

Features Of Etsy 

  • Firstly, its shipping system is exceptionally phenomenal. It provides a wide options and also permits acceptance of all kinds of payment methods like credit, debit and even Etsy gift cards. 
  • Etsy can be advertised perfectly in any other social media platform including snapchat, Pinterest and even Tumbler. 
  • Etsy has a good credibility which helps it with its SEO. So keywords online would be most likely giving Etsy as their first result. 

Etsy Pros 

Etsy Pros 

  • It is a well known domain so the credibility is high. Hence you will be getting more sellers than any other portal. 
  • It is very easy to set up an Etsy store. 
  • This is an excellent platform to showcase your artistic talent and make some money while you are at it. 
  • It is ideal for SEO and gaining organic traffic

Etsy Cons

Etsy Cons

  • Although I will properly discuss the different drawbacks in comparison between Bigcartel Vs Etsy. 
  • The competition is majorly high in Etsy, since it is one of the most popular domains. 
  • You cannot limit yourself to just Etsy because although you are unique, whatever you are selling many others are selling products around the same genre. 
  • Etsy will take a part of your sale profit. It has a listing fee for each item which is $0.20 and then there is 3.5 percent profit that they take after each sale. 

Is Etsy Worth Using?

Is Etsy Worth Using

On evaluating the pros and cons, I would say it is worth using when you want to start something new. Since the traffic gathering is high, with a little digital marketing and unique strategy you will be able to make a mark. 

Is Everyone On Etsy Legit?

Is Everyone On Etsy Legit

Etsy in statistics and algorithms is a legit company. However, scams are not uncommon when people are selling through individual stores. So, I would suggest just being a little careful. Read the reviews and then make an informed decision. 

Bigcartel Vs Etsy

Now coming to the comparison finally. Let us start with the first question that is the most asked over the internet. 

What Is The Difference Between Etsy And Big Cartel? 

Concept wise these are very similar. When we talk about the unique selling of art or the small business

However, there are still a few noted differences. 

Big Cartel is entirely for artists, however the same can’t be said about Etsy since there are independent retailers too who have nothing to do with art. 

Big Cartel is the only platform which allows retailers to sell free which is not the case with Etsy. 

Big Cartel also doesn’t charge any revenue after sale which Etsy does. 

Which Is Better: Bigcartel Vs Etsy?

After the difference between Big Cartel Vs Etsy it is time to see which is better.

When discussed thoroughly, they both have their own uniqueness and you can never decide which one to use solely based on one factor. 

If you want something budget friendly then you can choose Big Cartel. But, if you want a platform that will make your audience grow and get you more sales through organic traffic then Etsy is the one for you. 

Although scamming is much more prevalent in Big Cartel, so if you want something that will protect you and your customer base from that, then I would say Etsy is better. 

Learn The Skills

If you have thoroughly read this comparison between Bigcartel Vs Etsy , you will know that no matter which platform you use, some extra skills have to be adapted in order to make your store unique. 

Yes, they are easy to use or have in-built tools. However, themes with a little bit of designing, infographic or coding can make a lot of difference. So, learn the skills to become an entrepreneur while you are using these domains. 

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