10 Web Design Trends to Try in 2019

10 Web Design Trends to Try in 2019

of the most rapidly changing digital sectors in the modern world are website development and design. These new web design trends and changes affect all the users, and you are not an exemption. For example, the modern design of Gmail created several debates among the average internet users and designers.

Web designers like to experiment and push to new limits. In 2018, the world experienced the fascinating and unique business and personal websites with grid-breaking layouts, colorful gradients, engaging motion, and captivating illustrations. Most enterprises have been investing in extra efforts in incorporating new strategies and ideas to web design projects. This approach paves ways for modern web design trends. Here are some of the web design trends that will continue to guide the road in 2019.

1. Vibrant and Bright Colours

For an extended period, most web design professionals prefer the use of soft and monotone tones while creating websites. However, the number of people who are using this trend continues to reduce over time. In 2019, most web designers will use bright and vibrant colors. The web design is applicable for both personal and business websites.

Bright and metallic neons and angular shapes will continue to make a huge comeback this year. Most companies will prefer to use bold and bright colors to represent their image in a better way. Some of the warmer tones that will evoke the emotions of site visitors are purple, blue, and green.

2. Video


The popularity of cinema graphs was on the rise in 2018. However, there are minimal chances that the trend will continue to persist in 2019. However, the use of videos will continue to persist in both personal and business website. The use of product-focused videos will help your customers to gain more insights about your products and services. It is the best way to help your customers to make an informed decision. The best videos capture the attention of viewers within seconds hence leaving a lasting impression.

3. Minimalist Asymmetrical Layouts

Most enterprises believe that websites that have symmetrical grids capture the attention of users quickly. It is a high time to learn that asymmetrical layouts are more eye-catchy and can instantly grab the attention of your customers. It explains why most web designers will be using the asymmetrical design this year. It may seem challenging to execute the minimalistic asymmetric layout especially if you are a beginner. However, if you can do this, you will bring a clean and focused design to your site. It is among the web design trends that we cannot overlook in 2019.

4. CSS3 Animations

As a web designer, you should have heard about CSS3 animations several times. Most people are using these animations on their websites to make the sites more interactive and in enhancing the user experience. Some of the animations that will remain popular in 2019 include background videos, motion graphics, scrolling effects, and micro-interactions. Designers may also begin to use various types of SVG from 2019 going forward.

5. Parallax

The beauty of the parallax effect is the fact that it takes visitors on a journey that will teach them a lot about your products and services. Parallax will grab the attention of your potential customers and current clients with immediate effect. In turn, it will urge them to check out your products. It is among the innovative web design trends that will continue to dominate in 2019. It gives businesses an exclusive opportunity to continue connecting with their clients and stay on your website for an extended period.

6. Typography

Typography is the art of stylishly arranging the text that is on your website so that they can look good when users view them from various devices. This task is not easy because you have to identify the perfect font that will suit a particular website. Also, you should implement the fonts beautifully and cleanly. The designer has to make sure that the web page headings are bigger in comparison to the body text and subheadings. Web designers also define the hierarchy of web pages using colors, spacing, and font-weight.

7. The Hamburger menu

If you are new to the web design world, the term hamburger menu could be new to you. It refers to three parallel and horizontal lines that serve as buttons on the website. There are various types of hamburger menu designs, and you have to find the best that suits the layout of your website. The hamburger button is known as the Collapse Menu button is put at the top corner of your graphical user interface. It is clear that most designers will be utilizing this creative button in their future projects.

8. Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Web design trends that make your website to look good on various screen resolutions and websites will continue to be widespread in 2019. The reason is that highly-responsive designs introduce an optimal viewing experience to your users. It allows them to experience an excellent browsing experience. You can be sure that a highly responsive design will enhance your user experience. The user will manage them with a lot of ease because the sites only have the URL and HTML.

9. Hero Images

It could be a surprise to most people that the use of big images is among the web design trends in 2019. The application of this trend is growing at a slow but steady pace. It is a good idea to use hero or big images on your website. The photos can create a significant effect on your visitors. Besides, the parallax scrolling effect produces impressive results when using such pictures. Therefore, you should incorporate these critical but straightforward web design trend in your next project.

10. Authentic Textures and Tones

Most clients including online shoppers like to stand behind authentic and reputed brands. Recent research in the field of digital marketing and web designing assert that close to 86% of clients feel that authenticity plays a critical role in determining the brands they like and support.

Therefore, the popularity of websites that have authentic tones and textures will continue to increase from 2019 onwards. It is one of the pervasive web design trends that will continue to grow. Most web designers will be trying out this trend in 2019.

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