Top 10 free website builder software

Top 10 free website builder software

Are you running a business? Do you desire to get the message out there? Do you have a website? Well, you may be thinking, ‘what do I need a website for when I have Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook?’. The truth is that if you really want an online presence that truly reflects you and your company, having a website is the best option to help you stand out! Setting up a professional website has never been easier. With the advent of high-quality prominent top 10 free website builders, you can build your website within the shortest time possible and absolutely free, how cool is that! In this article, I will help you choose among the top 10 free website builders available online, generous with their offerings, come with me.

Top 10 best free website builder software

1. Wix

This is a company that is based in Tel Aviv, Israel and is ranked the third most reviewed website builder product. It has a set of intuitive tools that users can take advantage of its over 500 templates designed by the top designer community. Its introduction of the Wix ADI feature helps it generate unique websites within minutes. It not only is user friendly but also sets out to answer key questions that users have by simply employing the AI technology.

The Wix free plan offers unlimited pages as well as a version that is compatible with mobile devices. It also offers over 500 MB worth of content and data storage. It has a secure web hosting. In addition to this, there are five different paid plans that you can choose to sign up to as your needs increases. Its premium plan has the ability of getting rid of unsightly adverts, offers free domain registration with a significant storage capacity, has unlimited bandwidth that ensures smooth visitor experience regardless of their numbers.

2. is one of the best website builders that is synonymous with blogging for over a decade. It features user-made blogs in more than 120 languages and with a capacity of 87 million new posts produced every month.  Its free and basic features are available for business or personal usage. With, you have the liberty of upgrading by choosing the plan that suits your needs such as ad removal as well as design customization, at varying rates.

In spite the fact that hosting is included in the free plan, you only get a subdomain rather than a standalone URL. Each paid plan offers one the ability to choose a custom domain, access to live chats with the support service, unlike the free plan that directs you to the user community to answer any questions that you might have. The higher the premium plan, the better the design features and the wide range of tools to monetize your website.

3. Weebly

Ever heard of the saying ‘never judge a book by the cover?’. Weebly is a serious business and is a drag-and-drop platform that offers access to both traditional websites as well as online store. It has the ability of churning out incredible digital portfolios and event pages. For e-commerce purposes, you have to sign up for the paid plan starting from $8/month.

Did you know that Weebly doubles up as a domain registration platform? Well, now you do! It gives you the ability to lock down your website’s prime URL. However, when you need to sync URLs to sites or allocate subdomains or even the option of registering and connecting a domain to your website in future, Weebly paid plan has that. Additionally, using this website builder allows you to transfer your previous domains from another provider to the site you build with them. The free plan, just like the paid plan offers access to SEO software and lead capture software as well as access to community forums for any questions that need expert answers. You also get access to the support services via emails or live chats.

4. ucraft Website builder

This is an LA-based platform that was just launched 4 years ago and is quickly winning over the website-building community. It has a rating of 4.7 stars, higher than other website builders that have been in the market for far too long. The key feature that differentiates it from the others is the fact that it has only a single landing page. This feature makes it very suitable for start-up businesses in legitimizing their business brand and facilitating user interaction with the products or services being offered.

For more free tools, you can access them via their pricing page. These tools include; logo makers and website templates. It has an E-Commerce plan at $13/month and a paid website at $6/month. All its plans come with a free web hosting.

5. WebsiteBuilder

Its name makes it easy to remember and describes perfectly it’s purpose-website building. It offers access to customizable templates and free web hosting in its free plan making it suitable for starters. It has a library of over 150,000 images that are absolutely free through a partnership with Unsplash. It also offers a streamlined integration with a number of social media platforms that work together to promote your product.

For new customers, the Premium plan starts at a discounted rate of $4.61/month. This offers users with access to web statistics, one domain registration as well as ad credits.

6. Jimdo

This platform follows in the footsteps of Wix. It offers a product referred to as Dolphin which offers high quality website building services and takes 3 minutes. The original product is referred to as Jimdo creator, and is available on the free plan accompanied by a wide variety of valuable features such as ability to embed videos, adding blogs to any website as well as access to host-user contact forms. If you would like to upgrade,  Jimdo offers a premium account without necessarily requiring a redesign. For more information on the benefits of each of its Paid plans, click on this link.

7. Webnode

This website builder is very easy to set up a website and the whole process could take just 5 minutes, that is fast! It has an editor that is very easy to use, but not as flexible as other website builders such as Wix and Weebly. It allows you to move elements around, but it often conforms to a predetermined design. If you need to change the look of your website from time to time, its super easy and fast. However, this may seem like tweaking until you get what you want, since this platform does not instantly give you want to you want. If you do not have the time to work on a template, Webnode is for you-it offers zero learning curves and limits your creative potential.

8. Webscom

This is the only free website builders that offers a function for integrated membership. This means that your site visitors has the ability of signing up to be a member directly by simply using its own Members app. This app allows you to view, interact as well as manage membership through its dashboard. This eliminates the need of bringing in a third party to manage membership sign ups or using an external app-something that is much more complicated.

This does not have any learning curves as it is easy and straight forward using drag-and-drop options. It also has an app store that permits one to expand their site’s functions and features for ecommerce. However, for anyone to buy through your website, you have to upgrade to the paid plan. The most upsetting thing is that this site often has been reported to suffer glitches. The cheapest starter plan is $5.99/month and comes with a free domain, no web brandings, unlimited site pages as well as a password protection.

9. Mozello

This is a basic website builder that is easy to use. It is characterized by simple features that include blogging tool as well as ecommerce functions. With the free plan, you have the ability of setting up your online store and selling a maximum of 10 products. The best thing about Mozello is the fact that you can set up the website in a wide range of languages at zero cost. This means that you can reach a wider audience by simply making content available in different languages. Another good thing about its free plan is that it employs subtlety/minimality on adverts being displayed. In spite of these great features, Mozello has a major drawback through its limited editor, which means that you cannot add anything you want. It does not offer freedom for customizations and has no SSL security, making it less secure and trustworthy.

10. IM creator

This website builder focuses on helping its users create a website FAST-I mean crazy fast! Its templates are pre-populated with content making it easy for you to add yours using drag and drop editor. This makes it really fast because you do not have to design your own from scratch. In spite these great features,  it is not even close to what Wix and Weebly have to offer. However, if you have time limitation and prefer not to do deep editing, then IM creator is for you. It simply keeps things nicely simple so that you have an incredible user experience that is not only fast and easy, but also enjoyable.


Having an online presence in this time and age is a necessary evil! With these top 10 best free website builders, you can comfortable start a website and chart your own journey to success by taking advantage of the great features each has and are suitable for your business. So what are you waiting for? Make a choice today and have your very own website within minutes!

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