Ten Marketing Automation Tips for Small Businesses

Ten Marketing Automation Tips for Small Businesses

Marketing automation is one of the categories of software that is used in streamlining, automating, and measuring marketing tasks. It can help you to operate your marketing tasks efficiently.

Marketing automation is not just designed for large corporations. SMEs are also making good use of it. B2C and B2B enterprises are also using marketing automation to help in nurturing, maintaining, and extending customer relations. It can also help you to measure your return in investment.

Some of the features that you can use in marketing automation include;

  • Marketing analytics
  • Social marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Landing pages
  • Email marketing

Maintaining and scoring leads can assist marketers to do more using limited resources. The marketing automation technology will help you to achieve this objective by automating all the leads that you gather and helps in maintaining them. All the leads will appear to be simple in the absence of lead analytics and scoring. You need to learn some marketing automation tips to make the whole process successful.

Instant email

A large proportion of your leads won’t be sales ready after converting on your landing page or website. You need to send an instant email to these leads and put them on the path of nurturing. It will allow you to qualify your leads further and also free up your marketing staff who were doing this task manually.

Landing Page

The landing page plays a crucial role in the process of sales and marketing. There are four diverse categories of individuals that interact with your landing page. These include;

  • Visitors who leave within ten seconds after arriving on your landing pages and this makes up the hugest majority of your viewers.
  • The visitors who leave once they notice that your landing page is not as convincing as they thought
  • Some of the visitors may attempt to fill out your form but give up or fail before dropping off.
  • A small fraction of your visitors will convert successfully and become new leads.

In the remaining section, we are going to look at the top ten marketing automation tips for small business. These tips will help you to build the effectiveness of your landing pages. It would not make sense to discuss these ten tips without looking at the introductory section above.

1. Keep Your Pages Branded and Clean

Pages Branded

The viewer has to understand that your landing page forms an important part of your website. He should see this at a glance and identify the products or services you are offering. For instance, you can have a picture of yourself on your landing page. You can include the same picture on your social platforms.

2. The Landing Pages to Have the 1-1-1 Rule

This refers to 1 form, 1 value proposition, and a call to action. It will help in keeping your page easy to navigate and simple. It can be a bit overpowering to give your readers too much to read. They may end up doing what you don’t expect them to do.

3. Keep Forms Short

This will help you in dealing with visitors who don’t have a full commitment to obtain your information. All you require is the email address and name. There is a high possibility that you will get their full name or company name in the email address. Therefore, you can do more to reach out to them from this point.

4. Keep Visitors on Your Website

It is easy for prospects to get distracted and click away from your landing page. It may prevent you from gathering the required information. After completing a form, you can display your links to relevant and additional content to make sure that your visitors remain on the website. It could be a written blog post that will give them a valuable thing.

5. Content is the King

Content is the King

Instead of using a series of direct mail and ads to attract prospects, you can create interesting and useful content to attract them. The information you pass across has to be relevant to the interests of your prospects. Customers have several choices and can be so picky when they like. Having good content will assist you to motivate conversions.

6. Provide a Broad Range of Content Using Forms and Landing Pages

Some of these resources include contact forms, product trials, and white papers. It will assist you to gather information from your prospects in the various stages of the purchase process. Also, make sure that the content that is on your website is fully accessible. You may have a link to your website on every blog post. The post should have a relevant topic on what you are talking about on the page. It will give the viewer a lot of information about the products and services that you are offering.

7. Don’t Lose track of Your Prospects After Filling Out a Form

The best format of presenting your content is tracking the email. Have a program that actively monitors the visitors on your website. You will be able to tell whether the prospects clicked on the link, opened your email, and the amount of time they spent to review your content.

8. Validate Email Addresses

Email Addresses

When you send emails, you may also be able to eliminate prospects that could not be serious by telling whether they gave you the wrong email address. Most of the marketing automation tools will help you in validating whether the email addresses are real.

9. Progressive Profiling

This is an interesting way of collecting extra data points from your prospects. You may designate secondary fields that are referred to as conditional fields that appear once the prospects complete the basic form. Progressive profiling enables you to naturally build your relationship with your prospects over time. It is one of the crucial marketing automation tips that you need to give utmost attention.

10. Test Your Landing Page

Landing Page

You can continuously improve your landing pages through A/B testing. The marketing automation platform that you utilize can help you in carrying out this objective. If you are not getting sufficient traffic, evaluate varied designs for the landing page. You can use the companies that you have worked for and testimonials to enhance the reputation of your page. Have the picture of the individuals who gave the testimonials and don’t make them anonymous.

All these marketing automation tips are good for any business. The best landing page will play a critical role in converting people who visit your website into leads. Therefore, you need to pay a lot of attention om your landing page. Think about your prospects and the expectation they have from your brand. The information will allow you to design landing pages around your prospects.

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