15 Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic

15 Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic

There are several SEO techniques that you can use to drive organic traffic to your website. It is an excellent strategy if you want to increase your visibility in the search engines. In this article, we will be looking at 15 effective SEO technique to drive organic traffic. However, you should look for the best ways to convert these visitors into active clients.

Here are the best 15 Effective SEO Techniques:

1. Optimize Your Website for Google RankBrain

Google RankBrain

Google RankBrain is the first machine learning algorithm from Google. It is a measure that shows your interaction with the first page results. You will rank higher when your Google users are happy. RankBrain falls among the top three ranking signals from Google. You can do this optimization by improving your organic CTR (click-through-rate). Google likes it when several people click on your website in the search results. You also have to look for ways of improving your dwell time and bounce rate.

2. Discover Unexploited Keywords in Reddit


Reddit is typically the front page of the internet. What most people don’t know is that Reddit is a goldmine for keyword research. It is the best platform to find long tail keywords. You can hit the play button to learn how to do this. Reddit can still help you even if you are not sure of your target audience by searching for the topic. Scan the threads for the terms that keep on re-appearing. If users are searching for the topics in Reddit, there is a high possibility that they are looking for the same information in Google.

3. Update, Upgrade, and Then Republish Your Old Blog Posts

This is among the SEO techniques that can increase your traffic significantly. Instead of writing new posts, you can upgrade and update some of the existing ones. Include new visuals to improve the overall look of the new post. You can send the post to your email subscribers or share it on social media to increase the readership.

4. Copy AdWords Ads to Create Killer Description Tags and Titles

Compelling description tags and titles get higher clicks in the SERPS. Remember more organic clicks will give you a higher ranking in Google as we mentioned earlier. You need to understand the keywords that people want to click on. The Adwords that you see for the competitive keywords lead to hundreds or thousands of split tests. You can use a copy from the Ads to turn your description and title tags into click magnets.

5. Get Opportunities for Broken Links on Wikipedia


This is one of the most advanced SEO techniques and you can skip it if you are new to SEO. It can be so hard to find broken links. However, the wrinkle in the editing system of Wikipedia can help you out. When Wikipedia comes across a dead link, it does not delete it automatically.  The footnote gives the other editors an opportunity of confirming whether the link is truly dead before they can remove it. It is easy to find broken links on Wikipedia because it has articles on the same.

6. Get the Best Keywords from Your Competitors


The first technique to get the right keywords for optimizing your website is by entering random keywords in a tool. You could also get these keywords from the top tanking posts of your competitors. These two approaches work well but you need to use the keywords in your text in a natural way. Use them to create interesting and engaging posts for your website.

7. Maximize Shareability by Optimizing Your Content

Some of the content you come across online is not worth sharing. You will not rank well unless you have shares especially backlinks. Fortunately, it is not hard to take your content from zero to hero. Quality is the foundation of SEO and you need content that is well-organized. Use short URLs in all your posts and prominently place social share buttons on the page.

8. Linking Out to Authority Sites

Google has an update that is called Hilltop that informs it whether a certain web page is a hub of information or not. Google uses the outbound links on every page to gauge its relevance and quality. Link out to pages that reflect the topics on your webpage. A page that links to a helpful resource will have a higher ranking than the one that links to its own stuff. There is a high correlation between Google ranking and outbound links.

9. Send Link Juices to Pages That Sit on Page 2 and 3

Even high-quality content will stick on the second page if you don’t optimize it well for SEO. Therefore, you need to give them a boost to hit the first page. The best SEO technique to use here is throwing a few interlinks their way. Google console can help you get keywords where you rank on the second and third page. The next step is to identify authority pages on your website. you can go to the respective landing pages and add internal links.

10. Add Important Words to Your Email

When people see a strange email in their inbox, they will wonder who is this and what does he want from me. To capture their attention early enough, you need to provide an answer in your outreach email early enough. One of the initial words in your email should be ‘because’ if you want to increase your response rate. The word has very powerful effects on the psychology of human beings.

11. Post-Mini Blog Posts on Your YouTube Descriptions

YouTube Descriptions

YouTube Video results are now dominating the first page of Google. Google is the owner of this popular video website and this is not about to change. You need to include a word video description of approximately 200 words on all your YouTube videos. The text will help Google to determine what your video is all about.

12. Optimize Your Content for ‘Semantic SEO’

Google rolled out a search algorithm that is called Hummingbird a few years ago. Before this, Google would only analyze the individual keywords on the web page. With this new technology, Google uses semantic search to understand the rank search results and topics. To do this, optimize your web page around the right keywords as we mentioned before. Google will use it to know your topic and rank the page highly.

13. Embed Long Tail Keywords in Your Title Tags

Including only one keyword in the title tag leaves out a lot for the search engine to rank you highly. It is good to include long tail keywords in your blog post title. It is one of the best ways to make your title more competitive.

14. Hack Wikipedia for Topic Idea and Keyword

You can use Wikipedia to find untapped keywords that your competitors have no idea about. This SEO technique is the best alternative to Google keyword planner. The keyword planner is not the best when it comes to the generation of new ideas. It only produces very close variations of the keywords on the search seed keywords. Therefore, you can rely on Wikipedia for more competitive suggestions.

15. Find Awesome Link Building Opportunities Using the ‘Best Of’ List

Link Building

This is one of the best SEO techniques to drive organic traffic. Having a list of high-quality niche-relevant blogs in your niche is like money to the bank for anyone who does link building. Bloggers who are within your niche create this list for you using the ‘best of’ blog posts. These are hand-curated blog posts for the top blogs in a particular industry. You can use relevant keywords to get these blogs and follow them.

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