The ultimate guide to video marketing

The ultimate guide to video marketing

There are several places to allocate your marketing budget and efforts and video marketing is just one of them. It one of the best ways to improve engagement with your online audience, improve your brand awareness, and build trust with your clients. You can also use video marketing to tell stories that accurately illustrate the purpose and mission of your brand. Videos are important because;

  • One minute represent close to 1.8 million words
  • With a visual aid, human beings retain 65% of the info for 3 days longer
  • 400% as many consumers prefer watching videos than reading product info
  • Facebook organic engagement is high when the posts have videos
  • Videos earn twelve times more shares than images and text combined.

Companies that use video marketing report

  • An increase of 27% in their click-through rate
  • 34% more web conversion rates
  • 49% faster growth in revenue after each year.

These numbers already tell you the importance of video marketing. Let’s explore further this ultimate guide to video marketing.

What is Video Marketing

Video marketing is the act of incorporating videos in your marketing strategy to assist in increasing your brand awareness and recognition. You could have seen some of the sponsored videos which pop up on the social media feeds. That is part of the video marketing efforts. You can also see videos in email newsletters, blog posts, or homepages. All there is part of video marketing efforts.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Increased Brand Awareness

brand Awareness

Brand recognition and awareness will imply that your business is top-of-mind when clients have problems and require solutions. Remember, as you want your brand to be easily remembered and recognized, you should also associate your company name with positive experiences.

Increased Conversions

Pages with video content increase conversions for most companies. 74% of the people who view an explainer video end up buying the product. The best places to place your videos are landing pages which boost the conversion rates to a high of 80%. According to Google, the conversions that YouTube ads generate increase by 150% every year. Therefore, you can try to test some YouTube ads on your own. You can provide a lot of value to both the potential and existing clients through the use of explainer videos. These videos are a more memorable and convenient way for customers to find and reference answers to their FAQs.

Improved ROI

Previously, shooting, producing, and editing of videos was an expensive and time-consuming exercise and most marketers didn’t like it. However, the process is now easier than ever before. The programs are getting more and cheaper, accessible, easy to use, and hence more people appreciate the whole idea of video marketing. 51% of marketing experts accept the fact that video marketing is a form of investment that boosts the ROI.

Strengthened Trust

The goal of any video marketing strategy is to build trust within the digital community of your potential clients. The primary goal of your video marketing efforts should be possible for employee candidates. If you think about a video marketing funnel, the priority should be introducing your products and services and explaining how they can solve a problem. You can use video marketing to build trust through case studies, customer testimonials, product reviews, and expert reviews. You can use video marketing to create an emotional connection and trust to your customers.

Better Ranking

Better Ranking

One good news about search engines is that they love videos. YouTube videos have higher chances of showing up in the first ten results once you perform a Google search. Web pages that have videos will rarely fall out of the top 30 results in the search engine. For the best results, accompany your videos with transcriptions, optimize the descriptions and titles, take the advantage of category tags, embed videos in blog posts, and implement video schema. Such videos will perform better in the search engine.

Increased Engagement

Facebook posts that contain videos have the highest level of engagement. Moreover, including the phrase video in the subject line of your videos will increase the opening rate by 19%. Video marketing is a success factor when it comes to increasing engagement. In the modern world, people are looking for solutions that will give them a sense of connection and engagement. A good example to increase engagement through videos is storytelling.

Common Types of Video marketing

There are several types of video marketing strategies that you can implement. These include company profile of branded videos, customer testimonials, how-to videos, and animated videos among others. You can use any of them depending on your niche, level of skills, and budget. The most important thing is to choose the one that will give you the best service.

Best Practices, Tips, and Strategies for Video Marketing

Use Familiar Faces:

Whether you are using local leaders, community members, renowned employees or celebrities, you need to show recognizable people at the start of the video if you want to increase viewership.

Incorporate Emotion and Humour:

Funny videos can help with brand awareness and ad recall. Human beings tend to remember encounters that spark emotional reactions whether it is humor, enjoyment, or fear. The most important thing is to create something that will capture and retain the attention of the audience.

Take Advantage of Both Audio and Video:

Audio and Video

The audio that you choose to accompany your video matters a lot. According to YouTube, you can record an increase of 20% in your brand awareness when viewers are watching ads that have a lot of video and audio.

How you Start Off the Video:

As you start off the video, don’t use a slideshow or template that has the logo of your business. You may want to display your logo somewhere within the first five seconds, buts its better to show it on one of your services, products, or employees. Don’t display your logo on the screen. You will lose the attention of your audience on the ad if you are not careful about how you display the logo of your brand.

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