15 Steps to a More Effective Lead Generation Process

15 Steps to a More Effective Lead Generation Process

In the past, the process of online lead generation was as simple as having the ‘Contact Us’ page on the website. Currently, this may not work well for you. Customers keep on changing their expectations and hence you have to act in a smart manner if you want to stand out. Here are the 15 steps to a more effective lead generation.

Acquire Leads

The process of lead generation begins by finding out where your target audience resides on the website. Generate engaging content that you can share through the various marketing channels to attract new leads to your website. You can develop business content in the form of infographics, photos, white papers, blog posts, and eBooks and anything else that can fit your audience and business. Across your email and social media platforms where your potential clients are active. You will be able to attract several new visitors to your website.

Nurture the Existing Leads

Once you have a lead in your email list or lead management process, you have to keep on nurturing them so that they move through the sales funnel at the right time and to encourage more purchases. Make sure you retain their interest to remain part of your email list. You have to build the leads into long term relationships that involve loyalty and trust in your business.

Score Every Lead

You have to determine the kind of leads that you need for your sales funnel. Once you score all your leads, you will be able to tell the most valuable ones. Valuable leads are the ones that interact more with your business online by either viewing more web pages or downloading more content. Progressively profile your leads over time will help you to know your true leads and their qualification in making a purchase.

Pass Along Leads to Sales

Leads to Sales

Lead generation activity is fairly key to marketing. Set up the various stages in the lead management process for a continued flow of leads from the beginning to the end of the sales funnel. The process of lead generation is the primary focus of all marketing teams. The focus of the sales team should be to convert the desire of the customer into a purchase action. After the customer buys from your company, the sales team should enrich the experience to retain him.

Evaluate the Lead Generation Process

Your team should scrutinize the whole lead generation process to make sure that it is effective. The constant analysis is critical for successful selling and you need to introduce is as one of the best practices and perform them as a routine. You gain more insights and avoid the low-performing leads.

Give Individuals Insights

Content marketing is highly powerful. People keep on shopping for industry-specific information on a daily basis. People enjoy learning and want to access a wealth of knowledge that you could be sharing. Create valuable content and offer it in the form of lead generation.

Avoid Giving it Away for Free

The next time you release an e-book, presentation, whitepaper, or a video, let people sign ups that they can receive it. Your audience will willingly do this as long as you are offering educational and high-quality resources. You will be giving out these resources to contacts that you are sure to have an interest in what you are offering. In case they like what they see, they will definitely come back for more.

Have East to Follow Call-to-Actions

Some websites are too complicated with the ‘next step’ being in tiny text. People who would like to connect with you will find it so hard. He call-to-action buttons should have dominant visual elements. It should also guide the visitors clearly through the various steps. Visitors need clear instructions to guide them through the whole process.

A/B Test Consistency

You have to make sure that your landing page is as good as it should be. Release several landing pages and then conduct A/B tests. Conduct these tests in various stages to identify the elements that are causing increases in conversions. Try a different color, description, image, or headline. You may never tell the element that will enhance your conversion rate. Once you have a clear picture of what is happening, you will be able to upgrade your landing pages so that they can reflect your findings and then test a new element. You will learn from this research over time get the best lead generation process.

Be Data Driven

Focus on the most important metrics to get a clear understanding of how visitors engage with the lead gen form. Use the percentage exit metrics and bounce rates to see where your visitors are disengaged. Using the return visit data, you will tell whether people are returning to your website consistency. Sync event tracking in your events to understand the amount of time it takes visitors to convert to leads and for these leads to convert into sales. The data will assist you to trust your strategy.

Nurture Your Relationships

Business relationships should be long term and not short term. Create a plan that will help you to stay in close contact with your connections in a way that is meaningful. Focus on relationship building and the provision of value instead of trying to sell to people. Once you focus on connection, it will facilitate the sale later. Give them valuable information that will enhance their situation and not trying to bombard them into a sale. Remain focused and consistent on your target as you plan to stay in close contact.

Be Trustworthy

Several marketers have sales and slimy marketing messages and you should not be part of them. Always be genuine with the value that you are providing to customers. Build a rapport and share your knowledge with your prospective customers. The truthful eagerness to serve will be evident and give them a reason to trust your brand.

Transfer and Assign Your Leads to Your Sales Team

Move inbound leads automatically over your CRM by using the marketing automation workflow an assign them to the right sales representatives once they hit the lead scoring thresholds or/and trigger very specific behaviors like requesting a demonstration of the free trial.  

Nurture Sales, Close, and Customer Service

Every sales representative must understand how to use lead intelligence tools such as CRM to evaluate sales qualified leads quickly and reach out to them quickly. Lead intelligence will assist representatives to formulate a strategy for the engagement of prospects. You will gain their trust and interest and lead to relationships that will close sales.  

Analytics and Reporting


You have to monitor the performance of your leads closely in the lead generation process. Technologists, consultants, and account reps should use various analytics tools to optimize every step in the lead generation process and make strategic decisions to enhance results. Every team should know how to generate the correct marketing reports. All this has to be done in accordance to the set service level agreement.

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