15 Essential Inbound Marketing Strategies for Every Business

15 Essential Inbound Marketing Strategies for Every Business

Inbound marketing is more affordable and generates a high rate of return. Some Inbound Marketing Strategies will help you irrespective of the nature of your business. In this article, we will be looking at the essential inbound marketing strategies for all businesses.

15 Essential Inbound Marketing Strategies

1. On-Site Content Marketing

On-site content marketing can help you in several ways. New content attracts new readers to your website and engages your current customers and readers with your brand. Therefore, you will be able to maximize customer retention. All you need to do is provide original, valuable, and highly detailed content. You stand to benefit a lot when you begin to publish high-quality content on your website.

2. Off-site Content Marketing

This inbound marketing strategy allows you to publish well-written, valuable, and targeted content on a different site that is not yours. It will allow you to gain visibility with a new set of audiences who would never get an opportunity to hear from you. It will help you to get referral traffic and increase the reputation of your brand.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Off-site and on-site inbound marketing strategies will help you to increase the online visibility of your brand. On-site content will attract inbound links and off-site content will build links to your website directly. You will begin to rank highly in the search engines when the number of your valuable and high-quality links begins to increase. Inbound links and content are the top-ranking factors in the algorithm. SEO will help you to boost the traffic that you get from your inbound links. Some of them include the targeting strategic keyword phrases for the niche, increasing the speed of your site, optimizing your site for mobile devices. This strategy is time-consuming but it pays off.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Organic social media marketing is one of the most effective strategies for generating new visibility. Social media gives you an opportunity to engage with almost everyone. Social media has the power of generating a steady traffic stream to your website and help in building your brand. It also amplifies the effects of your inbound marketing strategies.

A creatively formulated social media strategy, backed by a strong tactical approach can help a brand create the right kind of noise on social platforms. The best social media companies Dubai use viral trends in order to draw traffic from their social platforms to their brand websites.

5. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a simple concept that is a bit hard to implement. The secret lies in targeting ‘influencers’ in your business niche. These are people who are believed to be the shakers, movers, and leaders who hold a lot of reputation in the industry. Influencers command a large proportion of your audience and they trust their word. You can work with these influencers in several ways so that they can help you to promote your brand. The trick is how to get an influencer who will have a positive impact on your brand.

6. Email Newsletter

Email marketing is one of the most effective inbound marketing strategies. Email newsletters entail providing useful content to your subscribers to increase customer retention and brand loyalty. The content should provide value to your subscribers and readers and you should not just use it as a way of advertising your products or services. Email marketing is an easy task to perform but its ROI is not so high. Adding SMS to the mix is also a very good idea. You can easily do that by using an online text messaging service.

7. Use Content Upgrades to Drive Conversions

The best way to skyrocket the conversions that you receive from your published content is the content upgrade. A content upgrade is different from a traditional lead magnet because it is designed specifically for optimizing the highest-converting pieces of your content. You can be sure that your readers will sign up on your website and become buyers over time.

8. Personal Branding

Personal Branding

You can use personal branding hand in hand with the other inbound marketing strategies. For instance, you can allow some of the upper-level members on your team to publish more on-site content or get more guest-posting opportunities from the major publications. It will help you to fuel both on-site and off-site marketing opportunities. You can use the same approach in all the other inbound marketing strategies.

9. Review Your Facebook Page Insights

As you continue to develop your customer profile, you must have a clear understanding of the demographics that define your clients. Factors like location, gender, and age may not be the major determinants of buying but they are helpful. You can use Facebook to get a clear picture of what defines your current market. You will be able to tell the kind of people who have an interest in your brand. You also need to understand what interests these people and write content that will motivate them to buy your products.

10. Survey Your Current Leads and Customer

The survey is the easiest way to understand your customers. This process is not complicated as long as you already have an email list. You can use a platform like SurveyMonkey to send them a simple form. Ask them simple questions that will help you to understand their needs. Once you understand their challenges, you will be able to create effective content that solves them.

11. Include Other Forms of Media in Your Content

Most people are drawn more to visuals among other forms of media. To make your content interesting to your readers, don’t stick to large blocks of text. You can make your content more appealing by including lots of graphs, charts, images, calculators, and videos. These features will make your content more interactive and engaging.

12. Optimize Keywords on Every Page

First, you have to ensure that you prepare every piece of your content to make maximum use of the traffic search engines. The best strategy, to begin with, is having a great keyword optimization. Use the available keyword search tools to get specific keywords for targeting your content. Make sure you include all these keywords in the content in a natural manner.

13. Host a Webinar

Providing a free training session or webinar that will encourage your clients to learn in real-time is a great inbound marketing strategy. Clients will be able to see your face and even get to learn your personality. There are people who download guides but never read them. But people who sign up for webinars watch everything. It will increase your leads as long as it has valuable pieces of teachings.

14. Launch an Email Course

Email Course

You can also use an email course to drive your content. The trick is also sending valuable materials to those people who are on your email list.  Don’t use most of the time to market your products because this can discourage them. Provide informative emails and you will attract them to your products.

15. Include Stories in Everything You Say

People like to have real-life experiences before becoming active buyers. Include some of the success stories of the people who have used your products in the past. You will be shocked at how you will attract visitors to your site and even convert them. These inbound marketing strategies will work well for every business.

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