Etsy Vs Amazon – Pros And Cons

Etsy Vs Amazon – Pros And Cons

Every business handler and entrepreneur dreams of running their business and manage their own online stores. In 2021, you will get plenty of platform options like Etsy and Amazon for running small online stores. But as you know, these platforms all are functioning more robustly. But for every product, the platform choices are going to be different. So before choosing the platform for your online business, you first have to know the facts and the differences between Etsy vs amazon.

When you are searching for an excellent platform to set up your online store, these two platforms, Etsy vs amazon, will be good choices. But based on the products, your choices are going to be different. And before starting the business, it is obvious that you ask which platform is the suitable choice for my online stores? And from where should I begin my journey?

Here is the answer for Etsy vs amazon. And at the end of the article, you will understand which e-commerce platform is the best suitable choice to set up online stores.

Etsy Vs Amazon?

Selling on Etsy vs amazon is an easy and convenient way. Moreover, these two e-commerce platforms are very user-friendly. So when you are just a beginner and are searching for the best eCommerce platform to sell your products, these two options are pretty attractive for experienced or beginner product sales. The main difference between these two platforms is Etsy is the best platform for handmade products. And Amazon is the platform where you can sell almost everything

Let’s first see the attractive features of Etsy. Then we are going to follow the amazon features.

The Pros Of The Etsy

Pros Of Etsy

When you first compare Etsy vs amazon. You will see that Etsy is a suitable platform for handcrafted products. And when you are setting up a business for your handmade creations, this is the most suitable platform.

Here are a few features of the Etsy platforms that give you more ideas about amazon vs Etsy.

  • Few product categories make finding your target audience easy.
  • Most of the customers who are viewing the products in Etsy are pretty interested in the specific categories.
  • The attractive marketing tools are helping you to create coupon codes more easily.
  • Easily downloadable CSV files make moving easy. If you want to shift to another platform with a single click, you can download the entire listing of the products.
  • The easy operating system of the account is making this platform famous among the viewers.
  • You only have to pay $0.20 as the listing charge of the individual items. And for first-time users, the free standard plans are there to use.

Cons Of The Etsy

Cons Of The Etsy

When you are checking Etsy vs amazon, you will find the less-stranded payment system. The operational works are also straightforward in Etsy. But a few numbers of customers are not suitable for when you want more brand coverage.

Here are the cons of using the Etsy platform.

  • Etsy Is a small platform.
  • The limited numbers of customers are the most significant drawbacks of Etsy.
  • For each product sold and listed, you have to pay the fees.
  • This platform is only suitable for selling your handmade items and products.
  • Etsy is working as a social media platform so you can build up your personal followers groups for individual products.

The Pros Of Amazon Platform

Pros Of The Amazon

When you compare Etsy vs amazon, you may be thinking Etsy has to fight with the world’s biggest e-commerce platform. In reality, it is the correct one. Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce platform and store. When you want more brand promotion and many audiences, you have to start with the Amazon platform.

Here Are The Few Attractive Features Of Amazon

  • As you are in the middle of the world’s largest platforms, you can deal with hundreds of audiences per day.
  • There are no restrictions on your products. You can sell almost anything here.
  • The amazon products have no limitations and restrictions.
  • But as the Amazon platform is so huge, you have to give more effort to stand out from the crowd.
  • Amazon’s platform is vast. From the first launch of your product, you can reach millions of audiences. There are no such listing charges for the individual products at Amazon, But you have to buy the custom UPC code for each item you are selling on Amazon.
  • For these UPC charges, usually, the sales are charging some extra than Etsy. At Etsy, you can create a whole group of customers. But in Amazon, you cannot create such a group.
  • With the easy process, you can offer your customers prime shopping. This works as the gift coupon code.

Cons Of The Amazon

Cons Of The Amazon

Amazon is the worldwide popular platform. And there are no listing charges on Amazon. However, this is not only the biggest advantage. Along with these advantages, there are many disadvantages that are also present for using Amazon as your e-commerce selling platform.

Here Are The Disadvantages Of Using Amazon

  • When you compare Etsy vs amazon, the first thing you will notice is that while you are using the Amazon platform, the individual products product prices are going to be increased.
  • High product prices are becoming the most significant advantage when you are not coming from the most popular brands.
  • Amazon has product listing limitations. For example, you can not list products more than 20.
  • And for each of the individual products, you have to buy the custom UPC codes. This is the reason usually the same products have higher price ranges on Amazon.
  • You have the option for the shipping of the products after you sign up in the seller’s central account.

Wrapping It Up:

When you choose between Etsy vs amazon, the first priority is to select the platform with fewer numbers of limitations. Along with the easy operating system, you can build up a group like the social media platform for single individual product selling when you select Etsy. Along with the product selling, you can build up an authentic followers list.

So the fewer numbers of the competitor’s sales are making your progress easy. But if you want to go for the more popular platform, then always choose the Amazon platform. So which platform do you want to choose, Amazon or Etsy? Do not forget to share your opinion in the comment sections.

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