Volusion Vs BigCommerce – Features, Pros, And Cons

Volusion Vs BigCommerce – Features, Pros, And Cons

Are You Planning To Open An Online Store?  With Ecommerce dominating the marketing segment presently, online trading platforms are hot selling. We are seeing a new business flourishing every day with the help of eCommerce domains

Two such popular platforms are Volusion and BigCommerce. Both have received their fair share of praises and accolades. Additionally, both have big Ecommerce multinational companies as their customers to back their credibility. 

However, Volsuion is a website building app for retailers while BigCommerce has an online store interface. If you are confused about which would be more suited for your online retail business; then you have reached the right place. 

In this article, I will be elaborating pointer on Volusion Vs BigCommerce. 

What Is Volusion? 

What Is Volusion 

Volusion is an E-commerce website building platform that provides easy inference to anyone trying to build an attractive business website. It is an all-in-one domain handing assistance to businesses from all sectors; small or large. 

With its monthly plan, you get access to all the tools that you will require to create a compelling online profile. Its yearly subscription plan ranges from $29 to $135.

Feature Of Volution 

Feature Of Volution

Here are some of the features that make Volusion unique in its own way. 

  • With Volution, you can have a totally different identity that is exclusive to your business. 
  • The website does offer everyone the same tools but that doesn’t mean you won’t have a chance to artistically build a platform that’s entirely your own. Let your shoppers see why your shop is unique. 
  • Although one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, let’s be honest we all do. Volution has themes that will immediately hook your potential customers and make them scroll down further. The themes are also self-adjusted according to the device that the viewers are operating. 
  • Whenever a customer stumbles across your website, they will never have difficulty accessing the page. With Volutions’ Navigation Editor, browsing is nothing but easy. Additionally, they have search functionality that will help viewers exactly locate what they are looking for. 
  • When it comes to design, your customers will not miss out on anything as the homepage slideshow feature will give them all the recent information. 
  • Do you want your customers to know everything about the product in just one click? With the product category feature, you can categorize every option provided like sizes, colors, etc. 

Pros And Cons Of Volution

Pros And Cons Of Volution

Before we enter into the discussion regarding the comparison of Volution Vs BigCommerce, here are a few pros and cons for the platform. 

Pros Of Volution

  • It is the idle platform for someone who is starting new with their E-commerce venture because Volution is informative and educational. 
  • You can have all the assistance that is required from the start. Additionally, no prior coding training is required as you will have most of the features for the initial launch. 
  • When it comes to getting recognition, it requires expertise in a number of SEO tools but with Volution, all the SEO optimization will be done for the platform. 
  • It has a built-in promotional tool that will allow you to show the customized logo to potential customers. 
  • Customer satisfaction is their utmost priority. Therefore, no query of yours will be left unanswered. 

Cons Of Volution

  • The first and foremost con that has come up with most of the reviews is the pricing for the domain. Although there is a free plan which will educate a newcomer about online presence, if you want to enjoy the high-end exclusive features which will be more helpful to your website, then you have to buy their plans.
  • Some of the customer reviews are questionable, like outdated features and a limited integration plan which can make your experience a little difficult. 
  • When it comes to sales, there is a limitation posed even though you paid for a certain plan. On top of that, every extra gigabyte used will cost you $7 each. 

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Is Volution Reliable?

Is Volution Reliable?

This is not a common question asked by viewers but nevertheless, it has been seldom been on the internet. The answer is an absolute yes. They are a well-established company with reviews to hold their credibility. They also have policies that safeguard most of the customer data. 

What is BigCommerce?

What is BigCommerce

When it comes to Volusion Vs BigCommerce there isn’t much difference between the two. However, before you decide which one you would go for, it is important to know their features separately.  

BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform that allows sellers to open a store. This is not just a website, rather an entire virtual store that your customers can access. From processing order to delivery, all is taken care of; in this domain. 

Its yearly plan ranges from $29 to $299.95. 

Features Of BigCommerce 

Features Of BigCommerce

  • It is a SaaS eCommerce platform so the website building tactics are much advanced than any other domain. 
  • It is highly customizable and don’t worry, your customers won’t have to wait too long for the templates to load. Apparently, along with innovation they also take care of the speed of the loading websites, saving a customer’s time and patience. 
  • Built-in SEO for high-end optimization so that your business is recognized organically. 
  • It is an all-in-one domain and provides third-party payment methods to complete transactions. 

Pros And Cons Of BigCommerce 

Pros And Cons Of BigCommerce 

Like any other E-commerce domain, BigCommerce also has its fair share of benefits and disadvantages. 

Pros Of BigCommerce

  • Although they are known for their advanced Saas feature, utilizing the domain as a business owner is easy. 
  • The templates are of decent built and they have an enormous plethora of choices for you to choose from. 
  • The website building process is quite speedy which is unlikely for any other eCommerce domain. 
  • The updates are mostly included in the monthly subscription plan and no extra cost is required. 

Cons Of BigCommerce

  • There are limits to annual online sales despite the expensive subscription. 
  • The free themes won’t be much of a help if you want to customize your online store. 
  • The payment is high. 

Is BigCommerce Reliable? 

Is BigCommerce Reliable 

This is another common question that is asked often. The reason why BigCommerce is reliable and can host so many external transactional methods is because of BigCommerce’s PCI complaint which is an implementation to keep your online store safe and secure. 

Which Should You Choose:

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Now coming to the long-awaited comparison of Volution vs BigCommerce. Over here we will discuss the difference between the two and which one should you choose based on specific needs.

  • After a recent review, it is seen that BigCommerce has 4.2/5 stars with 385 reviews and Volution rates 3.3/5 stars with 60 reviews. 
  • Between the two, Volution as an E-commerce has been in the market for a long time while BigCommerce is daily new. Hence, credibility status will be high for Volution although, the latter is always trying to bring new innovative ideas for its domain regularly. 
  • Even though compared between BigCommerce Vs Volution, both the platforms have subscription plans but BigCommerce is pricer. That being said it doesn’t have any within plan purchases which is prevalent in Volution for each extra GByte you consume. 
  • The pricing is calculated according to the number of products for Volusion. However, for BigCommerce pricing is based on annual sales that happen through the platform. 
  • Volution has more customizable theme choices than BigCommerce but according to customer reviews, BigCommerce is much easier to access. 

Should You Use Volution For Your Business? 

Keeping aside the pointers of Volusion Vs BigCommerce, no doubt both platforms have their uniqueness hence can be used for separate purposes. 

If you are an already established business firm that is venturing into E-commerce now, then using Volution might be a good choice. It has advanced features which might be a little difficult to maneuver by a startup.

When it comes to pricing, although the monthly plans are cheaper than BigCommerce, they have extra payment on each step which is something that can be evaluated and afforded by an expert. 

Should You Use BigCommerce For Your Business?

This on the other end should be used by start-ups who are slightly unsatisfied with other E-commerce domains. There is a learning curve through which you can gather experience and increase your expertise in the digital marketplace. 

A strong competitor for both the domain is Shopify. Know more about Etsy vs Shopify vs storenvy

When Starting An Ecommerce Business?

When Starting An Ecommerce Business

Seeing advertisements for website building and digital marketing could easily tempt you to make a wrong decision in the long run. Although most of these E-commerce business portals are safe, cautionary measures should be taken before subscribing to any of the plans. 

Read as many reviews as you can before investing in one. Hopefully, this comparison is between Volusion Vs BigCommerce was of help.

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