Visuals In Marketing: How 3d Product Rendering Helps With Business Promotion

3d product rendering

When it comes to setting the foundations of a successful business, a strong marketing strategy is a must. For most businesses, the need of the hour is to create promotions that are amplified to help spread a positive word about the brand and its products.

With digital becoming such an important field of presence and activity, brands must look to aggressively promote themselves.

A good promotional campaign can help a business-

Generate awareness and publicity for its brand and products

Engage with customers in meaningful and productive ways

Improve scope for higher sales and revenue generation

Create a loyal fan following around the products

Emerge as an authority and leading brand in the niche

In this article, we look at how 3d product rendering can help in making business promotions.

What is 3d Product Rendering?

3d product rendering

Imagine you are a tech brand that is into making sound accessories like earphones, headphones, and so on.

How will you be able to create a promotional campaign that can help in-

Showing the value that the product can bring to a user

Highlighting all the cutting-edge features and functions that make it special

Conveying your brand communication, meaning, and purpose

Displaying all the subtle design cues, good construction, and build quality

Creating an engaging medium that arouses curiosity in the consumers. You will be able to do all this and much more with the help of 3d product rendering.  3d product rendering implies the creation of simulated environments that show off the product along with its features from multiple angles.

Several static images and stitched together and then a video or animation film is created.

This creates an engaging, riveting, and attractive piece of content for a brand that can then be used in promotional materials.

3d product renderings can be created from multiple sources. For example, drawings, sketches, photos, or simply specifications of the product can be used for this purpose.

5 Major Advantages of using 3d Product Rendering according to Experts

3d product rendering


You do not need a Physical Photographer all the time-

There are a couple of ways brands create marketing material. The first involves hiring a photographer, getting a studio, and shooting the products. This is an expensive and time-consuming way that would need to be repeated every time you have a new product.

The second and more promising strategy is using 3d product rendering that can help in saving time, energy, and most importantly, a lot of money. This can also help in creating product shots in different settings, environments, and lighting. Things that standard photography cannot do.

There are Multiple Variations you can create for One Single Product

Do you want to show how your product will look in the outdoors, as well as in an indoor setting? Fret not, a good 3d product render will be able to place your product in different settings. You can choose from multiple variations in terms of location, lighting, and angles.

This ensures that one single product can be shown in a different light in 100 different ways. This automatically helps in connecting with the diverse needs and expectations of the different users. Ultimately, this becomes a much more productive and engaging promotional medium.

Convinces and Satisfies all the Queries of the Customer

As 3d product renders are capable of playing around with different angles and text-in-frames information, a lot of communication can be conveyed. This is especially good for digital promotions where the brand might not always be present to discuss every detail with the user.

With consumers becoming more independent, they want every piece of information should be made available to them. 3d product rendering helps them get that engagingly and attractively. This is great in the digital era for brands who are heavily dependent on e-commerce.

Great for Digital Promotions on Multiple Platforms-

The best brand images that you see on Amazon, or any big e-commerce sites are all 3d product renderings. Whether it is putting up pictures on e-commerce websites or posting content on social media pages. 3d product rendering can help answer a lot of your content creation needs.

In terms of putting the same kind of content on websites and YouTube, this can be an invaluable tool to help brands save money in the content creation process. In the digital age where e-commerce and social media selling is dominating, 3d product rendering works great.

Makes the Process of Design and Manufacturing much easier-

It is not only the customers that can benefit from 3d product rendering. Experts also point to the fact that for a business, 3d product rendering can help improve its design teams and the final manufacturing process. This can help in streamlining operations and boosting productivity.

When workers are aware of what the final product and output will look like, they can create the same without much trouble. It ensures that the build quality is better and that the interpretation from the design stage to the actual finished product is precise and accurate.

Create a Better Brand and Improve ROIs by using 3d Product Rendering

3d product rendering

Many leading marketing and advertising professionals say that as compared to traditional models, 3d product rendering has a much better ROI. The amplification, engagement, reach and exposure from the same is much more than any other form of content.

It should be noted that when it comes to calculating the ROIs, 3d product rendering can help a business in a major way. It can help in reducing extra costs, create more channels of promotion and reduce timelines. All this ultimately means that a business will be able to do more by investing less in the process.

More importantly, using 3d product rendering gives a business complete control over how it wants its products to be showcased. If done right, this can become one of the most successful tools for improving visuals in marketing.

The Bottom Line

In recent years, both small and big brands have taken to 3d product rendering aggressively. They have realized that it can help them save costs in a major way.

While smaller businesses are much more skeptical about investing in promotional material, they have realized that 3d product rendering can deliver with the highest ROIs.

In the next few years, VR and AR are going to become major components of 3d product rendering. Technology is going to define it in a major way.

Bigger brands, especially in the automobile niche like Mercedes, Audi and others have already started forming relationships with product rendering, AR, and the future.

If you have any other questions that you would like us to address, let us know in the comments section below. We will try to address them as much as possible. 

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