Shopify Vs eBay – Feature, Pros And Cons

Shopify Vs eBay – Feature, Pros And Cons

Has there been anything that you haven’t bought online last year?

I think it is possible to get anything that your heart desires or your daily needs require on the internet. 

But, what if you are on the other end of the spectrum, i.e. you are the one who is selling. If there is one thing that the e-commerce has taught is that,

No business is too small for the internet. From candles to soaps to t-shirts to even customized phone back covers; the options are endless, and the internet has time and again provided us with the means and opportunities to excel. 

Two such messiahs for small online business are Shopify and eBay. Are you still fighting the indecisiveness of choosing one? Then sit back as we bring an elaborate analysis of Shopify Vs eBay. 

An intricate comparison with all the features, pros and cons. 

What Is Shopify?

What Is Shopify

To start with a simple description, it is an all inclusive digital trading domain. Now, let’s get into the explanation of how it works. 

It is an easy to use interface that allows novice entrepreneurs to kick start their first small business. It has a monthly subscription that will give you exclusive options to decorate your store with design templates, themes and more. So, you will not need a prior knowledge of advanced coding to start a business here. 

Features Of Shopify 

Features Of Shopify

Before you understand the difference between Shopify Vs eBay.

Learn the features of Shopify first. 

Shopify has three monthly subscription packages. 

Basic Shopify 

  • $29 per month
  • Staff account count is two 
  • Location allowance four 
  • You can have access to social media and other online marketplaces 
  • Number of items you can sell is unlimited.  


  • $79 per month.
  • Account allowance is five 
  • The location allowance is same as the account 
  • Same, online marketplace and social media access. 
  • Unlimited items in the store 

Advanced Shopify 

  • $299 per month
  • Account allowance is fifteen 
  • The location allowance is eight 
  • Social media and online marketplace access 
  • Unlimited items in the store 
  • Shopify Lite is for people who do not wish to open a full fledged business. These are for sellers who just want to add a sales element to any website. Mostly social media and blogs. The cost is $9 dollar a month. This method is best to monetize one’s Instagram. 
  • Shopify Plus is to help large businesses. There is a mark of $500,000 sales each year to get Shopify Plus. The monthly $2000 per month. This is the top-tier version and the features you will be able to receive and edit are endless. 
  • The things you can sell in Shopify are handcrafted goods, beauty supplies, home goods, clothing, digital products, etc. 

Will Shopify Work With eBay?

Will Shopify Work With Ebay

Before we learn eBay vs Shopify let me answer this question that has been so frequently asked over the internet. 

eBay and Shopify do have this partnership that will allow the shopify customers to eBay buyers. So, yes it will work as their recent channels for sales are ready to use. 

Pros Of Shopify 

  • Shopify is an easy ready to use domain which is best for a new business starter. 
  • The startup cost is also low. So, the initial investment won’t drill a hole through your pocket.
  • The themes you get under these packages are aesthetically pleasing which will give you a good opportunity to customize your store. 
  • Dropshipping is simpler with integrators like Spocket and Oberlo. 
  • You are not alone while operating this domain as you get 24/7 customer service anytime you are stuck. 

Cons Of Shopify

Although, I will be elaborating on Shopify Vs eBay. It is still important for you to know its Cons separately. 

  • No personalized customization. Shopify doesn’t give any personalised features which is sometimes required as the businesses are different. 
  • The additionally features is not included in the packages and every add-on has an extra cost 
  • There is still a transaction fee that is charged on sale. 

Does Shopify Take A Percentage Of eBay Sales?

Does Shopify Take A Percentage Of Ebay Sales

I have already mentioned about the partnership so this question is also asked frequently.

Good News! No additional fees are charged from shopify to sell in eBay as long as you have a Shopify or eBay account. 

That is one thing we can strike off the comparison between eBay vs shopify fees as it is free. 

What Is eBay?

What Is Ebay

eBay is a consumer to consumer sales portal. In eBay you don’t need to be a business owner or even have a small business to sell something. You can even sell a used product as long as it is in good shape and usable. 

The best part about ebay is, anyone can open an account for free. Although, there is a fee attached if you are selling something, but the amount depends on the price that you are selling your product. 

Features Of eBay

Features Of EBay

  • eBay is best described as an auction because it allows you buy something immediately for the price displayed or you can wait for a better bid. 
  • It has daily bargains and deals which helps you buy the product you desire with the best price you can afford. 
  • As a seller you have to give a fee for the product you are selling. As  a seller it also allows you to give discounts and gift coupons. 
  • Once you subscribe as a seller you will be able to see the customization that eBay offers. 

How Do I link My Website To eBay?

How Do I link My Website To Ebay

This is also a question that pops most of the time when you type, ‘ eBay Vs Spotify’ on the internet.

First, you have to create a brand new listing from your logged in eBay account. In this listing account you will add the link. 

Secondly, select the HTML tab of the description field that has the listing. 

Thirdly, you can place the link there. 

Now, let’s learn the pros and cons of eBay before understanding Shopify Vs eBay. 

Pros Of eBay

These are the pros of the E-commerce domain eBay. 

  • eBay is the most credible customer to customer service with a satisfaction rate of 79%. So, you can buy used products with trust in this domain. 
  • Because of the auction you can buy the product with the best price. You can wait for the lowest price for your favorite product. 
  • It has a very efficient SEO. So, your products will reach your customers easily and you will get recognized more. 
  • The fees depend on the price of the product you are selling. 
  • You Can get excellent help while shipping your products. 

Cons Of eBay

  • The set of rules and regulations under the Cons are really complicated to do business here. 
  • The seller fees will keep increasing as your product increases. 
  • As the customer base is so high, the competition is much higher in every niche. 
  • Keeping track of the inventory is very difficult if you are operating from too many markets. 

eBay Vs Spotify

Now, we have come to the heart of the article. A complete comparison between the two. 

To start with, I would like to point out that Shopify and eBay are two different E-commerce domains. Hence, comparison between the two is not exactly impossible but you can actually use both for separate purposes. 

But If you ask, 

What Is The Difference Between Shopify And eBay?

What Is The Difference Between Shopify And Ebay

Then, here is your answer.

  • Shopify is for someone who is planning to open a full fledged business, while eBay is an E-commerce platform where people go for just the purpose of selling. That being said, it does not mean you cannot open a store on eBay. 
  • When it comes to traffic, accumulating traffic is much easier on eBay because of the ready-made traffic that comes with its name. However, in Shopify you have to make a lot of customization and store building in order to make it more attractive. But, the high traffic of eBay can also increase competition. 
  • Another major difference between Shopify Vs eBay is very technical so there are less chances to create a customer relationship which is very much prevailing in Shopify. 
  • Shopify also has some easier ways to set up a website which is not the same as eBay. But, shopify will not give you much chances of personalization unless you pay for the add ons. 
  • With the auction system in eBay you can wait for a better price but this is not an option you will get in shopify as the products are one of a kind. 

To Conclude

Whether you are here because you want to open your new business, or if E-commerce is the next step of your business, I am glad to have been an assistance. 

Whichever platform you decide to choose from, both have different things to offer. So, make sure you take advantage of all of it and handle the cons. 

Hope, this Shopify Vs eBay comparison helped you. 

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