How To Use Keyword Shitter? The Best SEO Tool For Keyword Research

How To Use Keyword Shitter? The Best SEO Tool For Keyword Research

Keyword research is the main work area when you are focusing on generating good SEO campaigns. Every digital marketer wants to see good traffic metrics. But how to get things done? The long way is to do much research on the topic. Other than this, you can use the proper keyword research tool to find the appropriate keywords for your use. For finding the right words, you can use the Keyword shitter research tool.

The most significant advantage of using this tool is that it is a free tool. Hence most of the keyword research tools are paid. But the keyword shitter tools are not paid. So you only have to click a single time, and you will get your desired keyword.

So what is the Keyword shitter tool, and how does it perform?

What Is The Keyword Shitter Tool?

What Is The Keyword Shitter Tool

Keyword shitter is a free tool for easy and searches keyword combinations. By using this tool, you do not have to research the topics and find the appropriate keywords for your article.

If you need to find how the people are searching in Google. You have to run the Keyword shitter tool. The use is pretty simple. Only you have to put the words in the required field. And then, press the start button to find the relevant keywords.

With a single click, you will get the complete list of the suggested keywords by google. In addition, you will get a full list of all the suggested google keywords which are similar to your search words.

Step By Step Guidance For Using The Keyword Shitter Tool

Step By Step Guidance For Using The Keyword Shitter Tool

How to use the keyword shitter tool? Read through the end and know how to use the tool and find your target keywords.

Here is the step-by-step guide to using the keyword shitter tool.

Step 1: Enter The Keyword Ideas

First, do visit the keyword shitter tool homepage. Then enter the search term on the Keyword shitter homepage white text box. This text box is a search box.

Step 2: Use The Filter

The keyword shitter tool has a positive and negative filter. Therefore, you like to use any positive and negative terms against your words. You have to type the desired word in the box and then run the search to find the positive and negative filter. This is an optional feature you can use.

You can add the term which this tool is going to generate. Or just avoid using the filter.

Step 3: Shit The Keyword

After you are satisfied with the keyword shitter tool settings, you can run the shit keyword operation.
To find the keyword, you have to click on the stop job option. And then, click on the blue downloading button and find the result.

Else you can simply copy and paste the word from the text box. And use these keywords for any separate spreadsheet or tools.

4 Alternatives Of Keyword Shitter Tool 

Alternatives Of Keyword Shitter Tool 

Most of the keyword research tools are paid. But the most extensive flexibility of the Keyword Shitter tool is you do not have to pay for the research.

Hence you will get some of the good alternatives to the Keyword Shitter tool.

1. Keywords Everywhere

The keyword shitter is a free keyword research tool. But like the Keyword shitter, many other free tools are also available. This tool is free, and it is an add-on browser that you can easily install on Chrome or Firefox browser.

This is a browser. But you can easily see all the associated features like keyword research, CPC, search volume, and perform the data analysis on the keywords of the multiple websites. 

And installation is pretty simple. Only you have to download the extensions and add them to your browser.


Keyword research is an inseparable part of SEO article writings. For PPC and SEO article writing, you have to run the Keyword research. Of course, the paid services are always there. But as a free tool, is another robust SEO keyword research tool.

With the research tool, you can research the specific keywords and find the relevant keyword.

The is a good replacement research tool for keyword shitter.

 by which you can research specific topics. You can select your subjects and the appropriate words from thousands of languages and issues.

3. SEOBook

The SEO Book Keyword is a suggestive SEO keyword tool. It is a free keyword shitter tool. Unfortunately, keyword research is becoming a challenge for startup bloggers as most of the tools are paid. And few are like to invest as a beginner.

But when you are using the SEO Book, you can easily research the topics and find the most relevant keywords.

Along with the relevant and similar keywords, you can research the other competitive keywords and find the accurate keyword density. So if you are looking for an excellent alternative free SEO keyword research tool, the SEO Book is going to be your best pick.

4. SEOStack Keyword Tool

SEO Stack keyword tools is a free chrome extension, and it performs like the keyword shitter tool. This is a free chrome extension. You can simply download it and download the extension and add the attachment with your Chrome browser. 

You can find the relevant and frequently searched keywords from the YouTubes and the google chrome search engines. In addition, you can find the long-tail keywords and the small ones which are frequently searched by the viewers from the different search engines. 

The automatic features are adding more advantages. For example, you can easily export all the keywords in an XL file and store them in your system for future use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What Are The Names Of Few Paid SEO Keyword Research Tools?

Keyword Shitter and SEO Stack tools are free. These free tools are more convenient for beginners. But if you like to go with the paid services, Here is the list of the five best-paid services for SEO keyword research tools. 

Many of them are offering a free trial offer. So if you like to test it before registering your name, you can take the free trial offers.

  1. Moz Keyword explorer
  2. Semrush SEO keyword research
  3. GetKeywords for finding the local keywords
  4. Wincher 
  5. Google Keyword Planner
  6. SPY Fu

2. What Is The Best SEO Tool?

As a free tool, these all SEO keyword research tools are pretty well-performing. But when you are calculating the accuracy level of the tools. The Google keyword planner is going to achieve the first position.

Google Keyword Planner is a simple tool that has many options to serve up a few basic features.

But for making your keyword research more accurate and target-driven. In addition, the data comes directly from Google, and monetization is going to be much easier.

3. How Much Does The Keyword Research Tool Cost?

Are you looking for paid services for keyword research? Hence you will get many options for that. Of course, every tool’s pricing ranges are different. But you can estimate around $90 for every month’s subscriptions for the paid keyword research tools.


For using the keyword shitter tool, just follow the instructions. And if you still have not found your desired relevant keywords for your topic, jump on the other four alternatives. So which one you are going to use. And do not forget to share your valuable opinion in the comment sections.

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