15 Best Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO Professionals

15 Best Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO Professionals

It is the aspiration of every business to be on top of search ranking for Google for various keywords. SEO is hard, and if you are an SEO professional, you will know that it takes so much effort to optimize the content of your sites. Do you have a starting point for your keyword research? If you desire to get results while optimizing the content of your sites online, then this is the right place for you. In this article, I have gathered 15 best free keyword research tools that you will help you analyze your keywords.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is the main SEO task involving the identification of popular phrases and words people enter in search engines with the help of keyword research tools in an attempt to find out the right keywords to rank for. Keyword research gives the marketer an understanding of the height of the demand for particular keywords and the hardness of competing for those words in organic search results, providing direction to efforts of optimization.

Keyword research is not just about verifying the number of searches on a certain keyword but exploring the ways people use language to research a topic or an idea. For this reason, researching populous keywords using the best keyword research tools is not just a big part of SEO but also an element of content marketing. It will assist you to get ideas for blog posts, learn about what the audience needs, and keep you updated in the current search landscape. When you research the words that people are typing in search engines and use research to curate targeted content, you will drive the desired traffic to the site and you will convert it into business.

Why you need keyword Research tools?

Looking at keyword info in different niches will be crucial for finding key target areas. This will give you a general insight into the target phrases that will yield more efficient results. It will also help you figure out niche terms that are worth pursuing based on the amount of data. And this why I have enlisted the best free keyword research tools that will assist you to figure out insights of online users. For instance, the use of Google Trends will help you identify fluctuations in a particular keyword search volume. This will also help you identify falling and rising popularity on subjects relating to your industry and also help in planning for long-term positions.

15 Best Free Keyword Research Tools:

1. Google AdWords: Keyword Planner


Google AdWords: Keyword Planner

Start by searching phrases and words that relate to your field of service. This free keyword analysis tool finds keywords which are very relevant to your niche and helps you choose the ones to use. Get the estimates of bids and see the number of times that the keyword is searched and the way the search volume changes with time. It becomes possible to narrow your list and come up with the list you really want. You will then make a plan and share it with your group and bid for each keyword before turning on the campaign.

2. AdWord& SEO Keyword Permutation Generator 


AdWord& SEO Keyword Permutation Generator


The AdWord& SEO keyword permutation generator is the best free keyword research tool in HTML for generating bounded permutations for keywords for pasting in the input form of Google AdWords keywords. It is possible to specify the phrase that matches or exact matching brackets plus being the subset permutations. With this tool, it is possible to be creative while searching for keywords aligning to your site, goals, and marketing needs. It is possible to become creative with this tool as you enter the keyword in the box and you will be watching the magic happen.

3. Google Correlate


Google Correlate

Google Correlate is a keyword suggestion tool that gives advice direct from the source. This tool is perfect for generating a long list of keywords. The reason for using this keyword is seeing the keywords that are searched together. You will then grow your list of keywords with a primary keyword and others to put your focus on while creating content. You may choose to have a blog that has correlation bases. When you are stuck in keywords, Correlate will bail you out. Just enter the primary keyword and the tool will do the rest.

4. IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator


Free keyword research tools are good for all websites. There are, however, others that are just good for particular site types. IMSfoSMB bulk keyword generator fits here so well. It works for local service firms as it bears the design and ideas for finding local keywords. Start by selecting a category, choose the type of service, enter service location then generate keywords. The results will amaze you. With the local approach, you will be on the right track. You can use this tip even when your business is not on the market and you will get the basic results you desire.

5. Keyword In


If you desire combining keywords in an easy manner, then this keyword suggestion tool is the one for you. It starts with long tail keywords and mashes all things together to give you a list of potential keywords. This tool is among the simplest tools to use as you only require a few seconds to plug in keywords and you have the results. You can change the seed keywords when you do not like the results. You will keep getting more results when you do more of this. Experiment with all matches including exact match, broad match, and phrase match.

6. Soovle


This free keyword analysis tool will give you autocomplete suggestions from different sources to help you boost your volume of search. While you may use it to get suggestions, there are other sources like Bing, Amazon, and many others. You need to start by choosing a source by clicking on the options below your search box. The results are not very advanced but you will get those that match your niche. The best way of using this tool is by experimenting with various keywords and paying attention to the results from all sources. This tool is quick, efficient, and will guide you to get the desired keywords.

7. Ubersuggest


Ubersuggest is the best free keyword research tool for providing you with keywords you cannot find with other tools. It is recommended to run a search with this tool after using other tools like the keyword planner. Just type the keyword in the tool and select suggest. It will generate keywords that will keep you busy for long. The most advantageous thing with this tool is that it breaks down the results by letters. With this approach, you possess a chance to review all keywords minus missing the one that could change the game on your site.

8. WordStream Free Keyword Tool 


As one of free keyword research tools for the leading thirty searches, it is good to be familiar with the offering of the words stream free keyword tool. It is similar to the keyword planner but has a more user-friendly interface on the market. Just like any other tool, you enter the keyword and you get a supply of other keywords. Its goal is to help you locate a profitable niche. If you have not settled for a particular niche, it will offer you the desired guidance you want. You will become intrigued when you use this tool more often. Whether you want keywords for a newfangled site or you are searching keywords for a new site, this tool will prove reliable for you. It is informative, reliable, and powerful.

9. Google Trends


Google trend is among the best keyword research tools for visualizing the way search trends are evolving over time. Just enter the keyword and you will realize the relative popularity of the search query for twelve months. This tool has a very cool trick on its sleeves of related queries. You will see the related queries box at the bottom of the page. This is vital for unveiling the search queries that you desire. This is just but the tip of the iceberg for this tool.

10. Keyword Shitter

It does not require a lot of imagination to know what this tool can do. You input the seed keyword and then choose shit keywords. It will start doing its business and it generates so many keywords. You can get even twenty thousand suggestions as it works through mining Google autocomplete. Since it is basic, it does not showcase search trends and volumes nor group keywords. It has both negative and positive filters.

11. KWFinder 


This is the best free keyword research tool with an accurate word difficult score that makes it simple to locate profitable keywords for ranking. You will get the keywords with a single click and then expand your search thanks to Google SERP analysis on particular SEO metrics. Finding the right combination of keyword difficulty and search volume is the basic of keyword research. It is easy with relevant data. You can narrow the search by selecting the state, country, or city that fits your needs. Additionally, you can choose from over forty languages to get the desired results. Different locations bring different volumes and other metrics. This keyword will dominate your niche from anywhere.

12. Answer The Public


Answer the public looks for prepositions, questions, alphabetical, comparisons, and other related searches. You start by entering the seed keyword. You will first see questions and they contain search queries like what, who, when, are, is, how, and why. You will see some visualization by default but it is possible to switch to the preferred list. You will then see prepositions like to, with, near, without, can, and for. Comparisons like or, like, vs, and verses are also seen. From experience, the suggestions found in the related category are over twenty and there is no exact method of deriving these keywords.

13. Keywords Everywhere


This is a free chrome add-on or Firefox add-on which adds volume to the search, competition data, and CPC to your favored websites. The sites include eBay, Amazon, keyword shitter; answer the public, and much more. This keyword suggestion tool is very useful because it transforms normal browsing to keyword research. Every time you search, you will see data that related to the keyword and this will help uncover very serious gems. This also takes place on eBay, Amazon, and every other place. The data of this tool comes from the keyword planner database that gets monthly updates.

14. Spyfu


Spyfu is a keyword suggestion tool for helping you start constructing an SEO strategy or just to improve your current campaign. While you can get unlimited searches for keywords, you need to start. You can find advanced insights with each search. You can find top domains on the keyword including ranking, daily clicks, search volume, and calculate the value of organic clicks. You will also get a rank history to show you direction and a screenshot for the SERP to allow you to trust the found results. You will also get related terms that will inspire new content creation. You will also get URLs of content that ranks on the searched keywords.

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15. Fat Rank


Fat rank is the most reliable free keyword analysis tool that is very user-friendly as a chrome extension for tracking and checking ranks of keywords across different sites in the search engine. It bears the design for SEO professional as the application allows you to add several sites, track ranking, and unlimited keywords everywhere. The Google chrome keyword extension for this tool allows you to check the rank of your site in the country for each keyword entered. With both the extension and apps of Fat Rank, it will be possible to download desired reports at all times.

Conclusion :

When you look back at the benefits of any keyword suggestion tool in the market, it is right to state that having a free keyword analysis tool is very advantageous to you as an online marketer. It cuts down on the time spent doing research and providing optimum sets of keywords for your campaign. There are several free keyword research tools that you can try in the market. They will help you know if your site is SEO-ready, help in researching keywords, and help you in SERP tracking.