Climbing the Ranks: The Value of SEO and Keywords

Climbing the Ranks: The Value of SEO and Keywords

Creating excellent online content for your business is at the heart of a solid marketing plan. Writing great content is an incredibly valuable tool to attract new customers, engage with them, and build a substantial following. Having a captive audience and giving them unique and exciting content can ultimately generate more revenue for your business. What is equally important is that great content can keep you ranking high on search engine results pages (SERPs), like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and drive new customers to your site. To rank high on the SERPs, it is important to understand the significance of search engine optimization (SEO) and keyword strategy.

SEO and Keywords

Content on your website, blog, or social media is aimed to inform, educate, entertain, provide opinions, and pose important questions to your customers. The goal is to make your business’s online arena something of value to its loyal customers. However, another goal is to drive new customers to your site. Whether you create the content yourself or outsource the content to a marketing company and blog subscription service, it is vital to understand two fundamental marketing concepts: SEO and keywords.

SEO is the strategy employed for optimizing your online content, and keywords are at the heart of it. Keywords are words and phrases that describe and define your company, services, and products. These are the words and phrases that people put into the search bar when trying to find a particular service or product. For example, if someone wants to find the closest taco bar, that potential customer may type in “authentic tacos near me.” Then he or she will get a list of top delectable entries on the SERP. You want your restaurant or food truck to come up on the first page and at the top of the list instead of two pages later, or worse, not at all. One way to guarantee a chance at a lofty ranking is to provide great content containing the keyword phrases you know and think your potential customers will use to find you. Embed those keywords into the content, title tags for images, page titles, social media, subheadings, and more, and you will be on your way to rising to the top of the index.

An Optimized Roadmap

The roadmap to SEO success starts with a keen audit of your site and its pages. Create a list of relevant keywords for your business. Then, go through each page and identify the objective and motive for each one. Do you need to build better content around relevant keywords? Or, do you need to determine each page’s goal and purpose and come up with the words or phrases to optimize those pages?  Each URL, or web address of each page, should lead to optimized content so that your pages receive the traffic they deserve.

The Value of Words

Possessing savvy lexemic talent is something not all business owners possess, and not all owners have the time to give to SEO and writing projects. Researching and coming up with the appropriate words and creative content is time-consuming. Therefore, using a content marking company or a blog subscription service may be attractive. Using a service will guarantee that your content and keywords are researched well and that your pages are optimized. A benefit to outsourcing this talent is that your hired scribe will know a thing or two about SEO.

It is indispensable to have an online presence; however, not all websites are created equal. Great content that is updated and thoughtfully planned can lead to delivering your business high in the SERP ranks. The higher your rank, the more likely new customers will be delivered right to your business.

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