How To Break A Huge Piece Of The Big Internet Money Pie

How To Break A Huge Piece Of The Big Internet Money Pie

There’s money to be made on the Internet. A lot. Like, a whole lot… you feel me? We’re here today to tell you how to make big money from your own website. 

Wo there. Hold on to your “been there, done that”. We are NOT suggesting you create a website, invest money into it for 6 to 12 months, publish articles that are relevant to the top search queries, trying to get into the top 10 – you know all the technical nuances all too well. We’re here to talk about the segments of the market with the most money and therefore – with the highest chances of providing you with a decent income.

The Main Ways To Make Money on A Website

Make Money on A Website

A website is a fishing rod you use to catch clients. But there’s no point in trying to catch fish in places it doesn’t hang around in. First, you need to decide on a niche that is guaranteed to have clients, ready to part ways with their money in order to satisfy their needs.

Two ways to make money on a website

It is easier for beginners to work with microniches:

  • website development requires significantly less money;
  • easier to analyze the competition;
  • easier to find your “thing” by becoming a subject matter expert.

The income won’t be too high, although some people get lucky. If you make several satellite sites or sites working in different niches, the income will be many times higher.

The second option is to work in a large niche. The competition here is stiff, all’s fair in love and eMarketing – from complaints to various Ddoc attack services. You’ll need to invest significantly more money to get off the ground as well as a team (writers, SEO marketing experts). But the profit will also be significantly higher.

There is a hybrid option. One website is “sent off” into a wide niche while multiple satellite sites stay in narrow sub-niches. This way you cover all the needs of your clients and get into the top 20 search results.

The websites aren’t connected visually, the domains are stored on different hosting services. The search engine does not detect any violations, while you “skim the cream”. But this is no trifling task. You need to put titanic effort into properly shaping the websites, writing texts, not just to fit the search queries, but ones that meet all of its quality criteria.

Ways to Make Money Off a Website

The most famous way to make money off a site – income from search engine advertising. There is also:

  1. Direct sales. For example, you are part of an MLM type model (Oriflame, Amway, etc.), you have your own online store – in this case, you’ll have to deal with storing goods and shipping them out to clients. You can also sell training programs and provide paid services.
  2. A percentage from sales. If the site acts as an intermediary (promotes another party’s product), you can get a percentage from each sale. The tastiest option is a direct agreement with the manufacturer (the payments are bigger, there are fewer competitors, you can build your own distribution network). A slightly worse option is to work through a CPA affiliate marketing. Worse because the lifetime of an affiliate offer isn’t that long. You invested in promoting a product, but then the advertiser decides to stop working with the program. Picking up multiple affiliate programs can serve as a sort of insurance: it’s often the case when the advertiser turns to multiple affiliate programs but renews the contract only with the one that showed the best results.
    Commissions can be earned on any product or service. You can create a dummy store, offer ticket reservations, promote bank deposit programs.
  3. Cashback. Strike a deal with a large retail chain, platform, or just a separate store. Attract users and get a percentage of whatever they spend. And honestly share that cashback with the buyers.
  4. Intermediary services. Safe transactions often require an intermediary (for example, purchasing antiques, collectibles, freelancing services, dating), who receives and withholds payment until the other party confirms the transaction. You will withhold payment until the buyer confirms that the goods of the appropriate quality have been received, then transfer the funds to the seller. So, you earn money for providing intermediary services and a commission for transferring funds to an account. An additional source of income here is the supplementary paid services from attracting third-party specialists, from using advanced features.
  5. Advertising. Many people are familiar with ad revenue. Another option is striking a deal with a production center, through which you allow “spicy celebrity facts” to be published on your website or besmirch their competitors.
  6. Currency operations. This requires websites like “Cryptocurrency Exchange”, “Exchanger”, “Crypto Wallet”. You’ll also need a team of computer security specialists. The main income is the sum you charge for all the operations.
  7. Selling space on the site for “eternal links” – the publication of disguised ad texts from third-party websites. Please note: the price depends on the quality of the text as well as how well the theme of your website clashes with that of the 3rd party website.
  8. PR. For example, if some company or a public figure is getting dirt slung their way (or vice versa, someone wants their reputation tarnished), you offer to help clean/ruin their reputation.

Noone’s stopping you from combining search engine ads with fees from sales and offering your own services. The more monetary directions your site is engaged in, the more revenue for you.

Top 10 Profitable Niches For Websites

Profitable Niches

For-profits to roll in, it’s crucial to pick the right niche. If your website is dedicated to a narrow segment, say, ophthalmology tools, it could be a while before you see any sort of revenue.

1. Beauty

A broad popular niche that covers fashion, hairstyles, eyelash extensions… Your main competitors aren’t websites – it’s Facebook and Instagram. Here, a good idea would be to launch social media ads that lead to the promoted website.

In this niche, you make good money by selling everything necessary for work (a website for hairdressers, makeup artists, etc.) or by advertising advanced training courses.

2. Health, Wellness

One of the largest and most popular niches with its own fanbase. It includes one of the main monetary sub-niches, weight loss, as well as gender relations, proper nutrition, and much more. You can work in 2 directions:

  1. Write about everything, expand your website, cover all search queries.
  2. Focus your websites on relatively narrow topics, like, fitness (this includes, special nutrition, exercise routines, fitness clothing, regimen, exercise equipment, etc.).

The competition is fierce (including in social media), texts and creatives get stolen on a daily basis. To stay on top, you’ll be forced to constantly track search queries and work on your content.

Google and Yandex are tightening the rules. Articles must be of high quality, meet their requirements in terms of reliability and safety.

3. Lifestyle

Gorgeous cars, yachts, trips, celebrities, and their lifestyles… our world is geared towards success and wealth. People will read about those things, they’ll strive to obtain them. Here are some of the popular sub-niches:

  1. Realistic stories about celebrities (the more “hot takes”, the better).
  2. The best houses, design, and architecture.
  3. Traveling (travel stories, travel agencies, and booking services ads).

Competitors – professional publications (online versions of real-life magazines, for example).

4. Children, Parenting

A broad niche that has found its second breath thanks to the pandemic. Take a look at:

  • Child psychologist consultations.
  • Training courses for parents.
  • Children’s fashion reviews.
  • Development programs.

Revenue depends on the GEO, how professional the consultant is. It is important to pay attention to the service (nice gift wrapping, cute soft toys as a gift).

5. Finances

A complicated monetary niche that requires professional know-how. You won’t make much if you resort to rewriting (stealing texts from other websites). To work in this sphere, you need to monitor markets, analyze news and understand stock market reports.

Promising Directions:

  1. Investments.
  2. Cryptocurrencies.
  3. Analytics.
  4. Exchange advisors.

The niche focuses on analytics, financial advice, and paid forecasts.

6. Business

This niche is not for beginners, it’s filled with business specialists. The volume in monetary terms is kept secret. Here, you’ll encounter the dirtiest methods for getting rid of the competition. In order to survive, you’ll need to add the network security services expenses to your budget.

Popular Areas:

  • The B2B segment (legal matters, accounting, insurance, financial consulting).
  • Mobile payments.
  • Brand promotion
  • Psychologist consulting.

7. Hobbies

Hobbies are a growing segment of the market, the number of users and invested funds increases by about 20% per year. Music, photography, sculpture, handicraft – there will always be clients in this niche, there’s plenty to choose from.

The most lucrative options – collectibles and antiques, a narrow popular sub-niche: paintings by numbers (along with canvases, paints, stretchers). Here, people make money by launching online stores, auctions, and trading platforms (payment for consulting services). 

The emphasis should be placed not on the array of goods, but rather on the quality service, secure payments, and delivery guarantees.

8. Education

Online education is a growing segment. This includes everything from the sale of ready-made projects to the development of training programs, to webinars and masterclasses.

You can upload videos to your website whilst simultaneously promoting your Youtube channel. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry do this. The average level is crudely amateur. There are only a few real professional websites that make money on this.

The reason is that the site is targeting an incredibly narrow niche, say, the students of a specific college, and offers low-quality content, such as knitting workshops or just projects collected from all over the Internet. If you want to make money, you will have to stand head and shoulders above others, focus on massive online courses, programs to increase the quality of life, and personal coaching.

9. Games

The gaming niche has an enormous number of users under 20, but they don’t have that much money among them. But(!) the total volume is estimated at more than $110 billion. That means, the more users you manage to attract, the more your income. In addition to selling games, additional income comes from advertising and paid subscriptions to updates.

Popular Sub-Niches:

  • Economic strategy (linked to education, finance).
  • Psychological games (roleplaying and transformational, self-knowledge, education).
  • Educational games for children (parents do not spare money for their children).

10. Dating

One of the relatively small growing niches. People are tired of being isolated, they are actively looking for communication. Popular sub-niches:

  1. 18+.
  2. For sexual minorities.
  3. For long-term relationships.

It’s best to develop a website with additional features, through which you can find a partner with similar interests, political views, food preferences, and hobbies. The more criteria, the better.

The volume of the niche is roughly estimated at $16 billion (9 times smaller than the gaming niche). As for competitors – there are around 10,000 websites + social media. Major players include Tinder, Eve, eDarling, Only Women, Grindr. Nevertheless, the number of websites with a similar theme increases by about 1,000 per year.

Main Sources Of Income:

  • Paid subscription;
  • Freemium (the ability to access additional features for a fee);
  • Advertising;
  • Payments from premium users.

To make the service popular, add gaming and entertainment elements to it, make sure the interface is easy to use, and don’t forget about mobile users. 


In any popular niche, the competition is fierce – the market is oversaturated with offers. To earn money, you need to attract specialized experts, improve your service. Think of the website as a money aggregator when money comes from multiple sources. In this case, your income will be more stable as well as higher.

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