10 Best LSI Keyword Generator Tools

10 Best LSI Keyword Generator Tools

Latent semantic index or LSI keywords are phrases of words that are similar or related to the primary focus keyword. They are related phrases, substitutions, or synonyms to main keywords. In most cases, they are logically and sentimentally related to the focus keyword. Search engines use them to validate content quality. These keywords help the search engine your content better. The best LSI keyword generator will generate keywords that will increase the relevance of content for particular topics and help increase ranking. Today, search engines are smarter since they begin by understanding the meaning of the queries and provide results that relate to the search query. The list below showcases the best LSY keyword generator tools.  

Here I List 10 Best LSI Keyword Generator Tools : 

1. LSI Graph 

LSI Graph 

This is a great tool for LSI keyword generation. All you need to do is to enter the focus or main keyword, clear captcha and press ‘Generate.’ The results are gems of related keywords to the main one you entered. You can carry out several searches without signing up and get up to fifty keywords. When you sign up, the limit can go to up to twenty queries per day. This tool is very helpful from the start during content creation. Nonetheless, you have to be keen about the keywords you need to analyze given the limited number of queries.  

2. SEOPressor 


SEOPressor is al LSI keyword generator that can save you a lot of time and give you the desired results. It is among the best tools for optimization in the market. It is a premium plugin you can use to optimize search engine posts.  

You can use it to check keyword density and find LSI keywords. Therefore, you can optimize the content and get many visitors to the site from the search engines. You can optimize the blog posts to get better rankings in search.  

3. Google Auto Complete 

You may have used this Google search’s tool in your practice. Immediately you enter keywords in the search field, it suggests terms that relate to the search term. The suggestions are LSI synonyms of keywords you can use in your website content or blog. You go to Google.com to type the main keyword and Google will show matching phrases automatically or a closed list that relates to the primary keyword entered in the search bar.  

4. KeywordTool.io 


This is a tool that is good for LSI keyword generation. It displays keyword results in the alphabetical order. Even though you have to pay for it, the free version allows you to generate LSI keywords easily for the blog post. The suggestions are mostly more than one word long. You can use these expressions in the content and increase the relevance for the search engine. This LSI Keyword generator can generate over five hundred suggestions from search engines based on the language and country you choose. It is possible to structure the content for a particular platform and specific country.  

Tool Review: KeywordTool.io

5. Google related search 

Google Related Search LSI keyword generator shows you related search on the bottom of search results when making particular queries with Google. You need to search for the main keyword in Google. It will return all related keywords for main search terms on the bottom of the SERP. This tool can be helpful while searching for LSI keywords. It is good when you are looking at optimizing content. You can use these suggestions in the page headings, page titles, end of the post, or within the paragraphs. Suggestions are based on popular queries for users, you get ideas of the things to include in the blog post to make it go viral with readers. It is also possible to generate content around the suggestions and get more traffic to the website or blog.  

6. KWFinder 


KWFinder is an LSI keyword generator for searching LSI keywords. Generated keywords are usually longer than one word. You get many choices when matching related keywords with the main keyword which make it easy to use in the content. It comes with a free version that allows for few queries of search daily and generates close to fifty keywords each. It gives you the allowance to choose between questions, autocomplete, or suggestions.  

7. Ubersuggest


Ubersuggest LSI keyword generator is an effective and simple keyword tool in the market. It is a free tool. It can help you find and brainstorm keywords in the target niche quickly. It is a good tool for finding these keywords. It extracts all autocomplete words for the base keyword. It uses the focus keyword and gives you many keyword suggestions with CPC, traffic volume, and estimated competition in SERPs. It is simple to use as you enter that target query in the query field.  

8. LSIKeywords 


LSIKeywords is a simple LSI keyword generator that is easy to use and comes with additional info and features. For every search query, the tool generates up to five thousand suggestions together with the monthly volume, competition, and CPC. Also, the tool allows for analysis of up to ten keywords all at once. Therefore, you can key in the main keyword and come up with an accurate list for your content. These tools allow for the export of the list of the generated keyword into the PDF, CSA, Excel, or PDF files.  

9. KeySearch LSI Generator 

KeySearch LSI Generator 

This tool is free, effective and simple to use. It finds out the keywords for each niche. It has powerful algorithms and the results it returns will help you get started. Nevertheless, you will have to sign up for the free KeySearch account to get deep analyses of keywords. The tool has powerful data analysis features that use in-depth keyword algorithms.  

10. Keys4up 


Keys4up is a simple tool for finding LSI keywords. This tool can give you close to ten keywords per query. Nevertheless, if you wish to get a full list, you will have to register with an email address. After running more queries in search, the web page will want you to share it on social media to receive a full list of keywords.  


Search engines are now looking at the wholesome webpage context in the place of keyword density. This means that the web page will rank higher for the main keywords when Google understands the webpage context. LSI keyword generators will generate LSI keywords that relate to the focus or main keywords and assist the search engines to understand the webpage context better.  

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