The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing

The invention of the internet has significantly altered the way mankind work and live. People are looking for convenient ways of doing things across the internet. Affiliate marketing offers a great opportunity to those people who would like to work from home.    

Affiliate marketing involves selling something anything for another person and then earning a commission from it. The primary goal of an affiliate marketer is to sell more so that he can earn more. However, affiliate marketing is not an easy task. This guide will help you to learn some of the secrets that make affiliate marketing a great success.  

Succeeding with Affiliate Marketing 

Before going far with affiliate marketing, you need to look at the macro aspects of buyer mentality and marketing. The market typically has two types of buyers. These are the logical buyers and emotional buyers. Logical buyers base their decisions on the hard-cold facts hence suffer from analysis paralysis. The over-judge and over-analyze every single thing.  On the other hand, emotional buyers use emotions to purchase products that they believe in. Your story should resonate with the buyers and they will have a strong belief in you. This category of customers is best when dealing with affiliate marketing.  

Therefore, as you market online for products that are not your own, you have to build emotions around the whole process. There should be an emotional attachment at all the stages in the sales process.  

The Bigger Picture of Affiliate Marketing 

There are three major components that makeup affiliate marketing. You cannot understand this process unless you have a clear understanding of each of them. These include the publisher, merchant, network, and consumer. The publisher is the affiliate marketer who develops a platform for marketing the goods and services of the supplier. The merchant is the manufacturer whom you will be selling his/her goods or services. The best merchant is part of a large network and extends what they have to offer to a large affiliate marketing platform. Consumers are the final buyers who will deliver value to your affiliate marketing program. Here are the eight steps that you need to undertake if you want to succeed in affiliate marketing.  

1. Develop Your Story 

Develop Your Story 

Create your story while being transparent. Let the story be emotional so that you can move people who have never heard about you close. What were you suffering from? Are you a hero or a reluctant leader? What are your failures and the lessons that you learned along the way? You have to make your audience to care about you. Let them invest in you emotionally before you can sell to them anything.  

2. Create a Diversified Platform 

You need to connect to your audience through various platforms such as the blog, online forum, social media, and many more. You can limit your potential when you solely focus on a single platform. You will lose your foundation and footing as an affiliate marketer when that platform will fizzle. Diversification will give you high visibility in the search engine.  

3. Develop & Nurture Your Audience 

Affiliate Marketing

After building your platforms, you should reach out and connect with your audience on various social media channels. Engage with them through comments are responsive to all their emails. Don’t make it so hard for your audience to get to you. You should connect with your audience for you to develop a relationship over time. If you wish to create an emotional connection or bond, individuals will follow and trust you, then buy what you have to offer. Make sure you engage with all the people who reach out to you to bridge the emotional divide.   

4. Search for a Relevant Company or Product 

After the platform is live, you will now require a product to promote. Make sure you get the emotional investment before you can do this. You may run the risk of losing a large percentage of your target audience if you begin too early. Create insatiable content and deliver great value before you sell anything to your audience. Search for a company or products that are relevant to your audience.  

5. Survey Your List 

 If you have an email list, you can use it to survey your subscribers. Ask them questions that will help you understand their interests. It will help you to focus all your affiliate efforts in the right direction. This information is invaluable and comes from your list directly. Email surveys are the best when you want to understand the interests of your audience.  

6. Search for Related Networks 

Related Networks 

Most of the big brands that offer their goods and services through affiliate marketers have bigger affiliate networks for positioning their offers. Some of these big affiliate networks include Impact Radius, Rakuten’s LinkShare, Commission Junction, and Click Bank among others. You can apply directly to the company as it runs its own network of affiliates. However, you have to make an application and submit it to the network for acceptance.  

7. Deliver Great Value 

You can use countless media to give your audience high-value content. Some of them include blogs, infographics, video tutorials, and social media. However, blogs are the primary channels for delivering long-term value to your clients. Build a blog from an early stage and remain consistent. Apart from delivering massive value, the content that you build should also be engaging. Make sure that people are willing to stick around to read your content. The audience should interact with the content and share it. This will inform you that you are having a great piece of work. It will make a search engine like Google to rank your page high.  

8. Promote Your Affiliate Links 

Promote Your Affiliate Links 

Every single merchant or network will give you specific links for using to promote whatever you are selling. Make sure you scrutinize all the details that are on offer before you get in. You can now build your affiliate link and make sure that the clicks and sales get registered under your account. You can use URL shorteners like the one from Google or Bitly so that the length of the links are more manageable. 

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