Top 10 Review Websites for Online Marketers

Top 10 Review Websites for Online Marketers

Regardless of what you sell or purchase, writing compelling product reviews remains one of the most effective ways to make money online. Research suggests that 92% consumers read online reviews before making purchases while 40% form an opinion after reading 2-3 online reviews. This makes product reviews an important aspect of an online marketer’s strategy.

Product reviews also prove a great resource for online marketers in search of the best tools. Whether you are looking to automate marketing, streamline content strategy, generate leads or improve social media presence, review websites go a long way towards helping choose the best tools for your needs.

Top 10 Review Websites for Online Marketers:

1.Online Marketing Tools

This a relatively new review website that focuses on online marketing tools. It reviews email automation solutions, social media tools, affiliate marketing tools and blogging tools. The blog section has helpful posts, most of which are listicles, for online marketers. Product reviews are based on a 5-star system and generated by actual users. You can filter searches by product rating, most popular, most reviews and more.


This is a fast-growing user-generated review platform that originated in Denmark. Over the years, it has expanded to 65 markets around the world. The main aim of Trustpilot is to help people make smart purchase decisions. It is a place where shared experiences build trust and transparency. Businesses benefit from proactive promotion and interactions with users.

More than 200,000 businesses have reviews on this site, with more than 1.2 million reviews posted each month. It is particularly popular among tech startups. Businesses can encourage reviews with email campaigns and link to their websites. From an SEO standpoint, TrustPilot offers increased visibility on search engines and organic traffic.


Capterra is one of the best platforms for software product reviews. The site hosts more than 325,000 product reviews and ratings, across 500+ product categories. It also has more 3 million users each month and with a domain strength of 86DR, it is all the more necessary for businesses to sign up.

The platform offers access to a massive community that you can interact with and refer to your website. It is the perfect place to increase online presence. Moreover, consumers can use Capterra to find the right software for their businesses. They get free access to software advisors reviews, ratings, and a comprehensive database of software listings.

4. GetApp

GetApp is a premier online resource designed for businesses that are exploring software as a service. It offers detailed product details and interactive tools that users can utilize to compare products. The B2B software review platform is also famous for the following reasons:

  • Star ratings
  • Available integrations for listed software
  • Precise product overviews with videos, screens and pricing insights
  • Software comparisons
  • An alternative section with cheaper substitutes
  • User-generated product reviews

GetApp covers B2B and SaaS products across 500+ categories. Ahrefs puts its domain rating at 78DR. This means that listed SaaS companies get more organic traffic and increased search engine visibility.

5. TrustRadius

This is another platform targeted towards B2B software businesses. It uses LinkedIn to authenticate reviewers and prevent fake reviews. Users can see what their LinkedIn connections are saying about products. This allows for an extra layer of trust and transparency. There many filters for organizing and sorting product reviews. You can view a single product view page with a user-generated description or compare multiple products from the same category.

In addition to product reviews, TrustRadius has plenty of buyer’s guides posts for different categories. These include core HR software, A/B testing, talent management software, social media, business intelligence software and more.

6. SalesForce App Exchange

If you are in the app development space, you will love what SalesForce App Exchange has to offer. It is a great platform that keeps track of app reviews and ratings. Like Amazon, reviews are listed with the most positive and most negative reviews first, then followed by the rest. Reviews are based on a five star system and can be filtered by date, helpfulness or rating. What separates SalesForce App Exchange from most platforms is that it embraces transparency, allowing access to thousands of reviews and number of downloads for each app.

7. Finances Online

Finances Online is one of the most reliable online review directories. It provides independent and unbiased B2B software reviews. Unlike most sites that only rely on user-generated reviews, Finances Online has an in-house team of review experts. The result of this combination is comprehensive overviews and evaluations of B2B solutions. B2B vendors get more solid online presence that supplements the credibility of their tools with independent expert reviews.

Lead generations are quite efficient, with multiple SaaS solutions using the platform reporting high conversion rates. Finances Online is also known for being proactive – it evaluates new solutions and prepares comprehensive assessments for prospects. B2B startups can become stars overnight with the help of Finances Online, leading to more customers and sales.

8. G2 Crowd

G2Crowd has gathered an impressive collection of user-generated reviews on a variety of SaaS solutions. It uses a proprietary Grid System to provide product evaluation. The system uses a scoring grid based on market presence and satisfaction rating. Paid access to market reports is available. These allow users to compare solutions based on several factors and aspects collected for actual users.

The website leverages more than 300,000 independent and authenticated users. The reviews are read by more than 1 million people each month, making this the perfect place to get more online presence.

9. IT Central Station

This is a popular crowdsourced review website that offers user-generated reviews of B2B software solutions designed for the tech community. Unlike most, IT Central Station has a community manager whose job is to verify reviewers’ identities. User reviews are accepted through an interview.

In addition to real-time user information, IT Central Station collects information that is beneficial for enterprise tech buyers. The founders of the site have extensive experience in enterprise IT and startups, making IT Central Station the equivalent of sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp for enterprise technology.

10. Amazon Customer Reviews

Amazon is one of the most popular ecommerce behemoths and in 1995, it became the first online platform to enable product review submissions. This has helped customers make informed purchasing decisions based on authentic user experiences. The rule is quite simple – so long as a product is listed on Amazon, you will find customer reviews for it. Because the site offers products in different categories, it is worth considering when developing an online marketing strategy. In addition to the textual description, product evaluation is based on a five-star rating scale that represents average customer opinion.


Review websites help a great deal when it comes to helping marketers identify the right marketing tools. The above platforms, while focused on different types of marketers, have proven invaluable. They offer plenty of actionable information on features, benefits and downsides of tools as well as vendor details. Some of them even allow for side by side tool comparison.