How Content Improves SEO Traffic For E-commerce Sites

How Content Improves SEO Traffic For E-commerce Sites

There was a small period of time when you could simply publish a range of product pages and receive organic website traffic to those pages and make sales. But unfortunately, those days are over.

As e-commerce sites have become easier and easier to make thanks to software solutions such as Shopify, the competition in the e-commerce sector has increased dramatically.

As a result, if you want to attract organic website traffic you need to take an alternative approach.

Throughout this article, we discuss six benefits of including content for an e-commerce site when it comes to SEO traffic.

Here Are Six Prime Ways Content Improves SEO Traffic For E-commerce Sites

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on paid traffic that you cannot guarantee will convert, then these six tips will give you the rationale you need to invest in a content strategy for ongoing free traffic from the search engines.

1. More Visitors

Website Visitors

It should come as no surprise but the main benefit of having a lot of rich and valuable content on your e-commerce website is that that content will generate organic website traffic which will increase the number of visitors you get to your website every day.

The benefit of more website visitors is that you will then have more opportunities to try and convert those visitors into customers.

Even if they do not buy from you on their first visit, if they had visited your website then you would have had the opportunity to tag them with your website pixel, meaning you can then show follow-up ads to them as they continue surfing the internet. This type of advertising is known as retargeting or re-marketing.

This SEO case study proves it.

2. Position Yourself As The Authority

Having content on your website, aside from simple product pages, allows you to position yourself or your company as the authorities in that niche.

For example, if your e-commerce store sells shoes, and you have dozens of articles providing useful information about shoes and choosing shoes. How shoes are made, and how to care for shoes, then will build trust in the website visitors and make them more likely to purchase from you than they are to purchase from another e-commerce store that is simply a collection of product pages.

3. Builds Topical Authority

Builds Topical Authority

Search engine algorithms analyze the content on a website to try and determine if that website is an authority on the relevant topic.

If one e-commerce website has a single article on shoes, but another e-commerce website has 30 articles on shoes covering all the FAQs that customers have about shoes, then the search engine algorithms are highly likely to attribute more authority and therefore trust the e-commerce site that has more content.

4. Increase Time On Page

The more useful content you have on your website, the more time website visitors will be spending on your website. The amount of time that people spent on your website is referred to as ‘time on page’ and search engine algorithms attribute a certain amount of trust in your website when users spend a long time on the website reading your content.

The more content you have that people are organically drawn to and are spending time reading, the more evidence you have to show Google that your website is useful and meets users’ needs.

Attracting Backlinks Organically

If you publish useful content on queries that people have regarding the products that you sell and the niche that your products are relevant to you increase the chance of organically generating backlinks, which describes the process where another website links to your website.

Backlinks contribute to SEO because the more backlinks your website has the more authoritative you are considered in the search engines and therefore they will send you more traffic.

If your e-commerce site only has product-related pages it is going to be very difficult for you to build links to those pages because that is not good for the other website that is linking.

But if you have a lot of genuinely useful and interesting content you have a high chance of easily getting an increased number of backlinks over time which will boost your overall traffic.

6. Internal Linking Benefits

The more content you have on your website the more chances you have to interlink your content and pages strategically.

A link to one of your website pages does not carry as much weight as a link from another website, but there are still significant gains to be made in your organic website traffic performance when you follow proper internal linking practices.

Final Thoughts

An e-commerce website that takes content seriously can set itself apart and steal free traffic from many other e-commerce sites.

Content not only builds trust in your website visitors, but it also builds trust with Google, gives you more internal linking opportunities, and opens up the door for a regular ongoing stream of organic backlinks that will only grow your organic SEO traffic further. Investing in content is a no-brainer for an e-commerce store that wants to grow.

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