Teelaunch Review: Quality, Features, Alternatives and More

Teelaunch Review: Quality, Features, Alternatives and More

Seems like you are looking for a reliable partner print-on and now you have landed on Teelaunch. 

You are on the right page, pal. 

In this article, we will discuss teelaunch reviews, as well all the aspects of it, and will also enlighten you about its use.

Teelaunch is a print-on-demand fulfillment app that is linked to Shopify stores and looks over the orders, delivery and products, and customer support. 

Teelaunch does not have a storefront, to do this you need a Shopify account for uploading designed products and receiving orders. 

You can install it for free and there is no charge for it.

Teelaunch the word kind of gets a vibe that it only prints n t-shirts but no, it also prints on various other things such as hoodies, mugs, mouse ods tote bags, and many more. 

Teelaunch can also be sold on Amazon and Etsy than Shopify.

What Teelaunch Does?

What Teelaunch Does

Teelaunch gives access to several products that you are able to customize and obviously sell. 

All the products come in several colors and sizes so even the picky customers will get satisfied with the service.

Once you have won your customer’s heart with amazing products, you can easily go live on Shopify stores.

The fulfillment processes are:

  1. An order created within the system
  2. An order added to the Shopify store
  3. The product sent for printing
  4. The product is shipped to the customer
  5. Tracking numbers added to the order page
  6. Shipping status is being updated for you and the respective customers.

The entire process is automatic, so all your effort should be in the making of Shopify stores. 

You can teelaunch at it and develop the design. 

The painful tasks like post-office and UPS regarding errands can be replaced with print-on-demand.

Work Teelaunch Does:

Here is the review of Teelaunch. 

The first thing for you will be to make a Shopify account. 

After having a Shopify store go to the dashboard of it then apps and finally click teelaunch there.

Another way to do the same thing is to visit the teelaunch website, tap on learn more then go to add app and finally log in to your Shopify store. 

Now you can officially start making money with the help of teelaunch.

If you want to build a product on the teelaunch, simply go to apps and select teelaunch. 

For this, you will be needing a teelaunch account, which is for payment information. 

To start your creation, click on create a product, as soon as you do that there will be the appearance of products, that you can choose from to customize. 

Filter the results to minimize the time of the search. 

You can also filter the category and the shipping location. 

 Under every product, you will have the price, which means how much teelaunch will ask for if it’s sold. 

After choosing a product you will have to click the start designing option to start designing on it. 

Make sure of the design requirements such as format, pixel, and image size. 

Also, look at the description for shipping so that you can, at last, decide a price for the product.

Once the design is done click for other details to add like tags, price, etc. 

When you are done with the last step, click on create a product on Shopify, there you go ready to be purchased. 

You will be able to track the orders by clicking on all products and transfers which are going to be under the products tab.

Options For Products:

Options For Products

There Are many options from which you can choose to show your creativity.

  1. Crystals
  2. Accessories
  3. Home goods
  4. Drinkware
  5. Kitchenware
  6. Jewellery 
  7. Monogram  
  8. Pets 
  9. Wall art
  10. Combo mugs

Among these categories, there are subcategories. 

124 different products can be chosen from these. 

Whether your plan is to have different designs on the same product or vice versa, teelaunch always has you back. 

Some products are there that teelaunch refuses to sell and two of them are baseball caps and socks. 

So go through the catalog and it doesn’t interest you, the door of looking for another POD app is always available.

Make sure to delete your payment information when you close the door behind you.


Print and product quality means the same for all POD owners, either make it or break it.

It is hard to find a POD company that offers you low base prices increasing your profit margins. 

But with prices comes low quality and no one likes low-quality products. 

If you have one bad feedback from one of your clients the others will think before ordering one from you. 

So quality matters for a long-term print-on-demand.

Third-party suppliers are used by teelaunch and other print-on-demand companies. You will find product qualities are good in the category of kitchenware, accessories of teelaunch. Both sellers and buyers are glad about it. 

In print quality, teelaunch offers DTG printing for all kinds of designs with colors, as well as they use fabric too as an alternative printing method. 

Teelaunch also has laser engravings, especially for kitchenware. 

It is always recommended to order a sample before you start selling.

Shipping Process Of Teelaunch

Shipping Process Of Teelaunch

Before the shipping teelaunch needs to register and go with the order, which takes 24 to complete.

Six days to be done with the print and five more days to ship. 

The time of delivering the product depends on the location of the buyer. 

International shipping and shipping on holidays takes three weeks. 

The ships orders of teelaunch are via UPS mail innovation, UPS Surepost, USPS.

Through the USPS you will be able to track the dashboard as well as you can put the tracking number to see the status. Mugs and stickers do not come with tracking from the UK.

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Customer Service

The beauty of the print-on-demand services is the way they approach full fill the orders that include customer support. 

Even if you have ordered a product through the Shopify store, teelaunch will look after it. 

It is easy to contact them as they have options of an online form and online help center, where you will be able to upload pictures if you face problems with any product. 

Few queries that have been resolved by teelaunch are:

  1. Lost packages teelaunch
  2. Exchanges
  3. Refunds 

The Bottom Line

Teelaunch is a good app to use, and it won’t disappoint you. 

Give this app a try to see how you feel about its user experience, product/print quality, shipping, and customer service. 

Hopefully, we have been able to give you an idea of how teelaunch works.

Remember if you are not cool with the teelaunch app, you can always keep looking.

Leave a comment down below in the comment section if you have anything to ask us.

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