Big Cartel Vs Shopify- Features, Pros and Cons

Big Cartel Vs Shopify- Features, Pros and Cons

Being an e-commerce merchant, you most probably have come across Big cartel vs Shopify debates as well as its stay in the market. The big cartel has a fair amount of fans who believe in its balanced online selling platform. On the other hand, Shopify has a huge following. 

Whichever side you choose, your agenda is to have the best for your online store. Shopify is one of the prestigious platforms in the market, as it has powerful e-commerce features.

We can’t ignore Big cartel because it is also a well-respected e-commerce platform, especially when it comes to selling with creatives. 

So since there is a big debate between big cartel vs Shopify, let’s settle this issue once and for all. 

What Is Shopify?

What Is Shopify

The company was founded in 2004 but the e-commerce platform came into action in 2006. In 2008 Shopify finally started making profits as a SaaS solution for online business. 

Today Shopify has made its way up to the digital selling space. This e-commerce platform includes web hosting capacities, has a huge range of shopping cart functions, and several third-party integrations.

These features of Shopify make it easy for all types of online business including art.

Shopify has managed to host a million sites over the years and half of them are life today.

What Is Bigcartel?

What Is Bigcartel

Bigcartel is a reputable and cloud-based shopping cart that has a host of pretty decent e-commerce features. People often compare Big cartel with Shopify but the fact is Big cartel focuses on an absolutely 

 different market.

 Its main focus has been on creativity as well as artists since 2005. The big cartel has hosted 70,000 online stores to date, among which are run by musicians, crafters, and designers. 

The moment you will land on this page you will find out about the tools they provide and how easy they are to use. It handles everything, from hosting to site-building to handling your store. 

Big Cartel Vs Shopify: Pros And Cons

All e-commerce tools and site builders have pros and cons, you cannot ignore any one of them. 

There will be products that will be of easy use but will lack security and some will need coding knowledge even if they have an advanced e-commerce site.

Here are some pros and cons that you need to remember about Shopify and Big cartel.

Pros: Big Cartel

Pros Big Cartel

  1. Selling online is free in Big Cartel
  2. It has a great onboarding process
  3. For new users, Big Cartel is easy to use. 
  4. It sells unique products
  5. Big Cartel has made their websites mobile-friendly 
  6. Many options for free plans 
  7. Free templates as well

Cons: Big Cartel

Cons Big Cartel

  1. Features in the websites needs more advancing
  2. Theme designs are not that attractive
  3. They have limited the customization options

Pros: Shopify 

Pros Shopify 

  1. Including social media it has its reach to a wide range of channels
  2. Amazing inventory options
  3. It provides good functionality for stores of Shopify
  4. Users can handle the platform smoothly
  5. Add owns are available from app market
  6. It has editors that put effort into the website.
  7. A great amount of support from the community.

Cons: Shopify 

Cons Shopify

  1. Shopify transaction fees become a bit of an issue
  2. There is no single page to the checkout form
  3. Expensive integrations

Big Cartel Features

Big Cartel Features  Big Cartel: User-Friendly

The process that one needs to go through for setting up their online store on Big Cartel is very easy and child’s play. 

To start decorating your page, all you have to do is upload the product images, choose a suitable theme, and there you go, start selling.

The user interface is also easy, as it has a minimalistic feel both for startups and beginners. You will love to learn about its usability. Don’t bother if you make a mistake, the help section will help out.

Big Cartel: Web Design 

You will never feel disappointed by Big Cartel when it comes to web designing. It gives you 16 mobile optimized themes, that are for free and you can just keep decorating your page.

You might be wondering only 16? Common you can spare that, it comes for free. People who are into Big Cartel’s site template are actually artists and photographers mostly. 

If you are not one of them then don’t bother because the Big cartel doesn’t prioritize any other industry than Art.

Big Cartel: Store Management Online 

There are features that are provided by this platform 

  1. SEO features
  2. Tracking order
  3. Supported by Google Analytics
  4. Can have customer guest checkout
  5. Email, for automatic confirmation 
  6. Discount codes for product

Big Cartel: Integrations And  Add-ons

Big cartel provides decent apps, with giants like Facebook. It connects the inventory with it therefore the users are in love with this feature. It allows you to sell directly on social media platforms where you have your accounts.

The big cartel also supports a large number of apps that are for domain givers, store management, order fulfillment, payment processors marketing and promoting as well as manufacturing shipping. 

Shopify Features

Shopify Features

Shopify: User-Friendly 

The main feature that makes Shopify this famous is its friendly nature. The platform is a complex multi-featured engine but the structure to deliver stays simple and happens in a systematic way.

To set up the store in Shopify all you have to do is, upload your products, choose a theme, build a domain and then mention your shipping details with tax. Like BigCartel you will also have an editor to look over your site.

Shopify: Web Design 

Shopify might not be the best-dedicated website but it builds unique online stores for you. For starters, you are welcome to choose any theme among 71 attractive ones. All of them are designed by Shopify professionals.

 The customization part is very interesting and fun in Shopify as it optimizes the themes in mobile by default. The stage lets you nip the mobile versions with your desired look.

Shopify: Store Management Online

  1. SEO features
  2. Tax calculated automatically 
  3. Multilingual management 
  4. Checkout languages of more than 50
  5. Variations of products 
  6. Apps for drop shipping
  7. Never ending store products

Shopify: integrations And Add-ons

Shopify has an amazing app store. It has 1500 apps for e-commerce functionalities. You can enhance your page with inventory management, finance management, marketing, design, and much more. 


Big Cartel and Shopify both are very trusted e-commerce platforms. People recognize them by their name, they don’t need any introduction.

 In this article, we have focused on Big cartel Vs Shopify where we talked about them a bit individually. 

Then mentioned their pros and cons as well as their four main features.

This article is both for beginners and startups. 

Leave a comment down below in the comment section and bring your queries if you have any.

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