From Shopify No Tracking – How To Enable Customers To Track Shopify Orders?

From Shopify No Tracking – How To Enable Customers To Track Shopify Orders?

Our today’s topic is, From Shopify No Tracking. Sounds relatable, right? Let’s break it down…

Enhancing your customers’ satisfaction should be your primary goal if you are into any business.

Especially, when it comes to an online business on platforms like Shopify, all you have to take care of is customer satisfaction. Not only this includes after-delivery stages but also pre-delivery phases as well. 

One such example is enabling customers to track their Shopify orders. We have observed enough complaints from several Shopify customers saying they can’t track orders on Shop.

So one of the biggest issues your customers might be dealing with is From Shopify No Tracking.

In this article, we will explain how to make your customers enable to track Shopify orders. Stay Tuned!

Why Do You Need To Enable Customers To Track Their Shopify Orders?

Enable Customers To Track Their Shopify Orders

If you run an online store on Shopify, I hope you can relate to this From Shopify No Tracking issue. Sometimes, it is extremely difficult it is for customers to check Shopify order status.

This may also affect your customer satisfaction level which in turn would lower brand recognition. It’s quite natural, right? 

Imagine yourself as a customer. Suppose, you are trying to track a product you are waiting to come over a long time, but can’t do it! How would you feel? I am sure you wouldn’t want to shop from that store again.

The same happens with your customers as well. So if you have ignored this complaint of your customers till now, it’s time you must rectify this issue.

But how to enable customers to track their Shopify orders is a little bit tricky. Follow the steps below to solve From Shopify No Tracking.

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How To Enable Customers Track Their Shopify Orders?

Let me be very clear at this point. To answer how to track orders on shop app is not something I can answer in a single sentence.

It is a step-by-step procedure through which you can give solutions to the customers for From Shopify No Tracking.

All you have to do is add tracking numbers to the Shopify orders. Take look at the methods below:

How To Add Tracking Number Before Fulfilling An Order?

Tracking Number Before Fulfilling An Order

  • You can add a tracking number to an order throughout the fulfillment process if you have one. The purchaser will get the number in the shipment confirmation email. The steps are as follows:
  • Now open the order fulfillment page by hitting the Mark As Fulfilled Option from the Unfulfilled section.
  • Now enter the shipment tracking number in the Tracking Information.
  • If Shopify doesn’t recognize the format of the tracking number, you have to select the shipping carrier from the drop-down menu Shipping Carrier.
  • If Shopify does not fully support the carrier, you can enter the Tracking URL manually as well. This will make the tracking number appear on the order status page. 

How To Add Tracking Number After You Fulfilling An Order?

Add Tracking Number After You Fulfilling An Order

You can add a tracking number to fulfillment if you obtain one after completing an order. You may include the tracking number in a delivery notice email to your customer. The steps are elucidated below:

  • Go to the Orders section from the Shopify Admin.
  • To add a tracking number to the purchase, click on the order number.
  • Click Add Tracking under the Fulfilled area.
  • Enter the tracking number for your cargo in the Edit Tracking dialogue.
  • Shopify may identify the format of your tracking number and automatically select a delivery carrier for you. Choose the shipping carrier from the Carrier drop-down option if it doesn’t or if it selects erroneously.
  • Furthermore, you have to select Other from the Carrier menu and enter the tracking number manually.
  • You can ensure maximum customer satisfaction by sending shipping updates through notification mails to your customers.   
  • Now hit on Save

That’s all about how to track order on shop app. Once you follow these processes, you will give your customers access to Shopify order status.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Shopify Automatically Send Tracking Number?

If you buy shipping label through Shopify shipping, mostly the label will include tracking. In these cases, the tracking number is updated automatically and starts with #1001. The last digit that is “1” increases as new orders are placed.     

Q2. How Do Shopify Order Numbers Work?

The order numbers on Shopify generate through a sequence. Once you create a new store the number begins with 1001. This means that the order number in the first order you would create will begin with. 

Q3. Does Shopify Require Tracking?

Yes, you need to take assistance from 3rd party apps if you want to track your order on the Shopify store. Through 3rd party app, the shipment status gets sorted into 5 cases. No need to worry because the app will send you emails periodically with tracking status.    

Wrapping It Up

You have got a track of how to how to enable your customers to track their Shopify orders. I hope the issue your customers are facing is solved by now. So what are you waiting for?

Let your customers know where their products are now at present and how they are moving. If you follow the steps above, I bet, you won’t be receiving any more From Shopify No Tracking issues from tomorrow. 

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