Is Storenvy Reliable? Full Review and Experiences 2021

Is Storenvy Reliable? Full Review and Experiences 2021

Who does not know about online shopping these days? I guess many of you have purchased stuff online. Think about your emotions before getting the product, a feeling mixed with excitement and fear! ‘What happens if the product comes out wrong?’ ‘Or what to do if the item does not get delivered?’ – I bet that these come to your mind.

For someone who is a newbie in internet shopping, this must be extremely frustrating. In particular, when it comes to E-commerce sites like Storenvy whose number of negative reviews is quite massive, it is a matter of serious tension. But nothing to worry about because we are here. We will answer one of the most asked questions – ‘Is Storenvy reliable?’

This post is going to a full review of the Storenvy marketplace and its reliability from the experiences of customers. We have assessed its credibility through positive and negative points as well as key characteristics. 

The Company Background 

Storenvy is an online shopping platform, consisting of a social marketplace and an online store developer. There are approximately millions of products, and 90,000 merchants listed on Storenvy. 

Since its inception in December 2012, this digital platform has made nearly $50 million in sales in different product categories. Starting from apparel to handmade commodities, they have some excellent collections in most of their product classification. 

It allows the customers to add items to their ‘Collections’ and contact the sellers directly from the platform itself. Furthermore, if you are a seller, you can make your own customized store with a myriad of advanced features.

Despite these charms, there is plenty of negative feedback against Storenvy. So a question automatically pops out that ‘is Storenvy reliable?’ Keep an eye out on the sections below to know the actual facts about it. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Storenvy

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Storenvy

Now, this is going to be the most interesting section. The discussion here will be just like a debate because we will share some positive and negative points about Storenvy to evaluate its reliability. We will also get some idea about ‘Is Storenvy reliable?’ from this segment.  

Positive Highlights According To Customers 

There are a few positive aspects that we have scrutinized from a pile of negative comments. So let us check these out first. 

  • It is a fully independent store. 
  • In terms of affordability, Storenvy is incredibly cost-effective. 
  • Through Storenvy, you will get access to a larger social marketplace

Negative Highlights According To Customers

Some of the prominent negative highlights about Stornvy are as follows:

  • The functionalities are pretty limited if compared with Magento or Shopify
  • The marketplace is not very vast like eBay or Etsy.
  • The items listed on Storenvy’s marketplace have a significantly high price.

Till now, viewing the merits and demerits, it is possible to comment that there are practical reasons to dislike it. But is Storenvy reliable?’ Keep reading to get the final answer. 

Some Characteristics Of Storenvy 

Here we have narrated some of the key characteristics of Storenvy based on different determining factors:

User-Interface The user interface is pretty simple. However, if you have limited technical knowledge also, you will find it attractive.
Cost  It gives value for money. With ‘Hobbyist,’ you can add 1000 listings. Again another plan, ‘Plus,’ costs $14.99 per month and provides discounts with extra features. Lastly, ‘Pro’ costs $29.99 per month and allows the use of automation tools 
Template Design As per the users, design templates are not so great. Those having coding knowledge can make changes virtually. Otherwise, you will find it challenging to design your storefront as per your choice
Support  For the feedback about customer service, all of your positive perceptions will get ruined. There is no live chat or phone support which is the greatest fault. The service responses take place via emails which take up to 24-48 hours. Many customers and sellers have expressed poor experiences regarding help and support services. 
Delivery Service With respect to delivery service, a large number of customers have come across awful incidents. Some could not track the shipment, while in some cases, deliveries never happened.  

Is Storenvy Reliable: The Final Decision

Here are some reviews of customers who have placed orders on Storenvy. 

1.  “I also got scammed! With as many bad reviews they need to stop operating or guarantee their customers will receive what they order.

Storenvy Reliable review 1


2. “I ordered a pair of shoes here and it’s been 20 days and still haven’t get the item I ordered or any response of the person I bought from or Storenvy to solve or return my money! NEVER ORDER HERE! They just want to steal money! Worst place to order!”

Storenvy Reliable


3. “Love I hope you feeling muta… I will be using this site again! Thank you Storenvy for the good service.”

Storenvy Reliable review 3


4. “Storeenvy takes no responsibility for orders placed through them.if the seller doesn’t deliver your screwed. I would expect store envy to get involved and at least remove non- performing sellers.”

Analysis Of The Reviews 

So as you can see from the feedback, most of the customers have expressed their awful experiences on Storenvy in terms of customer service and delivery service. These are the two principal determinants of any E-commerce platform. So at the end of the study, it is evident that Storenvy is a big No-No, especially for customers. 

Storenvy Reliable review 4


The Bottom Line 

We have found that although Stonvy integrates various benefits and provides feasible solutions to independent, small sellers, it has a number of faults. In addition, the viewpoints of several customers are against the company, which denotes its inefficiency. So it cannot be considered a reliable platform for online purchase. Therefore the answer to the question, ‘Is Storenvy reliable?’ is – ‘NO!’

If there is anything else you would like to add to the post, please let us know. Also, kindly share this post with people planning to get their hands on something from Storenvy. 

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