Podia Review: Top Features, Pros & Cons, and Alternatives

Podia Review: Top Features, Pros & Cons, and Alternatives

In search of the solution for the online learning platform and hosting? Take the services from Podia’s online learning and hosting platform. This is an online learning platform where you can sell your customized online courses. And for supporting your sales, you will get the postings and subscriptions. You do not have to use any separate email marketing and hosting tools. You can sell any digital content from your podia platform without paying any processing charge.

You can offer your customers online courses through this platform. You can offer your customers free or paid memberships, webinars, or digital copies, along with the online courses.

Let’s see first what Podia is.

What Is Podia?

It is one solution for digital marketers who like to offer online courses to their audiences. This is offering many facilities to its users. From email marketing to memberships, every facility is available with Podia.

It is a creator-centric platform. All of your courses are customizable by the creator. And according to your requirements, you can design your courses. So this is undoubtedly giving you the maximum advantages. But for better understanding, you have to know the pros and cons of the Podia platform.

Pros Of The Podia Platform

This platform has multiple features that make it all in one platform. Before selecting, it does check the advantages of this platform, then only chooses your platform.

  • This platform is easy to use and versatile.
  • The price ranges for the features are not very high.
  • Integrated email marketing features developed on this platform are a good analytical tool.
  • You will get instant payouts.
  • You do not require any technical pieces of knowledge to organize your tutorial.
  • The refined UI, UX, are pretty easy to use.
  • Podia offers 24X7 hours of available customer support.
  • You can track the customer’s progress.
  • This is a one-hosting solution for free and paid courses.
  • Trial offers are available for first-time users of podia.
  • The podia landing page speed is letting your viewers stay on the page.
  • Unlimited bandwidth is available in the podia packages.
  • You can migrate to Podia without investing any extra fees payments.

Cons Of The Podia Platform

It has many advanced features and hosting solutions for the users. For example, you will get the drag and drop mechanism which is simpler. The simple ways and features make this platform an excellent backup solution for the complicated process. But every approach has some drawbacks.

Here are a few disadvantages of the Podia platform’s features:

  • The free trial versions are available, and the membership features are only available in the Shaker plan.
  • The email composers lack personalized features and fields.
  • For the Podia users, there are no free packages.
  • For designing your podia courses, you have to use the paid features.

Podia Reviews

The best feature of this platform is you do not require technical knowledge to design your courses. But this is not enough. So when you are asking about my honest reviews, I want to tell you first I like to use the Podia. And what are my most favorite features of the Podia?

Here are the top podia features. Take a look at these.

1. Customize Your Digital Content

Not only the sales. You also can sell your digital content, downloads, and memberships. In addition, It is a brilliant editor that is letting you design your content more creatively.

2. You Can Sell Your Digital Downloadable Contents

Now only the online web content and study material selling are not enough. You can earn more money when you start to sell downloadable content. You can easily convert the contents into a PDF and ebook and start to sell these from your podia platform.

3. Host A Membership Program

You can host the membership facility from the Podia platform. When you are using the Pedia platform, you do not have to take help from the other tools. As we all know, membership programs are a promising way to maintain the money flow.

4. Bundles Facilities

You can combine two or more items and then sell them together when you start to offer more products with a single value price. You will get more customers’ attention. You can bundle the multiple products and then sell them from this platform.

5. Email Support System For Follow Ups And Customer Interactions

Email marketing is one of the most targeted drive methods. While you are using the Podia, you will get the direct email marketing features facility. You do not have to pay any extra for email marketing. The features are already incorporated into this platform.

6. Embedded Check Out And Buy Button Facility

The embedded buy button turns any page into a sales page. For example, you can create a landing page on a WordPress site. And offer digital courses and digital downloads to your customers. Your customers do not have to leave your website page and buy your products through the embedded check.

7. Notification And Start The Future Date

You can alarm your audiences about your upcoming courses. For example, you can start to sell your upcoming lesson courses. Through the notification, you can create your feature date for the course. And when your classes are getting designed, your audiences start to have them through email.

8. The Integration Is Making The Sales Progress

You can make the connection with your eCommerce shop. Podia’s built-in affiliate system is working on the needs. You can add the customers’ names to your google sheet after receiving the slack messages.

These are the main features for which I am using the Podia. If you are one of the users of Podia. Do also share your podia reviews in the comment sections.

Now let’s have a look at this pricing ranches.

Podia Pricing

When looking for the podia pricing ranges, you will find the two different plans.

One is a mover, and another one is a shaker plan.

Podia Mover Plan Cost $40 Per Month.

The available facility of Podia mover plan

  • Offer online courses
  • Storefront
  • Digital Course material downloads
  • Email marketing
  • Webinars
  • Unlimited Messaging
  • Free migration
  • Unlimited storage for everything
  • Zero transaction fees
  • Add the teammates and co-contributors

Shaker Plan Cost $80 Per Month.

Shaker plans have more facilities than the mover plans. There are more valuable features, and functions are present in the package.

The available facility of Podia shaker plan

All the features of the mover plans are present in part. Along with that, you will get more extra features.

  • Memberships  facility
  • Blog support and sharing features
  • Off-Site sales buy buttons
  • Affiliate sales connection
  • Third-party snippet code

Podia Competitors

Are you finding this a little bit costly? Hence you will also get many more options that are performing like the Podia. 

Here is the list of some platforms which are working in the same way as the Podia.

  1. Dotdigital
  2. Kajabi 
  3. Elfsight
  4. DiCentral EDI 
  5. Constant Contact
  6. iSpring Market

All of these six options are pretty good and professional alternatives . You also can use these platforms. Most of these platforms are performing in the same way as the this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Is Podia A Convenient Platform?

From a business perspective, this platform is pretty robust. The performance of this platform is convenient for beginner’s use. The best part is you do not have to know the technical features. Without having any specialized technical knowledge, you can create your courses and offer the courses to your clients.

2. Is Podia Giving Good Support For Blogging?

It is an online content creator. You can start offering online content when you have an authentic audience base. Podia is where you can send your audiences your course material. And the best part is you do not have to use any extra tools for email marketing or anything. You can do almost everything from this single platform if you are offering the course materials through your blog. So this platform is going to be the best selection for you.

3. Does Podia Have SEO Optimization?

Now the new versions of this have multiple facilities. And among these, all SEO optimization is one of the best. Along with sales, this platform is entirely SEO optimized. As a result, you can have a higher ranking position in the search engine.


It is a single platform with multiple features. So when you are planning to offer various academic facilities to your audiences. You must select this platform. These experiences and the review sharing will help you fix your mind over the platform selections. Are you having these types of platforms using experiences? Do not forget to share your experiences in the comment sections.

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