Avast vs Webroot Secure Anywhere Business Endpoint Protection

Avast vs Webroot Secure Anywhere Business Endpoint Protection

Avast is without a doubt one of the best free antivirus software currently in the market. On the other side, Webroot uses a completely different approach to protecting devices in comparison to competitors. This article will help you to analyze Avast vs Webroot on the basis of features, pricing, and user-friendliness.

People have been asking which is the best form of protection among these two options. Today we have decided to analyze these two and tell you which one is the best among them. To do this well for you, we are going to do an Avast vs Webroot kind of thing.

At the end of this text, you will be able to choose which is the best software among the two. Generally, Avast is always appealing to the masses whereas Webroot only targets just an audience niche. These two software to some extent are similar more than they are different.

However, with that said, there are some areas like the protection that puts one ahead of the other of the two.

Here is an overview Avast vs Webroot that you need to know:

1. Features

Before purchasing any antivirus, you need to consider their features. Some people chose to focus on the buzzwords other than look at the real features from the antivirus. Always take time to time to look at the features that are included in whatever package you are buying.

In the first round of these two antiviruses, we are going to base on the features. We are going to see which antivirus provides the best features. This will also help you to make the right buying choice in this regard. It is a great factor when it comes to the analysis of Avast vs Webroot.

  • Webroot


Webroot in particular stands apart from its closest competitors. Much of the power of this antivirus is cloud-based and is not limited to the resources in your device. However, due to the aspect of cloud Webroot is more ideal for those Pcs with lower power.

The antivirus is only focused on the protection of windows and Mac. However, the antivirus is not focused on other extras other than these two. The antivirus helps you to secure your webcam through the blockage of unnecessary access among other ways.

  • Avast


Unlike the case with Webroot, Avast is a traditional antivirus. The antivirus avoids cloud-based scanning and goes for typical the device-based scanning. Avast is recommended as the best antivirus available in the market for free users.

If you are an android user this antivirus is also one of the best that you can use. This antivirus comes with many features that make it all-round protection for your entire network. For instance, the antivirus comes with a network scanning tool that analyzes your current network.

The antivirus also comes with a sandbox testing tool. This tool allows you to test for any unknown software. This makes sure that the software is isolated from your device while it runs. In case any malware is detected, it is safely removed.

Basing on the aspect features, we can clearly that Avast is the best. However, this is without overlooking the fact that Webroot cloud-based feature is also interesting.

2. Pricing

This is another area where we need to dwell and see who comes out on top. Those people who pay will eventually get the best protection. You cannot address the topic of Avast vs Webroot and leave out the issue of pricing.

  • Webroot

Webroot comes with some of the longest named product plans ever seen anywhere. Any product offered by Webroot is labelled “secure anywhere”. With this antivirus retailing at a cost of 39.9$ annually, this is antivirus is without a doubt a cheap one.

If you are a new customer looking to use this antivirus then the antivirus is even much cheaper. This antivirus is available on PC and also the Mac users. The plans offered covered by this antivirus covers up to three devices.

The antivirus plan brings with it typical Webroot cloud protection. Other than that, the antivirus also comes with additional network scanning tools and finally network protection.

  • Avast

Avast comes with three products that are easy to understand because they come with clear names. One of the main plans for Avast is that Avast is free which comes with a strong set of features for a free plan.

The Avast free features offer so many things like antivirus protection, password management tool, among many others. Any or all the features that you will see in the antivirus will set you back so much money. When it comes to spending money then you will first spend on Avast Premium security.

This feature offers antivirus protection to an individual Pc running at a cost of 69.99$ per year. This compared to Webroot is far much more expensive given that it comes with more features.

When it comes to the aspect of pricing Avast falls way behind Webroot. With a starting cost of 29.99$ for the new starters and the other discount features, Webroot is much better.

On the other hand, Avast free plan comes with the way so many features. However, the other plans are more expensive and do not offer any discounts to new customers.  However, even with the additional features Webroot is a much better option in this regard.

3. User-friendly

Avast & Webroot

There is no way we are going to take about these antiviruses without mentioning the word user-friendly. This in itself is very sensitive and for that, the potential users of any need to know which is the best.

  • Webroot

This antivirus is so quick to install. The antivirus comes with a small installation file of about 5mb. The small installer size is a demonstration of the Webroot approach.

The antivirus does not need so much file installation since the majority of the work is done from the cloud. Other than that, some of these files are so fast to install with some not taking more than two minutes to install.

  • Avast

Avast does not come with a fast installation process like Webroot. However, when it comes to Avast, you will find that the majority of the installation process is already done for you. All you have to do is to confirm and agree with the terms and conditions before hitting the install button.

Once you do this, the antivirus will run an initial scan on your Pc. Through the scanning, the Antivirus will remove any suspicious files and later on update the installed programs.

We can say that Avast is simple to use with some of the best and appealing color schemes. Other than that, it is also not packed with any other unnecessary icons and features. However, we can only say that Webroot is even much simpler.

For instance, the installation of Webroot is much faster compared to Avast. Other than that, the antivirus is so easy to access for the users. It is our last but very important factor to consider in Avast vs Webroot.


There are so many differences between Avast and Webroot. Some of the differences are listed above. We believe in these differences you will be able to find which is the best antivirus between these two, good luck. This Avast vs Webroot analysis will help you make an informed decision pertaining to these two solutions.

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