Netsuite Vs Quickbooks- Which One Is Better?

Netsuite Vs Quickbooks- Which One Is Better?

Netsuite vs Quickbooks; a growing business has to worry about choosing the right ERP for themselves. Netsuite vs Quickbooks is one of the biggest worries of some rising entrepreneurs. 

Both Netsuite and Quickbooks offer great ERP solutions to their users. They are rich in features that help users streamline and automate accounting and financial tasks. 

In major cases, a business startup uses Quickbooks during the beginning years, and later they switch to Netsuite. But why?

Does Netsuite offer better features than Quickbooks? What kind of accounting solution does Netsuite or Quickbook offer to businesses? Why should you prefer Quickbooks to Netsuite? Or vice versa?

In this article, we have explained the Netsuite vs Quickbooks debate; and provided a guide for choosing the right ERP.

Netsuite Vs Quickbooks Definition

Netsuite Definition

Netsuite is cloud-based financial management software. It offers businesses an ERP solution and helps them track financials, manage inventory, host eCommerce platforms, and maintain customer relationship management.

It is a business management suite that offers unified solutions to more than 28000 businesses across the globe. It offers multiple products under its business software solution. ERP, CRM, PSA, manufacturing, eCommerce, retail are some of the advertised offerings of Netsuite. 

An established business looking for a robust business management solution can choose Netsuit.

Quickbooks Definition

Similar to Netsuite, Quickbooks also offers a business management solution; or you can say a business management suite. But the key difference is that it is a small business accounting solution. 

In short, Quickbooks offers tools for accounting, payroll, tax filing, inventory, bank account tracking and reconciliation, etc. Budgeting, payment processing, expense management also come under their radar. 

Netsuite Vs Quickbooks: Features

Netsuite Vs Quickbooks FeaturesNetsuite Features

Netsuite claims to provide the best ERP/ enterprise resource planning to the businesses that use them. Its ERP system contains some of the most advanced business solutions that an enterprise looks for. For instance:

  • Accounting and financial management.
  • Customer relationship management system.
  • Manufacturing And warehousing.
  • Inventory management.

Some of the features of Netsuite are –

Netsuite ERP/Enterprise Resource Processing

The ERP solution Netsuite offers helps your business manage the financial process efficiently. It offers-

  1. Faster cash flow.
  2. Better data and cloud security.
  3. Cost savings.
  4. Premium supply chain management. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Netsuite is the only CRM solution to offer your business a full overview of your customers. It helps you by providing enhanced communication with the customers. Netsuite also provides good customer service.

Professional services automation (PSA)

With the help of Professional Services Automation (PSA), you can accurately plan, track and execute various projects on Netsuite.


Large businesses will get actual advantages from the eCommerce solution of Netsuite. You can set up and customize an eCommerce platform just like you want on Netsuite. In addition, its eCommerce solution makes it a great contender in the Netsuite vs Quickbooks debate.


Netsuite’s cloud-based retail software can satisfy your omnichannel shoppers. It is one of the best and powerful online retail software solutions.

Quickbooks Features

Quickbooks offers some good features to entry-level businesses. Here are some of the best features of Quickbooks:

Cloud Accounting

Quickbooks offers cloud accounting solutions to businesses. You can manage your business from anywhere. You can use Quickbooks on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. 


Quickbooks lets you create custom invoices, sales receipts, and you can send them in minutes.

Online Banking

Quickbooks offers an online banking feature to help you stay with automatic updates of your transaction and statements.

Business Performance Tracking

Through the accounting reports features of Quickbooks, you can instantly check how your business is performing. 

Customer Support

You can get unlimited customer support on Quickbooks. If you need any help, they are always ready to answer any of your questions.

Netsuite Vs Quickbooks: Pros & Cons

Netsuite Vs Quickbooks Pros & ConsWe cannot discuss Netsuite vs Quickbooks without talking about the pros and cons of Quickbooks. Here are the pros and cons:


Here are some of the pros and cons of Netsuite. It should help you understand its capabilities better. 


  • It is an effective financial management suite for business enterprises.
  • Stores all the data in one system.
  • Offers a CRM system. 
  • The ERP system is a groundbreaking and award-winning system.


  • You have to decide the cost based on the functionality you need. For that, you need to consult with a price architect.
  • There is no free trial. You can only get a demo tour to decide whether to purchase or not.
  • You need to beware of the features that you are buying with. If there is an additional feature that you do not need, you will pay extra.


We cannot discuss Netsuite vs Quickbooks without talking about the pros and cons of Quickbooks. Here are the pros and cons:


  • Quickbooks are cheap.
  • It’s so easy to use.
  • It is excellent as accounting software.
  • It is Reliable.


  • It fails in the Netsuite vs Quickbooks debate because it is not as powerful compared to Netsuite.
  • It does not offer all the solutions as business software. 
  • It offers only basic functionality.

Netsuite vs Quickbooks Comparison

The Netsuite vs Quickbooks calls for the difference between these two business software. The main differences between them are as follows:

  • Netsuite is an all-in-one cloud-based business solution for big enterprise-level businesses. But, Quickbooks is a small business software solution that helps small businesses with accounting and financing. 
  • There is no price package on Netsuite. It charges users based on the product configuration. But Quickbooks charges every month. You can use Netsuite at the price of $99 and you can extend the price upto $999. Quickbooks costs $529
  • On Netsuite, you need to consult with the price architect to set up the price as per your need. But you can choose from the price packages they have set for you on Quickbooks. 

Netsuite Vs Quickbooks: Which One Is For You?

Netsuite Vs Quickbooks Price

Quickbooks charges $529/month, and it offers business software solutions to small businesses. QuickBooks does more than enough for a rising business at the beginning phase. On the other hand, you can purchase Netsuite for as little price as $99 which goes upto $999.

If you have a small business, the Netsuite vs Quickbooks debate should not bother you, as Quickbooks will get the job done for you.

However, if you have an enterprise-level business that scales on a much larger scale than Quickbooks can handle, then you need Netsuite.


The above article briefs all the features, pros, and cons of two of this business software. Furthermore, it meticulously answers the Netsuite vs Quickbooks query with a solution in mind. We hope you got your answer regarding which is a better option as a business management software.

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